What is love?

Love is a feeling one can't truly describe its an emotion that fills your heart with something amazing something unbelievable love is where your safe and love is when you open yours eyes to something beautiful love is how we show we care love what you need to be human love is for all the whos we have in are life and love is why we are here to love and be loved. Love is not seen by the naked eye but in actions done for one another love is not hurtful nor judge mental but instead blind and is not earned or something deserved it just is there to give and give back like the air we breath and love is not created but something that simply is and always was and love is well just that love.

A/N: I am new to the whole publishing thing so please tell me if there anything I am doing wrong. I am terrible with the english language. Any pointers if done in a way thats meant to be helpful well be much Obliged.