My first story on this website…wow. This is way different than fan fiction… Oh well. Anyway, this is a story I had an idea for. For what it's about, I blame tony hawk games. Truth be told, I don't skate board. But I do know tons about the subject. I also do enjoy watching skate videos and other of the sort. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: The Vertigo Effect

Milwaukee. When most people here that city, they probably think of a crappy basketball team and a formerly glorious baseball team. Most people would never consider it to be a place with good skate spots. Those people are out of their minds, because there are quite a few spots where you can get a good session in. Well, IF you knew where to look. Sure, sometimes you have to set up a kicker or two, but it's totally worth it. As long as you had the Eatin' Pavement Skate shop, you were golden.


A kid about the age of seventeen aired out of a half pipe doing a 360 Indy. He wore a plain-white t-shirt along with a knee length pair of camo-shorts. On his feet was a pair of pure white sneakers, which were so clean you could practically see your reflection.. His hair was raven black with a red streak running through it. His eyes were pure green, like a peaceful meadow. His board design was a Zero blood skull deck. It's image was starting to fade, but the skater didn't mind. His grip tape was spray painted with the slogan: "SKATE 4 LIFE."

Right as he finished his 360 Indy, gravity took over and pulled him back down to Earth. He approached the other side of the half pipe with tremendous speed, and aired out of it higher than the last jumped. He took his board and held it in one hand, pointing it straight out to his side. This cross shaped move, otherwise known as a Christ Air, was one of this kid's favorite tricks. He took the opportunity to do a backflip at the peak of the jump, and landed perfectly with two feet on the side of the pipe. He cheered in disbelief that he actually was able to accomplish that move.

"Dude! That was sick!" exclaimed a new voice. The kid turned to see a kid similar to his age calling up to him from the side of half pipe. The kid was dark skinned with a gray hoodie. He wore torn jeans that had grass, mud, and blood stains everywhere. His hair was buzzed so thinly, he looked bald. You couldn't tell his eye color, probably because he was wearing shades. In left palm was a silver Digital/Video camera, perfect for all your skating needs.

"I know! I mean, I came up with that one the spot!" replied the kid, "You wanna try a session?" asked the first kid, holding up his board.

"Nah, I don't skate anymore. Ever since that accident," said the second kid, shivering, "You should know. You were there, Mikey."

"It was three years ago! How was I supposed to know putting rockets on your board was a VERY bad idea?" said Mikey, "But on the upside, you set the record for highest air off a kicker and biggest hospital bill set by a skater. So, how are you doing Andrew?"

"Pretty good. I see your breaking in your new Half Pipe?" Andrew answered.

"A year's worth of allowance and birthday money gone to a good cause," said Mikey, patting the surface of his half pipe.

"Anyway, back on topic. WHAT was that trick you did?"

"Like I said, I was improvising."

"That has to become your signature trick!"

"You think so?" Mikey looked at his board, "Now that I think about it, it didn't seem that all impressive…"

"DUDE! Do you know how much air you would need for that? And even if you had the sufficient air for it, you need TONS of concentration to pull it off."

"Huh, never thought of it like that," Mikey then said thoughtfully.

"Thought up a name yet?" asked Andrew.


"A name for the trick! Gotta have a name for such an awesome trick!"

"Guess I'll think of one," Mikey then noticed a piece of paper in Andrew's hand, "What's that?'

"Huh? Oh, that's right! Dude, Eatin' Pavement is having a comp down by the park at one!" Andrew said excitedly.

"What are the stakes?" asked Mikey, interested.

"Winner gets a hundred bucks!"

"I'm in!"

"Let's go!" Mikey jumped off his pipe and ran off with Andrew.


Eatin' Pavement had set up a half pipe in the middle of the park, with a roll-in and everything. For some reason, on the sides of the half pipes were containers containing foam blocks, the reason which was unknown to Mikey. They walked over to a table with a pink sign tapped to it that said 'sign ups'. Behind the table was a man in his early 30's. He had brown hair that was tied up into a ponytail that hung to the middle of his back. Oh his face, he had blue eyes and a scraggly beard. He wore a blue , plaid shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes. Mikey and Andrew recognized him immediately.

"Hello boys!" said the man, "See you heard about the comp. You guy's gonna skate?"

"Nah, not me," said Andrew.

"Oh yeah that's right, I remember now. That accident aired on the news. You were WRECKED!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, I was in the hospital for weeks. Can you just sign Mikey up, Ted?"

"Yeah, sure," said the man named Ted, "What's going on Mikey?"

"Going great! Just sessioned my new half pipe!"

"Awe sweet! How good is it?"

"It's like skating on butter. Smoothest ride you'll ever know," said Mikey dreamily.

"That's awesome!" exclaimed Ted, "Well, are we gonna stand around all day talking? Or are you gonna sign up?"

"Oh yeah! Mikey Smith."

"Alright, 'Mikey…Smith'. Ok-ay! You are ready to skate! You are the 12th skater. Good luck!"

"Alright, thanks Ted!" said Mikey, walking away from the table, watching the currant skater. His run didn't last even 10 seconds. As soon as he skated into the pipe, he launched off the pipe, flailing. Good thing the foam pits were there, or that kid might actually be hurt.

'So that's what the pits were for!' thought Mikey.

Time flied quickly, some skaters flew of the pipes, others were quite impressive. Nothing Mikey couldn't outdo.

Finally, his turn came. He climbed the ladder leading up the roll in. By now, a big crowd had formed around the pipe. He took a deep breath, then kicked off.

The roll-in gave Mikey the speed which he needed to give him a good run. He started with a 360 Finger flip, landing it perfectly. The crowd cheered with approval, begging for more. He approached the other side of the pipe at an angle. When he got to the top of the pipe, he grinded the top of it with a FS Boardslide. When he dropped back into the pipe, he kicked off to get more speed. He needed all the speed he could for what he had planned for the finale. When he launched the side of the halfpipe, he did a crowd favorite, a mctwist. The crowd went crazy, but it all died down as soon as they realized Mikey had stopped doing insane tricks. He started doing 360 kickflips, Madonnas, and Rocket Air's. The crowd was dead silent, wondering if Mikey had given up the competition.

Mikey smiled to himself, and looked at the clock. 10 seconds left. Time to pull it off.

He launched off the pipe and grabbed his board, going into a Christ air. He shifted his weight, causing him to go into a back flip. It was the same trick he perfected earlier. He landed in the half pipe just as the clock hit zero. As soon as he landed it, the crowd when INSANE. Mikey jumped off his board, running from the momentum. He almost ran into the side of the pipe. When was giving one of those: 'Did that just happen?' looks.

Ted ran onto he pipe, in shock.

"Dude, WHAT WAS THAT!" he said, excited.

"It was a trick I invented this morning."

"Awe sweet! You win, you win!" he handed Mikey a hundred bucks, "What was the name of the trick? I have never seen anything like that!"

"Sure, I have a name for it," Mikey had actually be pondering this name for a while, "I call it the vertigo effect."

And the first chapter is done. Good? Bad? Let me know. Well, later.