"I'm leaving!" I yelled up the stairs as I turned to grab the car keys off the rack.

"Have a good first day!" My mom said from somewhere in the house.

"I will." I said quietly as I closed the door to the garage. It was hot and sunny out on the first day of eleventh grade at Seaforth High, and I was late. I had slept in longer then I should have, even though the alarm clock had gone off over ten times. My best friend, Tracy, was going to carpool me, but I was so late she had to go. I was an only child with a mom, and dad. My mom and dad weren't really the most talkative, caring, parents alive, but they were there when I needed them, and that's what truly matters.

I stepped up to my car and sighed as I got in. School meant curfews, homework, grades, studying, and teachers lecturing you on how to do things that you are never going to need to know how to do. Seaforth High wasn't that far away, nothing was in Seaforth. Seaforth was a small island just off of the coast of North Carolina. It was almost always hot and humid with rain at least once every 2 weeks. There were only 27 people in my grade and I had only one core subject teacher. The high school ran from eighth grade to twelfth, and the elementary school ran from kindergarten to seventh grade. Everyone knew everyone, and liked each other, for the most part.

I moved away from Lake Tahoe in California, when I was ten, because my parents got fired from their jobs. They decided that they wanted to start off new in a completely different area, they got their wish, only I didn't know how much this move would change my life, yet.

I put the car in park and slid out of the car with my backpack on my shoulder. I hurried into the school with my head down, thinking that maybe, if I was lucky, no one would notice me.

"Excuse me miss, I believe you are late." The principle waved through the door way. Yup, definitely not lucky. I turned slowly on my heel and walked into the office.

"I'm not going to ask you to put down your name because it's the first day and I'm going to give you a break. But tomorrow I will ask you to sign your name and things will get back to normal. Understood?" She lectured, never taking her eyes off of her computer. She had short blonde hair, she was chubby, and her eyes where blood shot. Wonder what she was up to last night.

"Yes, ma'am." I said quietly and I turned around to leave.

"Wait, what grade are you in?" She asked, looking up at me.

"Eleventh grade." I said over my shoulder.

"There is a new student coming tomorrow, he's in your grade. Do you think that you could be his tour guide? I know that usually I would be the one showing him around, but the superintendent just spoke to me about this yesterday, apparently the boy called in just a few days ago desperate for a school to go to. Anyways, I am busy with errands, and don't have enough time to show him around myself." She asked it more like I didn't have a choice not to. A new student? I didn't know that there was a new student coming.

"Umm…I guess. What's his name?" I questioned.

"Adrian Synan. And your name is…?" She pulled out a pen and a piece of paper.

"Laila Selena." I said and watched her write down my name. She sat staring at the piece of paper a little longer then folded it and put it in her pocket.

"Thank you, you can go now. I will explain everything tomorrow when I call you down to the front office." She said looking at her computer again. I left without another word. We had two floors at the school and had a big court yard. The hallways were open and there were windows covering every inch of the walls exposing the garden in the courtyard. There was a water fountain with benches, which had flower cushions, surrounding it. The hallways had lights on the walls but they only turned on when it was dark, the sunlight took care of the lighting. I skipped up the stairs and sucked in a breath as I pushed into the class room.

"Nice of you to join us Laila." Mr. Burns motioned me to a seat. The classroom had one wall with windows all over it. The desks had shelves on the bottom of them for books. The desks were clear (I'm assuming its so that we couldn't get away with texting during class), and the chairs were silver and had a dipped back so it could hold backpacks on it. The desks were set up in rows of 5 lined up next to each other. As I sat down I realized exactly where I was sitting. I was sitting right next to a window overlooking the court yard, in the second to last seat. In the row next to mine Tracy was sitting, behind her was Jacob Hughes. Behind me the seat was empty and in front of me was the Oh Ms. popular, Sarah Blitz. She rolled her eyes at me and popped her gum bubble before she turned back to Mr. Burns and twisted her straight, shoulder length, brown hair. Sarah was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, she had naturally long eye lashes, natural blonde high lights, hazel eyes, a tan, and the shape of her face fit everything in perfectly.

I smiled at Tracy, who was also pretty. She had wavy brown hair that was angled so that in the back it was really long and in the front it hung around her face. She had brown eyes and dark eye lashes to flatter them. She had an oval shaped face and lips in the shape of a heart almost. She waved and started listening to the teacher again.

"Tomorrow I will expect that everyone will have at least four binders, a pen, a pencil, dividers, and paper…" after that he went over guidelines, how we would be graded, and a homework review sheet. Finally, we had to go to the auditorium to see the welcome back ceremony. Before I left I waited for Tracy to ask her about the new guy that was coming.

"So you finally made it. You know you should get up earlier, you could have made me late and you were late!" Tracy scolded.

"I know, I know. Did you hear about the new student coming tomorrow?" I asked

"What new student?"

"That's what I thought! Apparently there's a new guy coming, and he's in our grade!" I squealed.

"I hope he's normal, all of the guys in our class are either geeks, self centered, ugly, or stupid. Blake is the only normal one, and he's taken by Sarah." There were five different groups in our grade, three in our class. In our class the popular kids were Sarah, Veronica, Jerry, and Blake, who used to be in our group before he started going out with Sarah. He had been her boyfriend for more then a year now. The other group in our class was Henry, Jacob, Elizabeth, Mary, Larry, and Terry. The last group in our class was Tracy, Mike and I. The whole class used to be friends until Sarah moved here and started picking on me, then the whole class started to as well, except for Tracy, Blake, and Mike. We became friends immediately after as Sarah, Veronica, and Jerry, became popular.

"Yeah, but isn't it weird how we don't know about him?" I asked.

"It is. We usually know about someone new at least a month before they move." Tracy looked up at the ceiling.

"Hey! How are my favorite girls doing?" Mike threw his arms around our shoulders and scooted in between us. Mike had brown hair that was trimmed in a way that the hair covered his eyes slightly and in the back it stuck to his neck. He had light brown eyes and short but thick eye lashes. He was okay looking, and his personality was more on the crazy bold side.

"Mike, have you heard of a new student coming?" Tracy turned her face toward him, and almost bumped foreheads with him, before hastily looking away, embarrassed that their faces had been so close.

"There's a…"

"You know Mike... you seem so lonely with these girls, I think you should try out someone new. Someone who is better than them. Someone like me." Veronica cut Mike off and removed his arms from our shoulders to put one on her shoulder. As he ripped his arm away, Jerry came up behind him and shoved him to the ground. Mike looked innocent and full blown angry…he kind of reminded me of a small little boy not getting what he wanted. I rushed over to him and helped him up.

"Just leave him alone, he didn't do anything." I didn't raise my voice but I said it forcefully.

"Fine," smirked a voice next to me, "but if you're to stand up for him, and going to get in our way again this year, then I'm afraid that we'll have to make your life a living hell. Again." I spun around to find Sarah standing next to Tracy with her arms crossed. "C'mon guys." She said and everyone followed. Blake looked at us with apologetic eyes and scurried after them.

"Are you all right?" Tracy asked us.

"Yeah." Mike said brushing himself off, looking embarrassed. We were the last to walk into the auditorium.

"Excuse me boys and girls, welcome back if you're in the ninth grade or above! If you're in eighth grade welcome to Seaforth High School, we all hope that you will have a great year and great years to come. Here at Seaforth High our goal is to respect, learn, and get you ready for life. There are rules and expectations to follow, but otherwise try to be yourself and open your eyes for opportunities as they come along." The principle droned on and on before she finally reached a some what exciting part. "Everyone there is something you should all know, so you aren't surprised when he gets here. There is a new student coming tomorrow; he will be in the eleventh grade. I expect that all of you will make him feel at home and welcome here. He has requested to not have all of the attention put on him, so I ask of you all to treat him as an old friend." The principle said with a way too cheesy enthusiasm. The principle's hair was less crazy then it was this morning, but I was too far away to see if her eyes were still blood shot. There was an outbreak of conversations in the crowd and people looking at each other with confused looks. Obviously we weren't the only ones who didn't know about him.

"Everyone quiet please!" Shouted the principle, as she tapped her foot impatiently on the stage. Once everyone calmed down, she continued her lecture about the importance of accepting everyone, including the new guy, until she finally started a new topic all together.

I didn't pay much attention to the meeting; I mainly sat memorizing the auditorium. It had a big stage with a giant curtain. The curtain was blue with waves in it. The chairs where also blue with soft fabric and had gold arm rests. The carpet was blue and black and had a pattern of checkered board. It looked more formal then it should for a school.

When it ended it was time for lunch. The cafeteria wasn't too big it had circular tables and wooden chairs that were…different but comfortable. There was a salad bar and the lunch checkout line was a buffet table.

"Since when is there a new kid coming?" Mike asked after the principle dismissed us to lunch.

"It didn't seem like anybody knew about him either." Tracy shrugged and went on. "When is she going to show him around the school? Maybe I can have sneak a peak at him!"

"I'm his tour guide." I whispered.

"You are? When did they choose you?" Tracy narrowed her eyes at me and turned into the lunch line. I got rice with vegetables accounting to the fact that I am a vegetarian; I never liked the thought of eating innocent animals whose slaughter date was set before they were even out of the womb.

"Well since I was late this morning, the principle told me to come into the office. She didn't have me sign any form or anything; she said I got a pass for the first day. So before you lecture anymore Tracy, it wasn't a big deal. Anyway, all of a sudden she told me out of the blue, that I was the tour guide for the new student." I motioned us all to an empty table next to the window looking at the court yard. Each table had seven seats, so there was more then enough room for us. Mike sat with his back to the window, Tracy sat to his right, and I sat next to Tracy.

"-ell me if -e's -ute!" Tracy said, stuffing her mouth. I burst out laughing.

"I will, just make sure you meet him when you're not eating."

"What do you guys see in other guys that you don't in me?" Mike wondered, puzzled over the thought.

"Don't get me wrong, you are handsome, but you are a total goof off." Tracy said stuffing her face again.

"I am? What do I do that's so crazy?"

"How many times have you stood up on a table and started dancing? Oh, and just yesterday you stuck chopsticks up your nose and pretended you were a walrus. There was also that time you had that sticky hand you won and got it stuck to the ceiling because you were jumping off the couch. Remember when—"

"Okay I get it Tracy, I have had my moments." Mike clamped his hand over her mouth.

"Tracy does have a good point." I agreed but the look on Mikes face made me want to take back what I had said. "I mean, you can be weird sometimes but there are times when you have your good moments." I tried to comfort him. He threw a smile my way, but the smile quickly changed into a frown as milk trickled down my face. I quickly stood up to get out of the way but I crashed into the person behind me and the milk drenched my clothes. I slowly turned around as I rang my shirt out to see who the caused it. It wasn't surprising when I found Jerry with an empty milk carton in his hands.

"Oops." He dropped the milk carton and sauntered away as the lunch room was filled with laughter. Really! Where was a teacher when you needed one? Tracy came up behind me and grabbed my hand and forced me into the bathroom.

The bathrooms were right next cafeteria so I didn't have to hide my face for that long. I knew who the mind behind the trick was (Sarah), and yet, throughout the whole incident I couldn't help feeling bad, but not for me for her. As Tracy burst through the door I noticed a reflection in the mirror behind the sinks. The mirror was huge and standing in front of it was Sarah and Veronica.

"Had enough?" Sarah taunted.

"Why are you doing this?" Tracy asked.

"It's the first day of school we want some fun to start off the school year." Veronica said puffing up her hair.

"You know—" Tracy was saying.

"Okay Sarah, have your parents taught you anything?" Sarah's face became solemn. "Haven't they ever taught you not to bully others? This must be the funniest prank right? Someone whom you loath, is dripping wet in milk, in one of her best shirts, ran into the bathroom to run away from the laughter. Just this morning you shoved Mike on the ground, yet he does absolutely nothing to you! Why do you have such a huge grudge for us?" I kept my tone flat. She had been my worst problem since I moved here.

"I don't have a grudge for them, just for you. Since they hang out with you, they get in trouble too. Don't worry though she has something bigger planned for you." Sarah put her hands on her hips and shoved us aside.

"Who's she?" Tracy questioned.

"Don't worry you'll find out soon enough." Sarah said over her shoulder. Veronica pushed pass us too and followed Sarah out the door. I looked at Tracy who seemed worried then walked over to the sinks to wash me off.

"I'm jealous of you, you know." Tracy said while getting milk out of my hair.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because you're so beautiful!" She exclaimed.

"No I'm not." I groaned.

"Yes you are, have you looked in the mirror lately?" She asked while grabbing my head to make me look in the mirror, instead of my wet shirt. I had bleached blonde hair, so light it almost was white, with darker blonde streaks in it. My hair was touching my elbows, and had a slight wave to it. I had very pale skin, but my cheeks and lips were rosy. My lips were always moist and they fit my face perfectly. My teeth were straight and pearly white. My nose was a medium size, and I had bluish, grey eyes that sparkled all the time. I had a heart shaped face that my hair flowed over. The water in my hair made my hair silky and shiny.

"I'm not as pretty as Sarah." I mumbled and Tracy giggled.

"Yes you are! I bet that's why she has a grudge against you."

"What do think she meant when she said 'don't worry you'll find out soon enough?'" I asked, switching the topic.

"I don't know but I guess we'll find out 'soon enough'. Are you ready to go back to lunch?" She joked; I cracked a smile as well and nodded to answer her question. I dried off a little more (by jumping up and down a couple times and spinning around) and walked back into the cafeteria. When we got back to the table there was only five more minutes of lunch. The rest of the school day was boring. Then, when we got back to the classroom, the gym, and art, teachers were there to tell us about their classes. I was glad when the final bell rang.

Everyone in my class had the same schedule of classes, and it was in the same order everyday. It was like that in all of the grades. The school itself was small, but it was nice. In general I loved the island and everything in it and everyone in it, including Sarah and her posse. I'm not sure why, I just believe that they must have a reason for all of it. What's so wrong with that? The way they handle the situation is wrong though, and I'll put up with them until they realize that. I don't fight back, because what is the use in fighting fire with fire?

"Want to come shopping with us?" Tracy asked after school had let out.

"Neh, I want to go home, change, take a shower and get ready for school tomorrow. Sorry." I apologized.

"Don't be, we are just going for a little while anyway." Mike claimed. I smiled as I walked to my car. I loved all of the life in this town. Everything was green, it was serenity. I squinted as I walked, I don't know why but the sun always hurt my eyes and because of my skin I got burned very easily, so I always tried to stay out of the sun when I could. Finally, I got to the shelter of my car. I had put my key into the ignition when Blake tapped my window. I rolled it down so he could speak.

"Listen I'm really sorry about today. I mean I feel terrible that they're doing this to you." He sighed.

"Hey, do you know it's wrong what they are doing?" I asked.

"Yeah, but—"

"And you want to help right?"


"Then you have nothing to worry about."

"I know that Sarah seems she has no good in her and that you probably hate her, but she does have some good in her somewhere."

"I know. And I don't hate her, how could I? She can be mean sometimes, but she must have some reason behind it." Blake just stared at me in amazement.

"You're a good person." He whispered.

"Thank you, but I'm not really. There are much better people out there."

"Well you're pretty hard to beat." I couldn't utter another word before Sarah came over with a nasty look on her face.

"Blake, what are you doing over here?" She crossed her arms and glared at me.

"He was just telling me that I'm a selfish bitch and that I'm out of your league, so I should just back off." I shoved the words out of my mouth. Blake looked at me thankfully. I winked at him and turned the key, and started to pull out of the school grounds.

My house was green on the outside. The first floor had a living room, which had a television and two couches. In the room next to that was the kitchen it had black tiles and black countertops. It had a door frame, inside the door frame was the dining room. The dining room had red carpet and a wooden table. Around the table were wooden chairs with red cushions on them. There was also a bathroom on that floor but it was small and only had a toilet and a sink. The upstairs had three bed rooms and a bathroom; the three bedrooms consisted of my room, my parent's room and a guest bedroom. My room was the most exotic room in the house.

My wall had a mural of the moon surrounded by thousands of stars. My carpet was white with sparkles on it, my bed and dresser was the same. I had two black chairs next to my window, which overlooked my side yard and the downstairs roof. Sometimes on a nice night, I would go out on the roof and would look at the moon. I found the moon calming in everyway possible, although I wasn't too sure why at the time. Anyways, I had a black desk and an apple laptop. Inside my desk held a picture that I had drawn a year before. It was a picture of a boy my age with black hair that covered the top of his eyes. He had eyes just like mine, and was a little bit paler then me. He was drop dead gorgeous. He looked nice but looked as if he wanted to be scary and serious, he could be. He was in a dream of mine when I was little and ever since he had been in all of them. I had never thought much of it I just thought he was my dream guy, I had thought everyone had one.

"I'm home!" I shouted as I pushed through the door. My dad was on his computer sitting on the living room couch, typing away.

"How was it?" My dad asked not looking up from the screen.

"School was fine; we just went over what we are going to do over the year. Is there any chance I could skip this year of school?" I asked completely serious, because as much fun as getting milk spilt on me, and keeping my 'eyes open to learning', every day, sounded, I would much rather be homeschooled. Even though I was dead serious my dad just chuckled, looking up from his computer.

"Hey why is your hair wet?" My dad asked puzzled, completely brushing off my question.

"Jerry spilt milk on my head; Tracy helped me wash it out. No biggy!" I never told my parents what Sarah did or what she does because I didn't want them to worry. My dad raised his eyebrows at me.

"Okay, well, I'm going to go take a shower." My dad nodded and went back to her work. I skipped up the stairs and got ready for the shower. For the rest of the day I mainly relaxed and took a nap. Then I cooked diner which was garlic bread and vegetable stew. It was tasty. During dinner, I mainly told my parents what my friends had been up to over the summer. I washed the dishes and got ready for bed. Then I went onto the computer, but I felt livelier, I always did at night, so instead I went out on the roof and stayed there until the middle of the night.

Finally, I decided to go to bed, I didn't want to be late for school again. I put on my night gown and climbed into my bed, and flipped off the light switch.

While I slept, I dreamt. \Tracy, Mike, and I were laughing at lunch, when all of a sudden he showed up. He watched us laughing for a minute, before he started smiling and chuckling along with us. We sat together for the rest of the lunch talking gibberish before he patted me on the back and walked away. I stared after him until he turned the corner and vanished. That dream repeated itself for many times after.

I woke up with the alarm going off. I stretched, turned off the alarm and dragged myself over to my dresser. I pulled out a white sweatshirt and black tank top, and put on a pair of jeans. I had just shut the dresser door when I was suddenly jolted awake. Today is the day that the new student is coming.

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