Zach Willis tapped the child's shoulder. The child looked at him, barely able to tear himself away from the giant statue of a sphinx, and looked up at Zach.

"I'm sorry, kid," Zach said, smiling. "But it's closing time."

The kid nodded, took one last look at the sphinx, and darted off down the now deserted corridors of the Egyptian Mythological Exhibition. Zach watched the kid go, and took a look at the stone sphinx, before turning away, and walking down the hallway to the right.

It was closing time at the museum, which meant Zach's day was just beginning. He was a night security guard at the Egyptian Mythological Exhibition, a fairly large museum that had opened just a month ago here in London. It was entirely devoted to the mythology of Ancient Egypt, having impressive statues of the Egyptian gods, monsters, and lore.

Zach walked down a hallway, going by glass cases holding small statues of a sarcophagus, a golden scarab beetle, and a bronze statue of petsuchos, a sort of god-like crocodile worshipped by the Egyptians. Zach cast them brief looks, but as he had combed every inch of the museum for several weeks, the statues did not seem that impressive to Zach. He continued coming out of the hallway, and onto a landing.

The landing was above the museum's cafeteria. Hanging from strings on the ceiling were models of several larges birds, and another enormous scarab beetle, this one colored red. Zach looked down at the cafeteria. The cafeteria was designed to resemble ancient Egypt, with statues of the Egyptian gods Ra and Set standing at either end of the cafeteria. The walls were made of stone, and had Egyptian artwork on them, as well as hieroglyphics. The floor was painted to resemble the sand of the desert, and workers dressed as mummies would often walk around the cafeteria, sometimes making the kids laugh and sometimes making them scream.

Next to one of the tables was Nicholas, the janitor. He was wearing a pair of heads attached to an iPod and was whistling the lyrics to "Disturbia" while using his mop to clean up what looked like a mess of ketchup and mustard. He looked busy, so Zach decided not to bother him. Often, he and Nicholas liked to have a chat, as it could get boring here at night after everything was securely checked.

Zach moved on, whistling to himself as he went down another hallway. More hieroglyphics were on the walls, and this hallway came into a large room, with a ten foot tall statue of Osiris at the center of the room. Several display cases were at the corners of the room, video monitors over them explaining the lore or signifigance behind each display. Some of the displays even had interactive games, like assembling a puzzle of the Pyramids of Giza or matching up the Egyptian Gods with their titles or names. It was a fun way to have kids learn, and even some adults got into the games. Once, Zach had to escort away an elderly man trying to assemble the puzzle, as the man had been there for several hours and was cursing angrily at any kids who tried to have a turn.

Zach passed through the hall, and at last came to one of the staircases. Zach ran the staircase, which was design to look a giant serpent, and at last came to the lobby.

Walking past the ticket booth, which had several flyers for a number of shows available within the Museum, Zach sat down at his security desk next to the main entrance doors. Zach leaned back in his chair, placing his arms behind his head and examined the security monitors.

There were five security cameras that Zach could see, each showing a different section of the museum. One of them showed the sidewalk directly outside the building. A group of teenagers was passing under the camera, laughing amongst themselves and carrying boxes of pizza. The next camera showed the alleyway outside the building. A black cat was sitting on a trashcan in the alleyway, licking its paws. The last three cameras showed the cafeteria, the movie theater, and the Hall of the Gods. The Hall of the Gods was a giant hall of the fifth floor of museum, with all the Egyptian Gods standing on either side of the hallway. Information was provided about each one. At the end of the hallway was a statue of Ra, and a small movie showing the creation of Osiris.

Zach turned away from the security monitors, grabbing a mug of coffee and taing a sip of it. Zach grimaced and put the coffee down. It was cold, and Zach liked his nice and hot. It kept him more energized that way. He'd have to get a refill later.

Zach suddenly felt the urge to take a piss. Sighing, Zach stood up and walked away from his security desk, moving toward the bathroom at the end of the lobby. Zach decided to get this over with quick and grabbed the handle of the door. The door wad designed to look a like a stone door, and it's men sign was drawn to resemble that of a pharaoh. Zach pushed open the door and stepped inside.

The inside of the bathroom was pretty mundane. No fancy Egyptian decorations in here. Moving toward the urinals next to the sink, Zach unzipped his pants and did his business.

Zach flushed the urinal and moved toward the sink. Turning on the hot water, Zach whistled as he ran his hands under the water and then pushed the soap dispenser above the sink. A glob of soap landed in Zach's hands and Zach rubbed his hands together. Done washing his hands, Zach turned the sink off and dried his hands off with a paper towel.

Zach was about to leave the bathroom, when suddenly, there was a very loud cracking sound from within one of the stalls. Zach jumped, and looked at the stall. Zach stared at it for a moment, and said, "Hello? Somebody there?"

There was no answer. Zach resisted the urge to go for his holstered pistol, and knocked on the stall again. Again, there was no response. Taking a deep breath, Zach raised his foot, and kicked open the stall.

Zach stared in wonder at what he saw in the stall. A ball of shimmering golden light was floating in the stall. It twisted back and forth and suddenly, three smaller orbs of light broke off it. Then, the larger light seemed to almost twist into itself and it vanished without a trace.

The smaller orbs of light circle around Zach. Zach stepped back, watching in amazement as the orbs spun around each other. The light began to fade away from the orbs, and the orbs transformed into three beetles.

The beetles were a light blue color, and were held aloft in the air by rapidly buzzing wings. They had four legs, and had four blue eyes. They were fairly large, each of them being at least a foot long. They also had a pair of sharp looking, curved mandibles on their heads. The three beetles turned toward Zach, and their buzzing grew louder. They then shot forward, all darting at Zach.

Zach shook himself back into reality, recovering from his shock of seeing three orbs split off from a shimmering light and turned into beetles. Zach swatted one of the beetles, but the beetle avoided his swing and grabbed onto his arm with its legs. It then opened its mandibles, looking like it was intending to take a big bite out of Zach.

Zach grabbed the beetle, and felt his stomach turned as the beetles legs squirmed against his hand. But one of the other beetles landed on Zach neck's and bite down hard on him with its mandibles. Zach gave a yell of pain, dropping the beetle in his hand. Zach tried to swat the beetle on his neck, but it flew off and Zach hit himself instead.

Zach stumbled backward, watching as the beetle he had dropped flew up off the floor. The two beetles buzzed angrily and flew toward him again. Zach then realized one of them was missing and looked around for it. Then, the third beetle flew out forward, and grabbed onto his face.

Zach gave a yell, as the beetle opened its mandibles, grabbing onto Zach's hair and holding on tight. The other two beetles landed on his chest and started to bite through Zach's shirt. Zach swung his head back and forth, throwing the beetle on his face off. The beetle went flying, smashing against the wall with a splat and falling to the ground. Green blood leaked out of its body, as the beetle's legs twitched and it then lay still.

Zach swatted at the other two beetles on his shirt, and they flew off, flying backwards but flew forward again at Zach. However, Zach ducked and the beetles flew over his head. They circled around, and Zach swung his hands upward, smacking both of the beetles and knocking them to the floor.

The beetles buzzed louder, and tried to fly away. But before they could, Zach smashed down both his shoes on them, and crushed the beetles underneath his boots. Zach grimaced as their was two sickening crunches from underneath his shoes. Zach wiped his boots against the floor, getting what remained of the crushed beetles off.

Zach looked at the beetles and then back at the stall where the light had appeared and vanished. Zach rubbed his head, wondering if he had been working too hard and he was starting to see things. But Zach told himself that was not true. The bite in his neck certainly felt real.

Zach decided to go find Nicholas, and let him be the judge of this craziness. Besides, he would have to clean up the dead beetles on the floor. Taking one last look at the beetles, Zach sighed and left the bathroom.