DEAD FROGS: There lies a thousand soldiers, in the green misty mire. They were told their cause was just, that they fought for something higher. And so now I stack them, in rows of five, the way they seemed to shout "RIBBIT" makes me think they're still alive. But soon I realize it was just a mocking bird, echoing their battle cry. Green slime oozes and spreads across the countryside, no one can escape from it. Therefore it only makes sense that we are forced to honor them for what they did, whatever it was. It is this reason that I am writing a eulogy for them. Who gives sight to the blind wind when it passes by a noble warrior, often going completely unnoticed? Who do we have to thank for our pockets being spared so mercifully? Frogs. Frogs can guard the damp dim waters of a soul's bathtub. Frogs can eat flies, to keep your house clean. Everything a frog does for his country's people, is very much rewarded, and rightfully so. Raise your hands high, yell "KERO! KERO!" The frogs fought hard to overcome the snakes, but their lives were cut short, thanks to tax breaks. The amphibian military needs money, you see. Or their only choice of weapons could be their own green pee. For who are we to judge someone who has croaked? I'd better get going, my coat is getting soaked. But remember this, and remember it well, Frogs go to heaven, snakes go to hell.