Dear Future Me,

I wander what you're like in the future, I want to listen to the experiences you've had that I have missed. I hope you've had the adventures I've always dreamed off because at least one of us deserves that excitement and the happiness it will bring. If in the future, there is some way you can pass a letter to me then I can't say I wouldn't enjoy it. In fact I loved to read all the interesting anecdotes that happened to you. I can't really say much, you pretty much know me, and I have yet to meet you. There is a part of me that asks, what can I say to a stranger on a street or a reflection in the mirror when I have not yet heard them say a word, say their name or even heard of the tales they've been in? If I could ask you one more question before I depart, it would be that when you look back and reflect on me and what I have achieved, are you proud at how far I've come? Because I look at my past and it fills me with overwhelming disappointment at how far I had withdrawn myself from the me I am now. I can't guarantee much for you but all I can say is I wish you well.

From Past Me.