Love is a bird;

It flies in the sky,

But don't even blink

Or it might pass you by.

Love is a gazelle

In its so rapid sprint.

Love is a diamond,

With its own unique glint.

Love is a fire,

A great burning passion.

A beautiful rose

That no human can fashion.

Love is a gift

From one to another

From lover to lover

From sister to brother.

Love is a lightning bolt

It strikes in a flash.

It either fills you with life

Or crumbles you to ash.

Love can be sour,

A terrible sore.

A scar on your being

When it is no more.

Love can be bitter

A bad aftertaste

When decisions are made

With much too great haste.

Love can be salt

A new flavor on life.

It preserves over time

And wards away strife.

Love can be sweet

Like an apple on a tree.

Love is an ocean,

A never ending sea.

Love is a tincture

Not easily mixed,

For when it is corrupted,

It is not easily fixed.

But when right, love is perfect,

Both beauteous and pure.

For life's great oppression,

A wonderful cure.

Love is a privilege

From our Maker above.

When used at its fullest,

A glorious dove.

Love is a whisper,

So gentle and soft.

Love is a wind

That will hold you aloft.

Love is a sunrise,

With colors so bright;

Love is a torch

Made to ward away night.

Love is a melody,

A sweet, silver song.

A lyric of passion,

To be sung all day long.

Love is an image

Of how live should be.

Love is a door

Through which we're set free.