Miko stood in front of the hospital that he was admitted in 1 month before, pondering why he and Shai had parted ways. He was still very heart broken from that night that he couldn't help but watch his love walk away from him.

"Miko! I need your help!" Shai's Dad said as he came running from the direction of their house.

"What's wrong?"

"Me and Shai were sitting in our house and these men came bursting into our house holding assault rifles and ski masks. I managed to get away but I can't help my own daughter in my age." He put his hand on Miko's shoulder. "Miko, I know you still have feelings for my daughter. Please, help her."

"I've got no choice." Miko said, brushing off Shai's father's hand from his shoulder. "I will get her out of there. You can count on it." Miko started to run toward the house that started his and Shai's relationship. The police had already gotten wind on what was happening in the house and set up a perimeter around the small house.

"I'm guessin' you're the one called 'Miko' right?" one of the police officers said. "I know you won't remember me from school all those years ago but Shai needs your help. I can get you inside but when you're there, you're on your own."

"I have no problem with being alone. All I want is for Shai to be safe and happy." Miko said looking at the house. The officer got him in the building from the cellar and Miko made his way toward the first floor, where the men were keeping Shai. She was tied up in the middle of the room with a blindfold, cloths around her mouth to prevent talking, and rope that tied her hands behind her back. The men were ransacking the house for anything of value that they could sell if they got out of there. Miko picked the perfect time to move from the cellar door and knock-out the few men in the back of the house. The only one that was left was the one holding Shai by the hair in the middle of the living room and keeping a gun on her head.

"You had all better stay out!" He yelled out of the window. "Stay out or this pretty little kitty gets her brains splattered all over this floor!" Shai heard this and a tear ran down her face. Something inside of Miko that controled his actions died when that sentence was uttered. He jupe on the man that and with one, powerful punch, knocked the man out along with leaving him with almost none of his teeth left. The force of the hit made the floor vibrate and it made Shai jump. Miko untied the helpless cat-girl and left the blindfold on for last.

"Thank you whoever saved me." Shai said, before the blindfold was taken off. " I don't know what would've happened without-" when the blindfold was taken off, she couldn't believe her eyes. "Mi-Miko?" Miko put his hands on Shai's shoulders and brought her in closer for a hug. After 6 minutes of staying like that, Miko picked up the bodies of the unconscious hostage takers to take them to the police waiting outside. Miko dropped them in from of the police and walked all the way to the park.

"Did I really just do that?" he thought to himself "Is any doubt in her mind that I don't love her gone?" He was standing at the lakeside in the full moon light. The white light glimmered off of his hair and tail as he stood there. Shai followed behind 5 minutes after him, seeing him stand in the moonlight. She began to get nervous to even walk up to speak to him, because of what she had done last month. She finally worked up the courage to slowly walk up to him and when she took her first step, Miko quickly turned around to look at her.

"Miko, I'm so sorry for what happened last month." Shai started "I was just going though so much at once at the time. Seeing you hurt that boy, even if he was being really mean, and seeing you with that girl just made me jealous and fearful." She slowly walked up to him and gave him a hug. "I'm so sorry..." They stood interlocked for 15 minutes on the lakeside.

"Shai..." Miko said while pikcing her head up. "Never forget: I'll always love you and only you. If any girl makes you jealous in the future, remember that I will only have feelings for you." Miko looked Shai directly in her eyes and the red eyes she had began to water. "No. Don't cry. Just love me." Miko locked his lips against Shai's in a kiss of passion on the lakeside in the moonlight.