I was in my head. A white space. Blank save the tall brick wall surrounding me. I Was trapped somewhere with no means of escape. The Walls were a blank white, the floors a dull grey. How did I get here? This wasn't supposed to happen, not like this. Could I be dead? Has my soul descended into the lonely place of death and sorrow and torture? Surely life can't just flash by ending in barrenness.

"Hello," my voice echoed through the emptiness as though it never ended. I was alone in neutral space, I couldn't feel anything. No heat, no cold. No happiness and no sadness. The wall seemed faraway, yet I knew it was close. It was a barrier of the strongest kind. But what for? To keep me in my despair, or to stop something entering it.

Chapter one

4 Weeks and Counting

"Close your eyes, your falling into a deep sleep."

Exhaling softly, I close my eyes and relax my muscles. " Lie back slowly, pretend your walking down a flight of stairs to your core. Take slow steps and picture a door at the end of the hall. Walk towards that door slowing your breathing as you do so."

Okay, I'm walking….. I'm walking. Ah there's the door. La la la la… Are you suppose to sing during these hypnotism sessions?

"Now open the door and walk through," God her voice is so calm.

"Imagine in the room there are bricks and cement. Move towards it and pick it up, being careful not to hurt yourself."

" Slowly place one brick on the floor at the edge of the room and start to build a wall. Remember, you're placing each brick with care, you're creating a safe place, a protected place."

It took three hours for me to build my 'wall.'

Chapter 2

3 Days To Go

"Hey. Don't I have a say in this?" exclaimed Kylie as she was dragged towards the very bottom of the football field. All that came from her best friend was the low murmurings of a snicker.

"Ok, If you won't tell me, can you at least let go of my arm?" I was determined not to give in, even if I had to sit in the middle of this football pitch for the rest of my life. I have always had to be strong, taught never to give in, never to give up. I couldn't break that rule now, not even with my best friend.

"Come on Tory. Let go and I'll walk with you!" she released my arm with a smile.

"I just think you really need to go to the main building right now!" Tory laughed freely. "Tristan is there and I heard he just broke up with Veronica, the complete ice witch…" she was looking at me with that glint in her eye, which I learnt in kindergarten meant mischief would be part of the day's schedule.

"Well why didn't you just say so, Miss Death Grip. I think you were trying to pull my arm out of my body." Well no one said I had to be nice did they, that's not in the 'rule book'.

Ok, so it might make sense if I explain things more clearly. 'Kay so here it goes… I'm a werewolf. Not one of those 'RAAAAAA' werewolves from the movies that stand on two legs and add like 8 inches to the 'cursed ones' height and disgusting hairy snout, but the regular maybe slightly bigger wolf that lives in places like Canada and that. I have four paws. I eat meat. I

am a wolf. Seems quite simple right. Well, it's not. Not only do I have to deal with the fur issue, I also have to endure the torturing 7 lessons a-day of high school. Believe me, if I had to choose one to have for the rest of my life, I would prefer to deal with shaving more often (yet another fake werewolf myth coming from the writers of Hollywood). My best friend (since kindergarten) doesn't even know. Not about me going to school, but about the canine in me.

Tristan is the love of my life. I have had my heart set on him since 2nd grade and still….. Have never said a word to him. I know, pathetic right, that's me. For all you out there who like someone, tell them before find you have wasted 10 years + crushing on a guy that doesn't even know you exist. I am too far gone but save yourselves from the torment.

"Then we should be going THAT way!" ok, the mature thing to do would have been to stand tall, walk into that room like you owned it and give Tristan something to look at. BUT, you see, all I could do is turn and point in the opposite direction.

"Nah no. Kylie, you will go in there even if I have to drag you." God, you just can't say no to Tory, can you.

"fine then, I'll go as long as you just don't grab me."

Walking into the canteen was like walking on stage. For the first 5 seconds everyone just stares at you, silently judging your hair and clothes. I swear my school is a fashion show sometimes.

Oh My GOD! Tristan was staring straight at me. Is my hair ok. Oh no, I knew I shouldn't have done P.E this morning.

Yes, even werewolves do have to worry about what we look like. We're not all Jacob's from Twilight.