This story is not exactly a happy one, but will probably be a good story. This is a story about the Percivaldi family's experience during the Holocaust, their escape, and their leaving the country to flee from the Nazis.


Matteo Percivaldi

Marianna Percivaldi

Giovanni Percivaldi

Susanna Percivaldi

Davide Percivaldi

The story takes place in a small town located in the centre of Italy, in the city of Aventezzo in late 1943. The Percivaldis are a rather popular family among the Nazis, though the Percivaldis, minus Marianna, are Jewish. And so, Matteo, Giovanni, Susanna and Davide are sent to a concentration camp – the same concentration camp that Marianna demands to be a prisoner of.

This story is about to begin when I complete chapter one, and the language is a combination of Italian and English. I tried to make it obvious at what the meaning of the statement is, but if you still do not understand, I will include the translations below. They follow the order that they appear in the chapter. The Italian words will appear in italics, and so will the translations.