So this is related to my 'lyric poems', those passages I wrote that were set 'word to note' to a piece of instrumental music. This is related in that it's inspired by and linked by note to a particular piece of music, but the result is slightly different. Here's how it all began: I was walking across the park, listening to this song, and looked up right at the end of the third verse, where (as you'll see) the young woman looks up and we see the mountains. I actually got a sense of vertigo, as that image hit me. 'Woah,' I thought. 'This song totally has a story to tell.' I listened to it on repeat for the rest of the morning, teasing that story out from behind the words.

As you'll see, it's got very exact timing cues. I was hesitant to upload this, since I haven't actually finished marking those cues. However, since I HAD given the lyric cues, I thought that was good enough. Please enjoy the picture this story/song/poem paints, and let me know what you think. Since Fictionpress has disabled outside links, I'll tell you which video to listen to on YouTube while you read this: It's called "Celtic Woman - Scarborough Fair Lyrics" and it was uploaded by Litz2106.


Dawn in the forest. Light comes up, camera comes down through the trees to see a young woman waking up in her bedroll next to a dead fire. (:15)

(Are) She climbs out of bed, breaks camp, starts moving through the woods. Camera POV from a branch above her head. (:30)

(Remember) Camera isn't quite steady, as if following her footsteps or the wings of a bird. From above see her pull out a locket. (One who) Close-up: it's a picture of a young man. (:40)

(He once) She closes her fist and moves ahead, with a determined expression on her face. (:49)

(Tell him) Camera moves behind and past a tree to reveal: Deep forest. The quality of the light is more green, filtered through the trees. Camera angle: above and to the right, again moving on the other side of a tree or two. (cam-) Close up of her shirt getting snagged on a branch, in passing. (Parsley) Pushing aside branches, (:54) it pulls a fiber free as the branch bounces back into place. (1:07)

(Without) (1:07) Forest begins to lighten, light quality is clearer. Trees are farther apart, more undergrowth. (mine) Ground is more fertile, sweep down into a closeup of her footprint.

(end of verse) As the verse ends and we enter the instrumental interlude – camera sweeps up into a panorama of a prairie. From high above, we see the tiny figure of the young woman cutting a path through the tall grasses, and her trail of broken stalks meandering away to the forest's edge. Curve of the horizon as we follow a bird swooping in the air. Closeup of the young woman's shoulder, then the camera sweeps past and up to a vista of the mountains.

(Tell him) Sudden closeup of her hand grabbing a rock, camera pulls back to show her hauling herself over a ledge, walking along a narrow path with the wind tugging forcefully at her cloak. (Parsley) Camera runs ahead of the young woman, dodging around boulders and up the path until it (between) bursts over the crest and shows a panorama of the sunset over the ocean. (-ter and) Camera slowly sinks down to show the young woman standing at the head of the path down.

(Then) Starts down the mountain, dusk settles. The young woman picks her way among the rocks and shadows. (Are you) She finds a cave, peers in for a second and crawls inside. (Parsley) She sets up camp, lights a fire, sits down against the wall of the cave with a sigh. (Remember me) She pulls out the locket and looks at it for a moment, (once was) then closes her hand around it and leans her head back against the wall, stares at nothing for a second. (True) Her eyes close, (mine) her head tilts slowly to the left and she falls asleep. Camera pulls away, blurs into flickering firelight, fades to black. (end of verse)