Sometimes I walk with my eyes closed

I walk alone along the roads

Inside my eyes I see a world

Where flags of freedom lie unfurled

There's liberty for everyone

The days of corruption are done

I walk along, and then I see

That you are walking back towards me

Perfect smile, pale hair, blue eyes

Nothing about you I despise

This world is perfect, is it not?

The falseness of it, I forgot

This whole thing's only in my mind

My eyes open, and then I find

The world I see is cold and bleak

I look around, see not a streak

Of your great smile, pale hair, blue eyes

I remember now that my mind lies

I think a while, and then I see

A new thought staring back at me

But thus, I know I walk alone

They'd never seat me on a throne

But I can hear the people sing

And I notice the bells won't ring

The government is losing sight

Of what the people know is right

I realize I should take a stand

This is my country, my home land

If people join in my fight

I could be their marching knight

They'd join my cause, 'cause when we're through

We'll all be free, and I'll have you

Smiling brightly by my side

You and I would be allied

We'd fight corruption, me and you,

There's so much that we could do

A world with no more hatred, ours

You and I, we'll heal these scars

The scars that corrupt leaders brought

Corruption, against that thing we fought

We and our friends could rule the world

Around this great ballroom we'd twirl

Me and you, as rulers, kings

Because we heard the people sing

I close my eyes again and smile

The walk soon shall be worth my while