Chapter 5: Nightchildren

Lucy's heart hammered against her chest and every footstep she took echoed against the nothingness below her like sharp gunshots.

She was lost, everything was white, everything was nothing. She couldn't even see where the light came from, or feel any breeze.

"You can't run forever."A hoarse voice said, and Lucy whipped around. There was no one there, yet she could hear someone breathing down her neck. "I'm going to catch you."

"Who are you?" Lucy gulped, whirling around, trying to locate the sound.

"Oh I think you know who I am"the voice seemed to smile. And Lucy thought she caught the glimpse of a shadow flash by her. How could there be a shadow without any walls or light?

"Please, I don't, I haven't done anything-"

"I know dear." A cold hand suddenly wrapped around Lucy's wrist, and she froze. The skin prickled all across her body as the hand slid down, grabbing her hand, and then yanking her around.

Lucy looked up at a tall man, thin as a stick and with a hollow face. Gray hair fell across his forehead, but not managing to cover up the dark red eyes, almost on the verge of black. The fingers clutching her hand where bony and long, almost like a skeleton. Lucy didn't dare breath, the man, she couldn't decide if he was old or young, grabbed her other hand too, watching her palms intently.

In a awe struck fear she noticed that the stars where there again, looking even brighter then before. Edmund hid those, her mind snapped.

"There's a man, well, demon lord, his name is Mortimer, he wants the marked girl, you happen to be the marked girl." Elizabeth's words flashed by Lucy's mind, suddenly so clear. In her awake state she'd been able to suppress the fear, even forgetting, but now… asleep.

Asleep, yes, that was the answer, she was dreaming, Mortimer couldn't hurt her.

"You know who I am." The man smiled, it made him look even more… dead. Lucy's pulse pounded in her ears as she tried to retract her hands, but he held them in a iron grip.

"Let go of me!" She screamed, she was dreaming, he wasn't really there.

"I know you think you can get away, just because this is your dream." He suddenly let go of her hands, putting his own in his pockets instead, looking out at the sea of whiteness. "And that's true, this is all happening inside your head little girl, I have no way of getting to you within the walls of the Angel City."

"Then why?" Lucy breathed, she wanted to run, but she didn't know where to go. Mortimer turned around, a grim smile still etched upon his features.

"I was curious, there was a girl marked by the angels, I wanted to see you with my own eyes." He moved soundlessly "since you didn't have the gracefulness of honoring me with your presence yourself."

"Those men, those demons, they were going to kill me!" Lucy said, following Mortimer's every step. He suddenly laughed, a laugh as hollow as himself.

"Oh my dear little Lucy, why would I want to kill you?" Within a heartbeat he was suddenly in front of her. "You're a gift."

"I don't understand" Lucy was shaking, but she had to know what was going on, Mortimer seemed to have the answers.

"Oh I'm not going to tell you know, so you'll run off to Elizabeth Anzeray and jabber about it. This is a secret between you and me." He pointed a long finger at her, then at himself. "But I'll tell you one thing" he smiled grimly. "All angels aren't in heaven."

Lucy awoke with a gasp, her heart pounding hard against her ribcage. Her pulse was going haywire and she was sweating. It took several minutes for her to calm down enough to realize that it had just been a dream, nothing real. Her marks were still invisible. The fear she'd suppressed had made it's way to her in her subconscious state.

It was still dark outside, but she felt too riled up to try and fall back asleep so she crept through the dark bedroom and into the bathroom. She took a quick cold shower, trying to wash away her dreams with the water.

Just a dream.

She'd heard a name, and her mind had processed it. Nothing else.

Letting the water drip out of her hair and wrapping a thick towel around her it, she took a deep breath and went back out into the room. The sun had begun to rise now, but Haley was still asleep. Lucy hurried and threw on the uniform, and then fled the room.

Back in Scarlet Hill she always used to walk whenever she had a bad dream. Across the fields or red flowers, until she'd forgotten why she'd started walking in the first place.

St. Gabriel's wasn't the same. The walls seemed to be closing in around her, only encoring the memory of the hollow-faced man. She had to get out.

She went as fast as she could down the stairs, and then darted forward to the entrance doors. To her surprise they were unlocked, and she threw them open with great relief.

The cold air helped a lot more then the cold water, even if the combination now made her shiver. She ignored it, and walked out on the large courtyard.

It wasn't endless red hills, but it was better then inside. Lucy walked against the angel statue in the middle, she hadn't seen the front of it before, and now she suddenly felt compelled to see the face.

Rounding one of the large wings she stared up at a smooth and beautiful face. But it wasn't what she'd imagined, not like she ancient angel statues in the history book, this was a lot more… defined. The angular cheekbones, the shape of the eyes, the tilt of the jaw, it looked like a real person.

The angel was wearing what looked like a warrior outfit, but it didn't fit with his serene face. Lucy's eyes traveled down to the board at the bottom of the statue saying St. Gabriel.

Of course, the school was named after the archangel Gabriel, Lucy's lips spread into a smile as she cursed her own stupidity for not making the connection. As she shook her head, she remembered why she'd had the nightmare in the first place, and felt a wave of anger.

The angels had marked her, St. Gabriel was an angel, and since she'd never get to yell at him, she had to settle with his statue.

"You- You-" she stammered, feeling stupid talking to a dead piece of stone. "Ow forget it" angrily she turned around to stalk back into the castle. This wasn't helping at all.

She missed Scarlet Hill.

"You know that talking to yourself is usually the first sign that you're going crazy." A low, almost purring voice said, and Lucy whipped around in surprise, goosebumps rising on her skin. But it wasn't the dead looking Mortimer from her dreams, it was Felix. He stood by the statue, casually leaning against one of the hovering wings, amusement spread across his face at her startled yelp. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

"You didn't." She lied "I'm just jumpy"

"Why? Maybe you actually are going crazy" Felix took a few long steps, easily catching up with her.

"Maybe." Lucy said sourly, wrapping her arms around herself. Judging from resent events it wouldn't surprise her. Felix gave her a searching look, and slid out of his blazer jacket.

"Here, take this." He hung it across her shoulders before she could refuse it, and the warmth it brought made it irresistible to return it. Instead she slid her arms into it, and gave him a grateful smile. He didn't seem bothered by the cold, which probably would fade now that the sun had begun to rise.


"No problem. I'm just curious why you're out here alone from the beginning?" He gestured around the deserted yard.

"I could ask you the same thing." Lucy arched her eyebrow, and Felix laughed lowly.

"I asked you first." He bumped her shoulder teasingly, sending sparks traveling up her arm.

"I had a nightmare, and I thought that freezing to death would be the answer to that." Lucy admitted, feeling slightly stupid, but Felix laughed anyway. It sounded like his sister's, but deeper and lower. She found herself liking the sound.

"Good plan, except that if you froze to death, I wouldn't be able to get to know you" he winked, and Lucy felt herself blush.

"But at least now you got the chance to swoop in and play hero" she pointed out, and Felix chuckled down at the ground. They'd reached the entrance now, and he glanced up at her, once again with that mischievous smile on his lips.

"True, saving damsels in distress is my expertise."

Lucy rolled her eyes and just pushed the door open, letting the warmer air inside relax her shoulders. She started to shrug out of the blazer, planning to go get her own, but Felix's hand shot out, catching her wrist.

"You can keep it, I don't want you freezing to death before I get a chance to see you again." His fingers trailed down her wrist, and then fell to his side. Lucy didn't point out that it would be impossible for her to freeze to death inside the castle.

"Mm, what a waste of time" she said instead, sarcasm dripping from her voice. Felix's never ending grin grew wider.

"I've got to go, I'll see you in class." He moved quickly, placing a butterfly light kiss on her cheek. Lucy was too stunned to response, and he was already halfway up the stairs when she found her voice again.

"You never told my why you were out there?" She called, and he turned around, leaning out the railing.

"Maybe I like playing the hero." He called back, his words followed by a chuckle, and then he disappeared away.

Lucy shook her head, feeling the blush finally fading away from her cheeks. For some strange reason she couldn't stop grinning, not even when the blue haired witch by the counter glared viciously at her for being so early to get breakfast.

Lucy ate slowly, watching as more and more students started dropping in, she recognized the small fairy boy from the day before as he sat down alone in the corner.

"Have you cleaned your room?" Out of the blue Zach plopped down on in front of her, grinning madly. She jumped high, clasping at her throat as she recognized him.

"Everybody needs to stop doing that!" she cried as her heartbeat went back to normal. "And what did you say about my room?"

"You know, you called me mom yesterday so I'm just getting into the role." Zach shrugged, but Lucy wondered if he underneath the facade, he actually felt offended.

"I'm sorry Zach, I was really tired, and I've got a lot on my mind." Like a crazy demon lord wanting to kill her and haunting her dreams.

"No I'm sorry, I know, I'm just trying to protect you" he smiled sadly at her across the table, and Lucy smiled back.

"I know, it's what mom's do-"

"Oh you-" Zach groaned and threw his sandwich at her, it bounced of her chin and landed on the table with a squishy noise.

"Ey!" She yelped, picking a piece of cheese out of her hair with a horrified look.

"It's not easy being a single mother." Zach said tauntingly and reached across the table to snatch the sandwich back. Lucy forgot her reply as he bit into it, and settled with a disgusted grimace.

"Hey kids" Haley chirped, sliding down next to Lucy.

"Actually, I'm the mother" Zach said through a mouthful of food, receiving a confused look from Haley.

"Don't speak with your mouth full of food." Lucy sighed.

"Stop stealing my lines!" Zach burst out dramatically, and Lucy laughed. Haley seemed even more confused.

"I brought you the stuff you'll be needing today." She placed a pile of books and the schedule tucked in between them, on the table.

"Thanks, really" she had a feeling that she'd been saying that word a lot lately.

"No problem, why did you leave so early anyway?"

"Had a nightmare, needed to take a walk." She said, and Zach gave her a compassionate grimace from across the table.

"U-huh" Haley seemed to have lost interest "More importantly, who's that jacket?" She poked Lucy's arm. The boy's blazers where dark blue, easy to distinguish from the girls scarlet ones. Lucy blushed, even thought she didn't really know the reason.

"No ones."

"So that jacket just fell from the sky?" Haley said and crossed her arms, for being so small she could look quite intimidating. On the other side of the table Zach had leaned forward, eyebrows knitted together in dislike.

"It's that Ironwood dude's isn't it?" He said, and when Lucy didn't respond immediately, he growled. "You where out alone with him? You don't even know the guy Lucy, and he's a warlock-"

"Yeah so?" She snapped back, cutting him off. "I told you I don't judge people, and Felix have been extremely nice to me. I don't understand what you've got against him? You've barely even talked to the guy!"

"I'm just saying it's weird that's all" his tone went sour and defensive. "You can't trust someone you don't know-"

"I don't need to trust him Zach, everyone doesn't want to hurt me, and I can't get to know him without being with him. That doesn't even make any sense!"

"Exactly, I'm saying you shouldn't spend any time with him." Zach said through gritted teeth, and Lucy inhaled sharply. What was wrong with him? He'd never acted like this before. Sure she could understand that he was worried, but this was completely mad.

"Well, contrary to what you seem to think, you're not allowed to make that decision for me." She said acidly, and Zach glared back darkly at her.

"Well isn't this a lovely way to start the day, a little bit of breakfast, a little bit of flirting and a little bit of bickering from the married couple."

"Shut up." Both Lucy and Zach snapped at the same time, staring at their plates. Haley snorted.

"My point exactly."

The rest of the breakfast passed by silently as Lucy refused to look at Zach, and he refused to look at her. When Haley finally slid out her chair, Lucy was quick to follow.

"What's the first lesson?"

"Well you two have Supernatural Science with Miss Ren" Haley said, and Lucy groaned.

"You don't have that?"

"Nope, have fun" Haley grinned tauntingly and then walked away with quick steps, her hair bouncing around her. Lucy stood crestfallen, until she felt Zach sliding up beside her.

"We should probably go now too." He said in a cool voice, Lucy averted her eyes with a sigh, she hated it when Zach was in a bad mood.

"Oh joy" she said sarcastically, and heard him grumble beside her.

"Let's just go" he said shortly, and set off over the floor, not waiting for her. Lucy glared after him, gathered her ser stuff, and turned to run after him. That's when a now familiar shape blocked her way.

"Ouch." Lucy went right into Felix, books scattering all across the floor. His hands settled on her shoulders, steadying her.

"I'm so sorry-"

"You've got to stop doing that!" Lucy exclaimed and flung her arms out dejectedly. Felix eyebrows furrowed, eyes starting to flicker.

"I uhm- I didn't mean to" he dropped to his knees, starting to gather her books. Lucy sighed, raking a hand through her hair.

"No I'm sorry, I'm just- I'm not in a great mood." She bent down, but Felix had already straightened up, holding out her books in a neat pile for her.

"Trouble with your non-boyfriend?" He cast a look across his shoulder towards the door where Zach had disappeared. Lucy grimaced, she liked Felix, but she didn't feel like sharing a fight with her best friend to him.

"Something like that" she said vaguely, tucking a loose strand of flyaway hair behind her ear.

"Well, since he left you, I'm figuring I'm alright to ask to accompany you to your next lesson?" He wiggled his eyebrow suggestively, taking the edge of the formal words. Lucy couldn't help but chuckle as he held his arm out for her to grasp.

"Actually that would be great, I've got Supernatural Science, and I don't know the way" she admitted, and Felix's smile grew wider.

"Do not fear my fair lady, I'll lead the way! And I've got that lesson too…" he gestured for them to walk forward grandly. Lucy grinned, and followed him out of the dining hall. She didn't see the way's head turned after them, nor the way Fay leaned backwards in her chair, looking quite annoyed.

"So you've got to be quite good at Supernatural Science eh?" Lucy asked as they went up the left staircase, the part of the school she'd never been to yet. Felix glanced at her, raising his eyebrow.

"And why would you think that?"

"Well uh- I- uhm-" Lucy stuttered, she realized Felix had never told her directly that he was a warlock, and she didn't want him to think she'd been asking about him.

"Because I'm a warlock you mean?" He grinned, and she nodded worriedly, making him laugh. "Don't worry about it, everyone knows, my father is on the council, it's hard to stay nondescript when you're an Ironwood."

"You want to be nondescript?" Lucy said in surprise, and Felix shrugged beside her, kicking lightly at one of the stonesteps as they walked.

"Sometimes you know, people are very good at judging." He glanced up at her through a curtain of dark hair, his phantomless eyes heavier then ever. "I'm sure you've heard."

"I'm sorry" Lucy said quietly, not knowing what else to respond. Felix chuckled, elbowing her lightly as he took off from the stairs.

"It's not your fault is it? I was born a warlock, some prejudices are still left in society, it's nothing anyone can do about it." He sounded careless, but Lucy saw him flexing his hands. It obviously bothered him more then he wanted to let off.

"Strange as it might sound, I understand what you mean" she said, earning herself a surprised look from him. She didn't return it, the image of Mortimer's eyes flashing by her, sending chills up her spine.

"No offense, but you seem pretty…"

"Normal? Dull" She cut in sarcastically, but Felix shook his head, stopping briefly.

"I was going to say human, you're definitely not dull." His eyes caught hers, and she found herself drowning in them like they where bottomless wells. "Are you okay?" He added, cocking his head to one side and looking at her curiously. Lucy hadn't realized that she'd spaced out, and immediately started walking again.

"I'm fine."

"That's great, but you're going the wrong way." He pointed out, still smiling, and Lucy felt a blush flashing up on her cheeks. Felix chuckled, once again holding his arm out for her to take. "I told you I'd show the way, didn't I?"

Rest of the way Felix explained which corridors they where in, and how to get to the other lessons. When they finally reached the appropriate classroom, Lucy found that the door was already closed.

"Damn it, late to my first class, that's just great." She cursed darkly, but Felix simply pushed the door open carefully, dragging her in after him.

Lucy found herself in a large classroom bathing in sunlight from the large windows, rows of students by solitary desks turned towards them. Lucy saw Zach far in the back, next to an empty seat. He had looked up as she walked in, eyes darting between her and Felix, but when she looked back, he quickly turned his head away.

"I'm sorry we're late miss Ren" Felix said charmingly. "But I was helping one of our new students find the classroom."

Lucy finally stepped out from behind him, precisely as a pale woman rounded the desk by the podium. She was extremely thin, but she moved with long strong strides, almost floating. Pearl white hair shimmer around pointed ears, and the eyes that fixated on Lucy, where large and inhuman.

"So you must be Lucy Meadows?" She asked, waving lightly for Felix to sit down. He gave Lucy a quick reassuring smile, and then slid down by a desk next to his sister.

"Yes, and I'm sorry I'm late." Lucy smiled apologetically, she'd never met an elf before, and thought that that was the kind of information that someone might have thought to share with her before she stepped into the classroom.

"There's no problem, I'm Ren Freari, you can call me miss Ren. Now would you please take a seat, I was just about to begin my introduction to this class." She waved towards the back of the class, at the only empty seat, the one beside Zach. Lucy made her way through the rows, and slid down, ignoring him as completely as he ignored her. In front of the class Felix turned around and blinked at her mischievously, she shook her head, but couldn't keep a smile from creeping up her lips.

"So, now that we're all finally here, in this class we're going to follow the supernatural part of our history up till today, because since we all know, nightchildren and humans haven't always lived in the same peace that we have today." Ren's lips quirked upward, as if she was taking the edge of her own words. Lucy saw Fay exchanging a look with Felix at the front.

"Can anyone tell me the reason to our peace?" Ren called, and several hand's rose, Lucy knew the answer, but she didn't want to attract any tension as her cheeks where still red. Ren pointed at a girl just behind Fay.

"The council." The girl said, and Ren nodded eagerly.

"The council! Created hundreds of years ago, uniting the supernatural world with the human world under the same binding laws, and creating the White City." Ren's eyes darted across the students, Lucy thought she saw them lingering on Zach, who was still looking out the window.

"Now, would anyone like to tell the story of how the nightchildren came to the world? And why we've gathered all vampires, warlocks, werewolves, fairies, elf's, and witches under the same name?" Ren looked at Fay in the front, and she seemed to smile back.

"You want the long version or the short version?" Fay said in a sly voice, and Lucy wondered how she dared to meet the elf's piercing crystal eyes so squarely.

"The long one miss Ironwood, please."

"My pleasure" Fay turned around in her chair, gazing out over the class. "A long time ago, before either the supernatural world or the human world existed, we had four angels, the brothers Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and… Lucifer. They where the four archangels, but then Lucifer was thrown out of heaven, banished forever." Fay paused, probably for dramatic effect, and since Zach had finally turned around, watching her eagerly, it seemed like it was working. Lucy knew the story of Lucifer, but she'd never heard it like this.

"Lucifer, betrayed and set on revenge towards his brothers, created the demons, dark, incorporated beings without souls, but with great power. He became powerful, more powerful then he'd ever been as an archangel, he became the master of hell. But the heavens were growing stronger too, more angels fighting on their side, and now protecting the earth, and the humans.

Lucifer, still wanting revenge, released the demons onto the earth, expecting them to wipe it out clean. But he was wrong. The humans were harder to extinct then he'd previously thought, especially with the angels guarding them. And out of this war, came the unexpected.

The supernatural world rose to the surface, witches, shapeshifters, vampires, all offspring's between humans and demons. And when the angels managed to send the demons back to hell, were they came from, the supernatural one's couldn't be deemed back. They belonged on earth, just like the humans.

However, they never got along, the humans condemned them for their power, and judged them by their demon blood. Once again, war broke out. But this time, it was only on earth, the angels withdrew when the demons were banished.

The war raged for a long time, the humans almost wiping the supernatural world out with their cheer number. The supernatural people went into hiding, becoming creatures of the dark, figment of the imagination, they became The Nightchildren.

For a long time nightchildren hid, keeping in the dark, letting the humans forget about them. But, inevitably as their number grew, they stepped back into the light.

For the second time, war almost broke out between the nightchildren and the humans, but this time the Angel's stepped in. The council was formed, uniting them and keeping the peace." Fay finished, all eyes glued to her. Lucy was speechless, hearing the story like that, she felt as much sympathy for the nightchildren as the humans, and back in her own school, they'd only gotten the human view.

"Thank you miss Ironwood, for that insightful recollection" Ren smiled, showing pointed teeth, Fay settled back in her chair, looking almost nonchalant. Lucy glanced to her side, and found that Zach was still watching her. Something knotted inside Lucy's stomach, something she couldn't quite place.

"So today's lesson, we're going to analyze the councils impact on the relation between the supernatural society and the human society, and how well they merge together." Ren explained, and then Lucy forgot about her strange feeling, getting caught up in the most interesting lesson she'd ever been to.

Zach watched Fay as she spoke, the way her jaw seemed tense, despite the calmness she was wearing. He didn't know why no one else noticed how she made the inexplicably short pauses sometimes, as if gathering herself before continuing. Turning his gaze towards her brother, Felix, he was watching his sister with something next to boredom, leaning back in his chair. He balled his hands into fist above the table, remembering the boy's triumphant face as he walked through the door, Lucy hovering uncertainly behind him.

Something turned inside him at the thought of Lucy being alone with Felix, something he'd never felt before. He was jealous.

Zach had never felt jealous before, sure he'd seen Lucy with boys, he wasn't the only one to notice that she was pretty, but then she'd never returned their affection. But even so, he couldn't understand why he was feeling it so strongly, ever since… ever since she'd gotten those marks, he'd been feeling out of place. His temper had flared, when he got annoyed, he felt raging, when he didn't, he felt careless. And when Felix had bent down to kiss Lucy's hand, it had taken him all his willpower to not swipe at him right then and there.

Zach blinked angrily, gripping at the table. Just thinking of it made him angry, at the front Fay had stopped talking, and Ren had continued the lesson. He saw Lucy watching eagerly, but he couldn't bring himself to concentrate. He knew everything the teacher was saying, anyway.

He froze, how can I know it all? I've never learnt it before. He shook his head vigorously, concentrating to listen to the elf's words, but even so, he didn't feel like they were new to him. Even when Ren's eyes caught his, large and blank, he couldn't bring himself to look interested.

It wasn't until the end of the lesson, when everybody started to leave, he noticed the two hand-shaped indentations in the wooden desk, exactly where he'd gripped onto it.

"Is everything okay?" A low came unexpectedly, and Zach turned around to find Fay there, leaning against one of the desks. The rest of the classroom was empty, except for Ren cleaning the board at the front. Somewhere in the back of his head he wondered if he'd ever been snuck up on like that before, Lucy usually tripped over something and made the worst racket when trying to be sneaky.

"I'm fine" he answered shortly, stepping in front of the desk, hiding the dents from view. Fay smiled, it was the smile of someone who knew they were good looking, and loved it.

"I hope I didn't freak you out, you know, with the whole demon blood thing." she said, still smiling. Zach had a hard time believing Fay had any kind of demon blood inside, while he wouldn't be surprised if Felix was full of it.

"I'm getting used to it." He answered darkly, as they headed out the classroom, his bag swung across his shoulder.

"Are you taking Magic?" Fay asked unexpectedly, and Zach stopped in surprise.

"No? I'm not magic, I'm human." A human who could crush wood with his hands.

"Really?" Fay seemed genuinely perplexed, catching his interest.


"Well," she paused, as if choosing her words carefully "when you've got magic you can, well, sometimes you can feel if someone else's got it too. It's like this eerie feeling, like I can feel that miss Ren had it because she's an elf, and I can feel Professor Cole's power when I'm near. But I'm probably mistaking, I'm sorry." She gave him a apologetic smile. "I'm heading this way, good luck on your next lesson" she chirped happily, and then headed down the stairs. Zach had explored most of the school when Lucy had been sleeping, and knew the way to his next lesson.

Alchemy turned out to be dull, but he did find that the boy sitting next to him Spike Hendrix, a thin boy with flashing blue hair and tilted eyes, part fairy probably, was quite funny. The two of them made their way to lunch together, and Zach, who'd almost forgotten that he was mad, felt everything rushing back when he saw Felix leaning towards the wall by the entrance door. When he saw Zach, he immediately sauntered over towards them. Zach felt Spike stiffen beside him.

"Whitfield, and oh, Hendrix, how good that you two met, you're perfect for each other." Felix drawled, smile still on his face. Spike glared darkly at him, thin fingers curling at his sides.

"Shove off Ironwood, we don't want to talk to you."

"Oh little boy's gotten himself some temper now that's he'd got backup?" Felix said tauntingly.

"What do you want?" Zach growled darkly, breaking the other two out of their angry-stare contest. He liked Spike more and more, but he was pretty sure that Felix would win if they started fighting, being both bigger and more powerful.

"Actually, I'm here to propose a truce." Felix tilted his head to the side incredulously, making Zach's nerves immediately tense.

"Why?" his voice was creeping with hostility, something that didn't go by Felix unnoticeably.

"Because for some reason beyond me, my sister seems to like you, and doesn't want us to fight." Felix rolled his eyes "If it was up to me, I'd gladly continue this little game." He gestured between them tauntingly.

"This is over once you decide to leave Lucy alone." Zach took a threatening step towards Felix, hearing Spike protest behind him. He didn't know why he was being such an ass, and he realized that he didn't really care. The grim smile that broke out on Felix's face told him that it was exactly the kind of thing he'd wanted to hear.

"Well then, I guess this is settled then."

"You're going to back off?"

"No, It's settled that this isn't over, no matter what my sister thinks." Felix said drawlingly, and gave Spike one last condescending look, and walked past them, bumping Zach's shoulder on the way.

"Dude…" Spike breathed as they watched Felix disappearing away.

"What?" Zach snapped, still angry.

"I mean, you look like you can handle yourself and all that, but he's a warlock!"

"I think I can handle him" he growled lowly, and Spike shrugged beside him.

"Whatever, let's just eat" he pushed Zach towards the door. "And by the way, who's this Lucy?"

AN: Finally some history about this world, and how it came to be! You got it didn't you? Well I hope you did anyway. Next chapter coming up shortly.