I woke staring into nothingness, and lying down. Wherever I was, it was pitch black, and dead silent. I distinctly remembered my family being quite noisy, especially in the morning, so I immediately began to panic.

I tried to sit up, but something yanked my wrists into submission, making me yelp in pain. I laid back down harshly, causing an unnatural amount of pain to build up in the back of my head. Suddenly, a memory surfaced.

'There is something in here.' I thought. "They aren't telling me everything." I said, ruffling through the many books in the library.

"Right you are." A voice came from behind me, deep and sinister.

I tried to turn and see who it was, but I was hit in the back of the head. I saw stars, and heard my attacker chuckle quietly, before I fell into a groggy, restless sleep.

'I guess that explains the pain in the back of my head.' I tried to ease the pressure by shifting around, figuring I could also try to look around a bit.

The first thing I noticed was that whoever had taken me, they had attached an IV to my right arm. The liquid inside glowed slightly, unnerving me more than just a little. The glow faded, however, and I figured it was just my imagination.

Other than that however, I could not see anything in the room. I quickly became bored.

After lying still for a few minutes, I began to feel funny. Like something wasn't quite right with me. As I was trying to figure out what it was, my stomach growled loudly.

'Great. They hit me so hard, I forgot what it was like to be hungry. When are they gonna feed me?'

I looked around again, attempting to locate some sort of door into the room. Failing that, I resorted to shouting loudly.

"HEY! Someone had to have put me on this table! Where are you?" After a few seconds, bright lights turned on, revealing a sterile white room. My eyes, not quite adjusted to the light, interpreted everything as very fuzzy and distorted. A blurred figure appeared in front of me.

"Sorry to have kept you waiting, D-1. I wouldn't want to upset our most important guest." It was the same voice of the guy who had hit me in the library.

"Then let me go." I growled.

"Of course. We only had you strapped down because we weren't sure how you'd handle the drugs. Are you feeling quite alright?" The straps holding me down retracted into the table with a loud clank. "It seems the drug has been completely taken, so I'll detach this for you." He said, taking out my IV.

'This doesn't make any sense,' I thought. 'He's acting rather nice. Something's not right here.'

"Um, yeah," I finally said. "I'm fine, just a little groggy. Why am I here?"

"You have been selected for a very important experiment. You will be the first."

"First what?" I asked, greatly concerned.

"You'll find out later if you just wait patiently."

"Sure… can I get something to eat?" I tried clumsily to change the subject.

"Of course." He whistled loudly, and another fuzzy object came rolling into the room, seemingly through the wall. Before it hit the man, he caught it, stopping it in its tracks.

'This doesn't make sense. My vision should have cleared by now.' I rubbed my eyes several times, trying to clear up my sight.

"Don't worry about your sight, that's just a side effect of the drug." The man said calmly. "You should eat if you are hungry. Please, eat while I go about the rest of my business." And with that, he left the room, oddly quietly.

Given the events that had just transpired, I tried to resist eating whatever it was that was on the cart that had come in through the wall, but hungry as I was, I did not last long. Not even bothering with utensils, I shoved the food into my mouth, and was surprised at how good it tasted. Though it disturbed me that I couldn't tell what the food was, it seemed he didn't really want to kill me. That thought allowed me to drop my guard a bit, but I was still very concerned about what I remembered from before, and what he had said to me.

'What the hell does D-1 even mean? And the way he talked about the drug was very suspect.'

Trying to think it through just made my head hurt more, so I had to give up and settle for walking around the room trying to figure out what the fuzzy shapes I saw were. There was one dark blotch on the wall that I could not figure out.

Obviously the blotch did not fit. The rest of the room was stark white, except for this one blotch, which was sort of grey, close to black. It didn't make sense. I puzzled over it for a while, but thinking made my head hurt again, so I had to stop.

'I just wish my vision would clear up.' I thought, closing my eyes to get some rest.

When I opened them again, my vision had cleared significantly, and was actually better than I remembered it. I turned to look at the wall, and the spot was gone. Somewhat disappointed, I tried looking around the room again to see if I had missed anything while my vision was less than adequate. The only thing I noticed was a basic industrial sink, and the door, which, to my surprise, was open.

I pushed through it, wishing to explore the whole building that I was in, but unknowing if I was allowed to do so. In the end, my curiosity won out, and I cautiously exited my room immediately bumping into the man again.

"Oh! Heh, hi, um…" I stumbled over my words, clearly busted, and very guilty.

"You shouldn't look so worried. You are free to explore the grounds, just don't try to leave, it would be bad for all involved if you tried." He smiled genuinely, but somehow, it just put me more at unease.

"Yeah, sure. I won't."

"Good. Enjoy your walk, Draco." He said, before walking off.

'Well that was weird.' Glad that he was gone, I resumed exploring, but now in a more relaxed way. Most of the building was comprised of rooms just like mine, only empty. There were a couple rooms however, with multiple beds, which threw me for quite a loop. Dr. had said I would be the first, but they seemed like they had had many before me, or were at least planning to have many after. Either way, all the rooms were empty, so it didn't make much difference to me.

All the rooms but one.

One of the multi-bed rooms had three people in it when I walked in. A boy with silvery hair, a girl with fiery orange hair, and what looked like a fox with a weird tail, lying down and reading a book.

Upon closer inspection, the boy had a wolf tail of the same silver as his hair but with a darker grey tip, and the girl had the tail of a tiger.

"Um, sorry to walk in here like that. I'm new here, and they said…"

"The hell are you out of your room? We could get in mass amounts of trouble for this! Go back to your room!" The wolf boy yelled. The fox put his book down to watch the events unfold.

"Actually, they told me I could go anywhere. I just shouldn't try to leave."

"What makes you so special?" asked the wolf boy.

"I have no idea, actually, the guy just told me to wait and I'd find out what was going on. I think I have an idea now though," I said, inadvertently looking at the fox kid. He looked insulted.

"I think introductions are in order," blurted the wolf, before saying, "I'm Wolf, or W-73 as they call me. That's Chimera,"

"C-418." Chimera interrupted.

"What do the numbers mean?"

"Order of experiment. He's the 418th Chimera experiment." Said the girl.

"And that's tigress," Wolf finally continued, "T-32. What's your name and number?"

"Uh, he called me Draco. And D-1."

"A one? Are you sure?" Asked Chimera.

"Pretty sure." He looked thoughtful. "So what are you all doing together in this room? This is the only other room besides mine with people in it. Why aren't you in your own rooms?"

"The actual injection part is done. All that's left is to wait for it to finish. You might be moving in here with us soon, it seems you're done too. Yours is already starting a bit." Wolf said, looking intently at my face. "Nice eyes."

'That explains the vision issues, I guess' I thought. "How long have you all been here? You all look like you're at about the same place. Except for you, Chimera."

"Tigress and I have been here the same amount of time, about a week. Chimera was here for a day or two before us."

"Okay, so what-"

"What am I?" Chimera interrupted. "I am a mix. Mostly fox, but with some other animals thrown in for speed, strength, yadda, yadda. Plus some lizard for regeneration. You sure ask a lot of questions. Why not have a normal conversation? I think it would be better for all of our sanities."

"I wouldn't know what to talk about."

"What?" Wolf asked. "Never talked to anyone before?"

"Maybe not. I don't remember much of anything."

"That's definitely odd," he said. "Then this will be more normal for you than it was for us. You're lucky in that way. I don't think a conversation would work very well anyway. Tigress doesn't talk much."

"I noticed. I'm sure she has reasons." She looked at me like she was surprised somebody actually understood her to some degree. "It was nice seeing someone else, but I think I'll be leaving now." I said as I began to turn out of the room. Before I could leave, Chimera called out to me.

"Be careful at your first testing. Get some rest."

"I haven't even changed that much."

"You'd be surprised." And with that, he went back to reading his book.

His comment made me pause, but I was able to brush it off somewhat. It wouldn't be all that surprising anyway. I had no idea how long I had been unconscious.

I walked back through the numerous blank white hallways heading back to my room. It almost seemed like they were blank for some purpose other than 'they just didn't paint it.' Somehow, just how blank they were made me think deeply about everything. Like, how long had they been able to do this? Chimera was number 418. Where were the other 417 Chimeras? Perhaps they had killed them. If that was true, would they kill me when they were done with me?

Before I had known it, I was back at my room. And he was standing in the middle.

"You really should stay away from them. They are quite the troublesome group." He said without emotion.

"They don't seem like it to me. Maybe I'm a good influence on them."

"There is some merit to that theory. When you visit them, I will allow them out. Just make sure they stay with you. And don't let them try anything."

"Why would they?" I asked, cocking my head to the side.

"I hope you don't find out." He said, and then attempted to leave the room.

"Wait," I called after him. "What am I supposed to call you?"

"You aren't. But for you, I can make an exception. Call me Doctor."

'How Cryptic.' I thought roughly. 'Seems fitting, I suppose.'