Forgotten smiles

Author's note:

What happens when there is no way back and you have to fight for your life, when you are trapped and all you seek is happiness but you are forced to fight for your life. What happens when your tears dry up and there are no more tears to be shed? When there isn't a glimpse of hope and you have to stand by as all you had was taken away from you and when you have no choice but to open your arms to welcome misery when despair and sorrow always clouds your mind and soul. When you forget moments when you used to smile and remember all the hardships and tears that run dawn your face you forget the glee, happiness and mischief of the past as it is twisted and bended and dented if it all seemed like a fairy tale your mother used to tell you, it all just seemed like faded dead butterflies a ray of happiness and sunshine that disappeared, faded away and never came back. They made you feel like it was a felony to live-to breath-to be born. When it really wasn't. A chapter starts and ends everyday, but everyday there is always a different ending, some with screams, some with faded smiles, sorrow and emptiness but may your ending be one of happiness-laughter, joy, smiles and love. Here it begins another story with many complications but how it will end you ask? Well just read-


Thank you for giving me a chance to draw in your minds with my words-

-Hikari Kiyomi-