'Wait up, Abbey! You don't understand!' I grabbed her arm and tugged her towards me but she quickly slapped my hands away, pushing me back in the process.

'For your information, I understand everything! Riley's a scumbag, your friend Dean's a frickin' stalker, and you're a nutcase! I mean, there's a fucking dead guy in the truck and your "friend" killed him! Don't you get it Sonny? I don't want to see your face ever again! I'm sick and tired of being around wierdos all the time so leave me alone dammit!'

'Please, Abbey, just give me a chance to-'

'A chance to do what? Turn into a scarecrow? Seriously? Do you even hear yourself talking?'

I sighed, feeling defeating. My head hung low and my shoulders were hunched and I had to fight back the urge to cry in frustration. How could things go so wrong in such a small space of time?

'Ok, fine. Maybe I am crazy, and maybe I'm just too stupid to accept that fact... but you know what? What you think of me doesn't even matter anymore because I've done what I'd set out to do. I've kept you safe from Riley.'

The anger gradually disappeared from her face and she stared at me with a rueful look instead.

'Oh, Sonny...' She whispered, shaking her head, 'That's really sweet of you, it honestly is, but that doesn't change the fact that you're nuts.' She looked at the dead truck driver.

'Dean didn't mean to kill him.' I said.

She pressed a finger to my lips. 'Shhhh... you don't have to defend him; I'm sure he's also crazy as hell.' She laughed at her little joke.

I smiled, feeling better now that she was able to laugh. I brushed my finger against her cold, red cheek, half afraid that she'd slap it away and tell me to go away, but instead she just stood there and looked at me intently.

'We better get going before someone comes along.' She said after what felt like hours, breaking the silence that had ensued.

I stopped stroking her cheek. 'We?' I asked.

She grinned. 'You heard me, it's a "we" this time. After all, I can't just leave a crazy person out here in the middle of nowhere. There's no telling what horrors you could do!'

I laughed. 'Great, so which way?'

She was eyeing the dead driver again. With a shudder she answered, 'Anywhere away from him, that's where.'

'Sounds good to me.'


We had walked in the chill of the night for what seemed like an eternity. The road seemed endless, stretching right into the distance until it disappeared. It was extremely dark and the only light source we had was that of the moon, which wasn't even full but a crescent instead.

'You do realize we have no idea where we're going, right?'

I nodded. 'Well, this road should lead to somewhere... eventually.'

'I sure do hope so because my feet are absolutely killing me. How long do you think we've been walking, anyway? I'm guessing the whole night, which means it should be dawn soon, thank God for that.'

I froze. 'You're not serious.'

'I am. Look.' She pointed to the horizon, 'The suns already coming up.'

Oh God, not now.

'Abbey, I'm about to turn into a scarecrow.' I blurted out.

She rolled her eyes. 'Not this again.'

As light washed over the land I could feel myself stiffening, becoming less animated with every second. And then I felt myself crashing onto the floor, a scarecrow once again.

Abbey stood over me with a look of utter shock on her face. 'S-sonny?' She stuttered, unable to keep her voice from shaking.