Chapter Two

The girl sat in the overstuffed La-Z-Boy chair, waiting for her trusted spy's report. She couldn't have been older than thirteen, but she was already respected as the leader of this group, all of them older than she.

Slowly, the group began to gather around the stereo. Static began to seep in.

"Come in? Come in, Originals," came a girl's voice.

"We're here, E," said the leader, rolling her eyes. "Just report."

"Okay, so we know where he was yesterday, but he seems to have left last night. He isn't there now."

This was certainly an alarming change of pace. "We were sure..." began one fourteen-year-old girl, but the leader held up her hand.

"We were sure of nothing," she said. Then she turned back to the radio. "Find him. If they find him before we do, it could easily be his end."

The fourteen-year-old girl choked back a sob. Everyone reacted somewhat the same, but the leader just swallowed, a single tear reflecting the light that hit her cheek. "If you fail us..." She didn't need to finish. Her brother's disappearance had affected everyone. He had been the leader, but when he was taken-along with his memory-they had all turned to his little sister. Even the oldest one, M, who could've taken control, looked to her for guidance. He put an arm protectively around her, like a brother. "Shh, J. It's okay. We'll get him back."

The older girl's face contorted with anger. "I don't want him back."

As one, the group gasped. People might have expected this from the girl called A, but not one of them would've thought it would come from the girl called T. M put his other arm around T.

"You don't mean that," he told her gently.

"Yes, I do," T insisted. "If N hadn't been here, we'd all be fine. he's gone and...and..." She broke down and cried into M's shoulder. "I miss N," a remark made almost obscure by a choked voice.

"I miss him, too," said J, rubbing T's back.

But there was nothing any of them could do.