Zach opened his eyes. He was standing on top of several clouds. Looking around, he saw that the sky was golden and there was a chirping noise from all around him.

"You did it," A voice said. Zach turned and saw a sphere of energy approaching him. Its voice was that of Isis.

"Isis?" Zach said. "Where…am I?"

"Still on the mortal plane," Isis answered. "But we took your mind and brought it temporarily into the Light itself."

"This is the Light?" Zach asked, looking about.

"Yes," Another voice said. A smaller sphere of energy came out from below the security guard and hovered next to Isis's sphere. Its voice was that of Anubis. "Is it all you expected?"

"Kind of…dull," Zach said. "Sorry if it that offends you…"

"It is fine," Anubis answered. "You may say whatever you wish. After all, you killed Apophis, Sobek, Set, and Mlothonep himself. The threat to your world has ended."

"I did?" Zach said, shocked. "What happened to all the monsters?"

"They were pulled back into the Underworld," Isis answered. "For their role in aiding Mlothonep, they will suffer an eternity of torment and pain."

"Oh…" Zach said. "Um , is there anything else? Is the world still in danger?"

"No," A louder voice said. A huge orange sphere materialized before the mortal. It had the voice of Ra. "Once all the gods present on the mortal plane died, your world was saved. You have succeeded, Zachary, where the gods could not. For that, there is no proper reward."

"But know this," Ra said. "The other universes out there are in danger. I sense evil ones stirring through the multi-realities. Some have already been saved. The grandfather of Mlothonep was destroyed on one world, while Mlothonep's father remains trapped in his home dimension of madness and evil. Two more worlds are currently in danger from threats. One is in danger from the Great Dragon, while another remains threatened not psychically, but in the minds of mortals. We cannot stop this. Know this Zachary, that someday, dark forces may return to your world. Be ready to take up arms again, if that days comes. We will be watching."

"But for now," Isis cut in. "Return to your world in peace."

Zach suddenly felt himself falling, and gave a yell before everything went black again.