Have never felt this course!
Through, my body.
Inside, my brain!
Lives both torment and salvation.
It might be fate!
It could be redemption.
Be it, what it may!
I'll never be the same!

I'll stay tainted!
So you'll stay pure!
Our pain is sacred!
So hold it secure!
Know that I will suffer!
So you won't bleed.
I'll be smothered!
So you can breathe.

For emotions are a force!
That shouldn't leave our memories!
Let them remain!
For without feeling we are empty.
The things they hate!
Are the virtues that compose me.
The lies they create!
I'll slay with the sword of honesty!

All that I have been,
Was never even me!
And now it's clear to see!
How much and little the past means!
The measure of a human!
Is how long we fight through adversity!
The courage I command!
Will let me fight beyond eternity!

So system…

Bring it on, you don't scare me!
How can I fear the cowardly!
With your mantras of hypocrisy!
And icons of blatant falsity!
Wage your fights so dishonorably!
Without hope of your victory!
For when you win underhandedly!
Your fallen foe dies quite saintly!

Leave me vilified, and demonized!
Prove me right!
You've my forgiveness for illusions,
Made you so blind.
And you forgive me, I've seen no stupidity,
Of your kind.
So passionately do you believe,
In thieves and genocides!

Tainted, you say…
Though it's you who, tainted my brain.
You know the way, you claim.

Privileged one, who's not seen pain.
Sit on your child-skull throne.
Trophies from the slaughter you condone.
In your house of bones.
Bloodstained is everything you own.