This is the story,

of a desperate love,

about one who is grounded,

and one flying above.

It all started with,

a simple kitchen flame.

Wild and rampant,

It simply could not be tamed.

No matter how hard they tried,

It would not back down.

The fire grew and grew,

until it engulfed the town.

But locked in a house,

unheard by them all,

cried a 6 year old girl,

so gentle and small.

Only one person saw,

the child's poor tears.

His name was Gabriel,

Her sorrow pierced his ears.

Gabriel was,

an unusual boy.

He had no friends,

he had not a toy.

He wore a white robe,

never slept in a bed,

and had a brilliant gold halo,

floating above his head.

Gabriel lived,

in a palace above.

All he knew was kindness.

All he knew was love.

So when he heard the girl's screams,

he rushed the way down.

to that burning house,

in the burning town.

As he arrived in the house,

frightened, the girl yelped.

"Don't worry," Said the angel,

"I'm here to help."

Just as he said that,

the burning roof fell.

He shielded her with his wings,

Stifling her petite yell.

Full of wonder,

She gazed into her savior's eyes.

And when the rubble cleared,

they took to the skies.

They flied to the safe-area

when her parents stood.

She ran to them and hugged them,

like she knew they would.

Smiling to himself,

The guardian departed.

Though returning to heaven

some-what halfhearted.

Many years later,

Gabriel watched the girl.

Wishing so much to be with her,

he felt like he would hurl.

But the father was strict,

He could never, ever date.

Though he couldn't stop thinking about her,

It simply was not fate.

But down on Earth,

The girl never forgot.

Every year she visited,

The charred, empty lot.

Silently thanking,

the winged little boy;

The one without a bed.

The one without a toy.

Wishing to find him there,

to say thank you so,

to the little boy that saved her,

all those years ago.

Gabriel felt tears

slide down from his eyes.

Full of hopeless longing,

he dove into the skies.

He flew and flew and flew,

Until he reached the spot.

He roughly fell to the ground,

On that charred, empty lot.

To his great surprise,

He was greeted by the girl.

The single person he loved the most,

in the entire world.

His heart pounded in the chest,

he could not believe what he could see.

Filled with anger he flew away

It simply could never be.

The boy looked down,

and felt like he would cry.

There was that same girl,

waving him goodbye.

Quietly weeping to himself,

Gabriel just flew,

Unbeknownst to him,

The girl whispered,

"Thank you."