He call me his hero, that man.

Though he thinks I'm a zero, that man.

Thank you, sir!

Thank you!

How could I repay?

Or I could just be saved by you,

on another day.

I see that man in my X-ray eyes.

I fly off to escape his lies.

The man oblivious,

to my pitying sighs.

That man, in silence, walks alone.

Too his small, hard, ungrateful home.

That he would have lost, you see.

Had it not been for me.

Why he was on that roof, I'll never know.

He knew of the slippery ice, the slithery snow.

He tripped.

He gasped.

He slipped.

He grasped

For his flying savior,

and despite his wretched behavior,

I saved him from his life's last.

He's lucky I'm super fast.

So now he's another, inconsiderate man,

I rescued from death's dark, cold hand.

Another life that always says thank you.


Without a hint of gratitude.