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Bobby's wedding was a smash and I've never seen my 'brother' happier. He and Taylor moved to New York and are living in the same apartment building as Connor and I.

About 3 years later, Leroy and Cassandra got married. Abby was the flower girl, Connor was the best man, and Melanie and I were bridesmaids. They bought a house and are currently expecting their second child.

My other guy friends ended up finding girlfriends, but they still live back home.

Melanie ended up landing a job as an interior designer. She also does a lot of art on the side, and we go skating together once a week.

Mr. and Mrs. Gardner retired, but they still come in to check on us once in awhile. They are quite proud that they were right about Connor and I.

I suppose you're wondering what happened to Tammy. All I've heard is that she moved to Mississippi and married some truck driver and has like 7 kids.

Connor and I? We're doing very well. We love each other even more than before. Connor got a technical job on Broadway and I'm currently working on a book. Although, no story is quite as great as mine I think.