Author's Notes: So I hope everybody liked the first chapter. Here's chapter two: Home. I hope you enjoy it was much as you did the first.

-Nekota Takatsuki

Chapter Two: Home

Jamie parked the truck in front of the house; Kaien grabbed one of his smaller bags. While Jamie picked up his heavier ones and opened the door for Kaien again. They stood in front of the house for a couple minutes before Jamie threw his arm around Kaien's shoulders. He smiled, "Well what do ya think, huh? It's a pretty nice place, right? Ya'll never get bored here, trust me."

Kaien continued to stare at the house, he thought of his tiny apartment, his mother and he lived in. "It's so… big…"

Jamie unlocked the door and was holding it open for Kaien. He chuckled, "That's what she said."

Kaien looked at him with confusing in his eyes, "What?"

"Oh nothing. My parents aren't home right now, so I'll take ya to your room. So you rest, 'kay?"

Kaien nodded. "That would be wonderful. I appreciate it."

He followed Jamie through the house until they stopped in front of one of the many doors in the house. "Here's your room. I'll make us something to eat; I'll tell ya when it's done. You can use a fork, right?"

He smiled at Jamie, "Of course, it's simple."

Kaien sat on his new bed with his sketch book on his lap, there was a light sketch of Jamie in pencil. He seems quite nice; Jamie. This might not be as bad as Kaneda said. Something tells me…

Well I believe it's too early to tell…

He continued to work on his drawing. His eyes are so beautiful. Jamie Hall, huh?

Kaien heard a knock on his door, "The food is done."

He followed him to the kitchen; Jamie placed two plates of food on the table. They sat down to eat, "I hope you like the food; it's just some stuff I threw together.

Jamie handed him a small spiral notebook, "This is your school handbook, you gotta know these rules and other others before school begins in two weeks. If you have any troubles just ask me."

"Thank you. I feel quite strange being a new student… I've spent my whole life with same friends; to be frank I'm anxious. I hope you Americans will treat this little Jappy suitably."

Kaien noticed Jamie's face turned red, "Oh my, your face is all red. Do you have a cold?"

"Uhhhh… No. It's just reminded me of my first… Never mind."

He stood up and pointed toward the sink, "I-I'm… Uh… Gonna go wash the dishes now."

Kaien turned toward the living room door. "Okay. May I have your approval to look around and get familiar with your home?"

The blonde boy was already gathering up the dirty plates. "Sure… We chill out later and watch some movies when I'm finished."

Kaien smiled, "That sounds pleasant."