On the field at Gettysburg is certainly not a great place to get distracted, even if you are a genius. Dan Koeplinger nudged Sarah as General Alex Bauer rode by on his horse, shouting commands. He smiled down at Sarah and she blushed.

"Sarah! You can't get distracted here!" She blinked a few times and turned to Dan, still bright red.

"I was not distracted!"

"Yes, you were."

"By what?"


"General Bauer is the best general in the Confederacy!"

"Then why are we losing the battle?" Sarah was silent for a few seconds.

"Good question. I'm sure he has a plan…"

"I wouldn't count on it." Dan smirked and got ready to fire and Sarah did the same. Alex shouted the command and they fired, taking down the Union front charging at them and leaving one man standing. He couldn't have been much older than Sarah and looked confused. Alex looked at him, trying to decide if he should be taken down or captured. Sarah jumped up and walked over to him.

"Er…Alex? General Bauer?" He looked down at her, his blue eyes saying that he was certainly not in the mood to chat.

"Yes, Miss Horvath?"

"I…uh…I'll go capture him, if you need somebody to." Sarah smiled sheepishly and Alex nodded.

"Go do it. We need information." He rode over to where his second in command, Colonel Ian Mix, was talking to the cavalry. Sarah walked back over to Dan and smiled.

"Alex said I could go capture him."

"Then do it."

"He trusts me." She said, grinning.

"Go capture him before he runs away. Then you'll lose General Bauer's trust." Dan rolled his eyes at her. Sarah jumped over the short barricade and sprinted over to where the man was standing.

"Look, sir, you're coming with me. We'll spare you, as long as you give us information." He looked at her with laughing brown eyes and smiled slightly.

"But you can't expect me to give you any information on the great General Dan Espie!" Sarah rolled her eyes.

"We'll discuss this later. Let's go." She tied his hands behind his back and he smirked. "Don't get too excited. We're going to General Bauer's tent." She blushed slightly and he smirked even more. "What's your issue? Ya know, besides wearing a blue uniform."

"Nothing. And blue suits me well." He answered with a smile. Sarah pulled him back behind the Confederate lines and over to Alex. Dan jumped up and joined them, curious about the man.

"Where should I take him?" Sarah asked the general, who looked down at them.

"Take him to my tent. It's the gray and red one over there. Ian should have cleaned it up by now" He pointed to a tent on the left and smiled slightly. Sarah and Dan dragged the Union man to the general's tent as Alex scribbled some orders on a scrap of paper and handed it to Ian, telling him to take charge for a while. In the tent, Dan glared at the prisoner while Sarah cleared a spot on the desk.

"What's your name?" Dan asked him.

"Alex Breth, at your service." He bowed dramatically, hands still tied. "And your name?"

"Dan Koeplinger. And that's Sarah Horvath." He said, gesturing at the brown-haired girl.

"Pleasure to meet you, my lady." He said, bowing again at Sarah, who glared.

"Cut the flattery, sir." Was her reply as General Bauer entered his tent.

"Take a seat." He motioned to Alex Breth, who sat in his desk chair and scrutinized the Southern trio. "So, you're from the Union? How are things up there? Are they faltering?" Alex Breth shook his head, turning red.

"Never! Dan Espie is the best general in this hemisphere!" Sarah glared at him.

"Absolutely not. Alex Bauer is." When mentioned, the general looked at her, confused. Dan just smirked and shook his head.

"Dan Espie will lead us to victory!"

"He couldn't. Alex Bauer is leading us to freedom!"

"Not with Dan Espie around!" He stood up and stared at Sarah, whose gray eyes were lit and angry. Dan and Alex shared a look, wondering if they should stop the two younger soldiers, but the blonde general held up a hand to tell Dan to stay out of it for the time being. The dark-haired Confederate nodded and watched, amused, as his best friend fought it out with the Northern boy.

"Alex got an award from General Lee himself!"

"Dan met President Lincoln!"

"Alex graduated from West Point!"

"Dan got lessons from General Grant!"

"But we all look up to Alex!"

"And everybody looks up to Dan!" Sarah glared.

"What's so great about Dan Espie?"

"Much more than Alex Bauer."

"Perhaps Dan didn't survive the last raid. At least I wasn't captured and am sure my general is okay." The Confederate girl and Union boy were standing close together and glaring at each other, looking as though they would soon start throwing punches. Dan looked at Alex, who nodded, and they stepped between them. Dan put a hand on Sarah's shoulder and General Bauer pulled Alex back, though somewhat roughly.

"What is General Espie's battle plan for the next two days?" The general asked, glaring at the boy.

"I'll never betray Dan Espie!" Sarah bristled and Dan smirked and shook his head again as the boy got more and more worked up. As Bauer was preparing to kick the boy out, Ian walked in with another prisoner.

"Alex, we captured him in a raid of their headquarters. He won't tell us who he is, but he seems important." The red-haired captive was looking at the Union boy with wide eyes, motioning frantically not to say anything. However, his attempts were futile, as Alex Breth's eyes had already lit up and his face was covered with a huge grin.

"DAN ESPIE! You're still alive!" Alex shouted, jumping up and hugging the new captive. Dan's jaw dropped and Sarah looked at General Bauer, whose eyes widened. The Union general looked at the other captive and glared slightly, then awkwardly hugged him back.

"Uh…Hullo, Alex. Lovely to see you here." He said sarcastically so that the three Southerners could pick it up, but the Northern boy could not.

"It's lovely to see you as well, Dan." He said, still grinning and hugging his general. Dan Espie slowly detached himself from Alex and nodded to General Bauer.

"Alex. It's been a while." Alex nodded back.

"It has." The four subordinate soldiers stared at the duo, unsure of what to do. "Ian, you're dismissed. And you, Dan." They looked at the captives again, then left, giving each other an odd look on the way out. Alex Bauer and Dan Espie exchanged a look and smiled slightly.

"You haven't changed much."

"Nor have you." The blonde Confederate responded. "General of the Union army? I thought you were more of a, ya know, rebel." Dan laughed and Alex grinned.

"Nah, I had to represent Pennsylvania. Loyal to my state. Never expected you'd be General of the Confederacy."

"Well, I am." Alex turned around, showing off his uniform. Sarah and Alex Breth just stared at their generals in shock. "Guess I should untie you." He said, laughing, and went behind the Union general, untying his wrists. Sarah exchanged another look with the Union captive and tapped her general on the shoulder.


"Mmmhmm?" He responded without looking up from untying his friend.

"I'll…er…take the other prisoner to headquarters for food and such."

"Sounds good." The Southerner nodded and lazily saluted Sarah and she satuled back and pulled Alex Breth out of the tent.

"Bye, Dan!" He shouted as they left. Sarah looked at him.

"That was…absolutely unexpected." Alex nodded, silent for once. "Uh…I'll take you to headquarters." Dan Koeplinger joined them and the three walked up the hill to the house where the hospital was. It would certainly be an interesting battle.