She basked under the sunlight in her daisy dukes and crop top. It was quiet today, so much so that the murder of crows that would sail past the field at the sight of me didn't bother to caw. I was grateful; That awful noise could drive a man crazy.

I could hear the girl hum to herself as she walked back inside the house, leaving me alone to bake under the sun's blistering heat. Of course, I didn't mind. After years of the oven-treatment I got used to the sun and, after some time, started to appreciate its company.

The girl came back out with a glass of lemonade in her hands. I noticed that she had a frown on her face when she stared at me, her hazel eyes boring into mine, which were no more than two buttons - One blue and the other red. She pushed her way through the tall sunflowers to get me. I was inspecting another trivial insult or a comment about how she hated scarecrows when she crouched down and leaned against the post I was fastened to. She took a sip from her Lemonade and began to speak.

'Can you imagine the nerve of that bastard? Dumping me for that skank all because I wouldn't go all the way? Well, if he wants a disease he knows where to find it.'

She let out a laugh which morphed into a whimper as tears began to pour out of her eyes.

If my mouth was something other than crudely sewn stitches then i'd have comforted her with a, 'There, there.', or a, 'I'm sure you'll find someone else.'. Unfortunately, all I could do was watch her as she weeped below me, shrouded with sunflowers.

'Damn them.' She cursed under her breath before getting up and running back to the house, forgetting her glass of Lemonade which perspired in the summer heat. I wondered who the 'bastard' she talked about could be as a curiousity in me wanted to find out. Oh well, nothing I can do about it. I'm just the scarecrow.


She tucked a strand of her dirty blonde hair behind one of her ears before continuing to speak.

'... and the weird thing is that I still like him. After all the lies and crap and downright stupid things that have come out of his mouth I still feel a pang of jealousy whenever he and Jenny are together.'

She sighed before washing down the rest of her cola.

'You know what I need? I need a break! A nice, long break away from all this shit! I wanna go someplace cold - like Canada. Canada's cold, isn't it?'

She sighed once again, 'Why do I even bother asking? It's not like you can answer me, anyway.'

She smiled, 'You do a good job listening though. That's another thing I need, someone who'll listen to me.'

Standing up, she brushed herself off and then walked through the sunflowers to the shelter of her house. I saw her lips form a smile before she shut the front door. God, she was pretty when she wasn't so sour-faced.

A crow perched itself on one of my arms and asked in its screechy voice, 'Something on your mind, Sonny boy?'

I recognised the crow as Dean. He wasn't afraid of me but had the decency not to screech in my ears just because he could. For that, we became friends.

I couldn't answer him either but managed to communicate through subtleties like cocking my head to the side or turning slightly.

'No need to say a word. I know what you need.' He squawked while wrapping a shiny object around my neck. It was a sterling necklace with a pendant that acted as a heart-shaped cage to a small gemstone.

'Wait till the sun goes down.' He said before flying away.


I looked at my hands in awe. They were no longer made of straw but flesh and bone. My button eyes were now as real as the sun that was sinking into the horizon.

'I'm... human.' I grinned, amazed at the sound of my own voice. It was high and changed pitch randomly, unlike that of Riley's, which was deep and smooth, but a squeaky voice was better than no voice at all.

I had to crawl out of the field since my legs were still feeling numb but managed to limp once I was out. What should I have done? Run away and live my life or knock on the door so I could speak to the girl? I wanted to speak to the girl.

So I rapped on the front door until it was opened by Riley, who looked less than happy to see the guy who made sure the sunflowers weren't eaten by the crows as seeds. Talk about being ungrateful!

'Who are you?' He asked.

I thought for a moment. 'Sonny. My name is Sonny.'

He raised a brow. 'And what exactly do you want, Sonny?'

'I want to speak to the girl.'

'The girl? You mean Abigail?'

'Yes.' I said, 'Abigail.'

He looked at me for quite awhile and finally opened his mouth to say something when a girl asked who was at the door and appeared behind him.

'He says he wants to speak to you.' Said Riley.

'I don't know him.' She said matter-of-factly.

A painful feeling spread through my body when she said that and I found the pout on my face impossible to remove.

'But you do know me. You've known me since you were a little girl. You even came whining to me about your ex-boyfriend today.'

Her mouth gaped open.

Riley saw this and shouted, 'Get out of here you creep!'

Then he slammed the front door in my face.

That was when I remembered that I was no longer a scarecrow. No wonder.