"Hey, Ari, it's me. I'm about to get on my plane. Call me. Ok, love you, bye."

"Sis, it's Will. You haven't answered your phone…I'm in Atlanta on layover. Answer your phone before I come back home, ok?"

"Ariana. It's me…again. I'm in New York now. I'm assuming you're already asleep so…just call me in the morning. Love you, little sis. Night."

"Oh god, Xander! Right there!" My eyes rolled in the back of my head and my back arched as I felt Xander kiss down to my breasts and took one nub into his mouth. A breathless moan escaped my mouth as he gripped my hips, pounding into me. My hand snaked from his shoulders to the small hairs on the back of his neck and took hold, grabbing them softly. He bit my bottom lip then captured both my lips again. Xander's hands travelled down my body, resting near my core. He licked my lips.

"Does that feel good?" I nodded, closing my eyes and smiling. "I didn't hear you, baby. Tell me it feels good." He thrust harder into me, still gripping my hips.

"…feels so good…" I whispered. I ran my fingers over my breasts and panted. "Please…oh god…"

"Please what, babe?" Xander asked, licking my neck.

"I want you so bad." I moaned loudly as he began to rub my little button. "God, that feels so good! Yes!"

He hissed when I clenched my inner muscles around him. "Oh fuck, Ari." He growled, nipping at my collarbone. "I'm gonna—shit…" he closed his eyes and rocked into me faster. I was almost there; so close, so fucking close…

Then the phone rang. Both of our heads whipped toward my cell phone. "That's the fourth call. M-m-maybe I should answer th-this time—shit!" he circled my clit with his thumb and bit my neck, hard. "Xander!" I laughed. "I need to answer my phone; it might be Will, again."

Xander groaned, dropping his head on my shoulder. "Fine," he reached on my night stand and placed my iPhone in my hand. He pulled out of me, both of us sighing at the loss of contact. He yanked on his boxers before walking downstairs to the kitchen. I rolled my eyes and answered my phone.

"Hey big brother," I said, wrapping the purple silk sheet around my chest.

"It's about damn time you answered your phone! Where the hell have you been, Ariana?" Will snapped at me.

I shrugged, aware he couldn't see me, "I left my phone on the charger while I was at school today. And after school, Addie and I went out to get something to eat. I got back and crashed; I was so tired. I just woke up so I could get something to eat and you called. What's up?" I ran a hand through my hair as Xander walked back into my room with two cokes. He handed me one, silently kissing my forehead. I mouthed, 'Thank you'.

"Well, I landed about 2 hours ago. Is Xander there with you?"

"Yeah, he came about an hour ago." I smirked. Technically it wasn't a lie. He did…come an hour ago in about round 4 of the night. "So what are you doing? Where's Lauren?" Xander looked at me with an annoyed look in his eyes before he glanced down at his cock. I held up a finger to hold him off for a second.

"She's working late tonight. The theatre never has set work hours." Will sounded defeated. Lauren was his fiancée and their situation was difficult because of me. He could have been in New York with her but since our dad passed away, Will had to move back to Arizona to take care of me. Lauren was an actress who had just landed her first role on Broadway. "It's 12:30 here! What is taking so long?"

"You have to have patience," I said, speaking to both of the boys. "But I'm tired. I'm going to bed. Night, Will."

"Alright. Get some good sleep, Ari. Tell Xander I said hey and not to eat all of the food in the fridge." He chuckled. I laughed with him as Xander began to kiss down my stomach. "Night, Ariana."

"Good night." I sighed, hanging up my phone. Xander was hovering right over my core and ran his hands down my thighs. "You are so bad." I smiled as he winked at me before giving me a nice, long lick. I moaned, my head falling back on the pillow. He sucked my clit into his mouth and hummed around it. My hips jerked toward his face and I began to grip the sheets. Xander slipped two fingers into me and curled them, effectively hitting my g-spot. He pushed on my stomach with his free hand as my back arched up. "Damn, you know what you're doing down there, don't you?" I gasped. He chuckled before lapping at me with his tongue.

"You just taste so good, sweetie," he growled at me. He kissed my clit before shoving two more fingers into me. The coil in my stomach threatened to break. At the last minute, he pulled them out of me and held my gaze as he crawled up my body. At this point I just figured that I would never get off.

Xander flipped us over so that I was hovering over his dick. He held my hips as I slid down onto him. We both moaned at the contact and soon we were both too into it for anything to stop us.

"Xander! Xander! Yes, yes, yes!" He thrust up into me while staring down at where we were joined. I braced my hands on his chest and grinded myself on him, my clit brushing against his pelvic bone. Xander's hands reached up and grabbed my breasts, tweaking my nipples in between his fingers. "Oh god," I groaned, throwing my head back.

"I-I'm going to cum, baby," Xander growled. I panted and bit my bottom lip. I bounced on his cock and moaned loudly. I could feel the head of his dick hitting my spot, over and over and over. "Damn – so tight! So – fucking – tight! Shit!"

I smiled down at him as I watched his face scrunch up as he came inside of me. I gasped as I felt myself come apart from climax. I collapsed on top of him and giggled.

He chuckled and kissed my damp forehead. "You naughty, naughty girl." I sighed and licked my lips. "God, I love you, Ari."

"I love you too," I whispered before falling asleep on his chest.

Who knew I would fall in love with my brother's best friend? It all started with a plane ticket to New York…