I feel so safe and warm

I am comfortable

The pillows support my head

The blankets embrace my form

The darkness welcomes me

I close my eyes

I see flickers of images

But I lose them quickly

I try to remember

It is impossible

I see different images

I watch

I feel

I absorb

Time passes

And I awaken

Lights hit me

I hide

Slowly I stumble into the white

I open my eyes

I look at time

My bed continues to seduce me

I listen

Moments later

I cheat with the shower

The droplets fall upon my spirit

It washes the night away

I let the warmth consume me

When I leave

The cold air bombards my space

I quickly let the fabric of my clothes hold me tight

When I am dry

What else can happen?

The night has gone

The day has arrived

My dreams haunt me

My reality stalks me

Warmth of an embrace

Comforts me

The heat of life

Encourages me

Warm within materialistic capacity

Warm with emotions

I am warm!