I fight

I claw

My rights

My laws

The words


A lion's mane

I gave all

All I had

Heart and soul

Pouring through

My pen

It drains me

But sustains me

Through the vigil ahead

A feisty flame

Or a candle tame

It is still a fire

Burning deep inside me

It hungers

It thirsts

And I always fear

For the worst

If I feed the ember

That glowing thing

Made of malice

Of hatred

Of sorrow

Of pain

My emotions

Rolled into one

Burning coal

If I feed

This fire

Who is to say

It won't betray

Who's to say

It won't consume me

My heart

My soul

My body in flames

The air

Reeks of sulfur

Of growing things

Eating away

At the only remainder

Of true freedom

I squash the instinct

I tame the fire

Before the fire

Tames me