::My Guardian::

~500 words~

He follows me wherever I go, whether it's to school or my friend's house. When we meet other Angels, they glare at him and mutter under their breaths. They say that he isn't worthy of being my Guardian , but I wouldn't have him any other. All of my friends have them and they're so stuck up. They think their the most important which only makes him laugh.

He keeps me on my feet because if it weren't for him, I would be so lonely. In this town, if you don't have a Guardian, you're frowned upon. You then have two choices, one – leave so you won't have to face the humiliation or two – stay and ignore it all.

My parents act like I'm not there. My perfect brothers and sister are their world. Me? I'm just a normal 16 year old, raven haired, blue eyed girl with a Guardian. My parents would pay attention to me if they met him. My older twin brothers' were guarded by Werewolves and my older sister was guarded by a Vampire, a bloody annoying one at that.

Vampires were supposedly the rarest form of a guardian, but rarely did someone have a Guardian like I did. He was special; not because of his powers, but because of the color of his wings. Pure black. They looked like the wings of a Raven. They make his appearance even darker, with his long, straight black hair, silver eyes and his black wings to add to the mix.

My Guardian was a Dark Angel and I didn't care. Why you may ask? He's not like other Dark Angels who only think of killing. He keeps to himself most of the time, but he has opened up to me after a bit of coaxing on my part. Don't ask me how because I don't know how I did it.

He came with the house, now that I remember. My grandfather told me about him before we came. He only appeared to the person he truly cared about. Ha, imagine if that was my sister. She would have been kissing him the second she met him.

I was a bit afraid of him at first, but no matter how menacing he looks, he's a big softie. . .well. . .to me anyway. There's this girl named Kara at school and she thinks she's the best person in the town because her Guardian Angel is the highest ranked and he's a prat too. He and her Guardian got into a big fight one day and that was a first for me because I had never seen him so angry.

My Guardian is different than all of the others. Guardians are appointed to specific people by their personalities. Our personalities are nearly exactly the same, except for one teeny little thing; he's got a temper and I don't, thank God.

~My name is Siria Celeste Young and my Guardian is Adrian, a Dark Angel.~