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Chapter Three: Risen from the Ashes

MIkey actually kept that ladder from yesterday on his half pipe. In fact, he nailed it down. Now he had one of the best drop in's ever. He had just finished a run and was sitting on the edge of the pipe. He sighed and looked at his watch.


Wasn't there something he had to do at three O' Clock? Mikey thought a minute…

"There isn't a party I have to go to, never forgot something like that…probably has to do something with skating…maybe a-OH CRAP! THE TEAM MEETING!" He jumped off the side of the pipe and started running to the direction of the skate shop, and kept yelling:

"Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap!"


He arrived at 3:15. When he got there, there was only 4 people there, ignoring the customers. These were Ted, Phil, a girl, and another guy.

The girl was about 5'3" with golden blonde hair that draped down to her back. Running through her hair was red and pink highlights. Her eyes were chestnut brown, which could warm anyone's heart. There was something about her, like a gleam In her eye or a mischievous smile told MIkey that she was a skating fanatic. Just his type. She wore a plain black t-shirt, which said: 'Was skating too late last night, so I didn't get enough sleep for work. So I quit my job.' Mikey laughed like a little child when he read that. She also wore khaki shorts that went to her knees. She wore knee high socks that were just plainly white. Under her arm was her board, which was a picture of a green fairy. Behind it was the girl logo.

The boy was rather tall compared to the girl, about 5'9". His skin was semi tan, maybe from long days of skating. His hair shaggy and dirty blonde that reached to his neck. His eyes were piercing blue, which seemed to stare into your soul. He wore a white, button up shirt with an open, blue, plaid jacket. His pants were dark-wash jeans. On his feet he wore black and white convers. Upon his head was a beanie that was blood red and had a phoenix with blue fire on it. Across his nose was a white bandage patch. Around his neck was a silver Kodak camera. Propped under his foot was his board, which looked like a blue, black, and white Powell skateboard with blue flames designs running across the middle with neon green wheels. It looked like a small phoenix wass carved on the bottom.

"I MADE I-I'm late, aren't I?" Mikey asked.

"By a long shot," said Phil, "No biggy. We were just introducing ourselves to each other and I just telling what we were going to do. We are going to make a team video, to show off our team skills."

"Thanks for not being mad at me, Philly Mays," breathed out Mikey in relief.

"Stop calling me that!" Phil said, playfully punching Mikey in the arm.

"Can't help it, you even sound like him!" MIkey defended.

"What am I going to do with you?" asked Phil, facepalming, "Anyway, you're lucky two of your fellow team members stayed behind, so at least you can make some friends on the team. This girl here is Hope Young, nick-named Angel."

"Pleasure!" she said, her grin widening.

"And this young fellow is Adrian McClain. He comes from Australia. Nick-named Phoenix."

"You, are you the skater in this video?" said Adrian, referring to the video that was on the Skate-o-tron that showed Mikey's video.

"Yeah! Impressed?"

"Not really..."

"Huh? What's wrong with it?"

"You're sloppy. Even a five year old who just picked up a board that day could skate circle's around you in the vert."

"Hey! Don't have to be rude."

"I'm just skating facts. That one trick at the end was a letdown too. I can easily top it."

"Oh really? Care to put your money where your mouth is?"

"I have already have," Adrian took out an IPOD touch and went to youtube and found a video. He pulled it up and showed it to Mikey. The video was called 'Rising from the Ashes'. It showed Adrian approaching the top of a halfpipe. He performed a half Ollie while he was shifting left to right on his board. He kick-flipped his board into the air while he landed into a half stance, his board circling in his air before being caught by his weightless feet. He threw the board in the air once more as it began to ride down the slope of the half pipe. He finally jumped onto his board, ending the trick.

He checked the views, over 10,000,000. He then checked the comments. Thunderhero313: Holy Crap! How did you do that? Dogshow149: You have too much time on your hands.

"See? I can skate better than you anytime, anywhere," Adrian walked over and took the IPOD out of Mikey's hand and putting it in his pocket.

"Wanna prove it?" Mikey asked, getting frustrated by Adrian.

"I got better things to do than waste my time on trash like you. I have a baseball game to go to," said Adrian, walking out of the skateshop.

"What a douche," said Mikey.

"He's hard to get along with," said Hope.

"I can see why. Trying to be a nice guy to him, and he puts me down…So! What do you specialize in?"

"Oh me?" her grin widened, 'I'm a prodigy when it comes to flat-landing! Check this out!" She pulled out a cellphone and showed him a video. It started out as she was hand-standing on her board, while it was one it's side. She bent her arms, and launched of the board. The way she launched off, it caused the board to flip into a kickflip like form. As this happened, she tucked her legs in and did a back flip, landing directly on the grip tape of the board with both feet.

"Holy crap!" exclaimed Mikey, "Rodney Mullen would have a tough time doing that trick!"

"Yes he would. I invented it. I call it the Gymnast Tuck. Took me a while to do it effectively."

"I wish I had your skills in flatland. I suck at it.

"It isn't that hard! You just have to have a good center of balance."

"Guess you can teach me sometime?"

"Sure. Well, want to go shoot some of the video?"

"Yeah, let's do all the taping we can today."

"Alright! Let's gooooooo!" said Hope, pulling Mikey's arm, dragging Mikey out of the skateshop.


Hope brought MIkey to house, that most likely was hers. When they arrived there, there was a rail already in front of the house. It was a regular skate rail that you could buy at any department store. It really was a pitiful rail, but it seems hope modified it a bit, making it at little higher. Also all around the rail was wet ground.

She stopped abruptly and turned around.

"How well can you grind?"

"Pretty good I guess."

"Good. You're going to need it."

"You're not serious. This rail is weak compared to some of the stuff you can grind at the park."

"Correction," her grin appeared on her face, "Right now its weak compared to the stuff at the park."

"What are you getting at?" asked Mikey, confused.

"Well," Hope took out a small box from her pocket. She opened the box, revealing several matches. Suddenly the wet ground made sense to Mikey.

"You cannot be serious."

"Totally," she struck a match and dropped it on the rail. Instantly the rail ignited, causing the rail to blaze. She than took a camera out. "Ready?"

"Uh, no?"

"Oh come on! Don't be a wimp! Here," she put away her camera and got on her board. She grinded across the rail flawlessly, "See? Not so hard! I've done it a million times!"

"Okay, okay! I'm doing it!"

The thing is that MIkey was just very creeped out by fire. Correction, it scared the life out of him. He didn't even know why, it was just the fact that it consumes everything it touches. It didn't matter at this point anyway. Mikey approached the rail with his teeth grit, eyes closed tightly. He ollied and landed a 50-50 grind. When he got off the rail, he looked at his board. It was perfectly fine. He sighed, relieved that that was over. Then, Hope did something Mikey did not approve of. She took a bottle of lighter fluid and spread it across the rail. The flames grew, making Mikey burst out into cold sweat.

"What are you afraid of? Just making it more interesting."

"A-are you sure that's a good idea?" asked Mikey.

"Of course! I do this everyday, and never got burned once!" she replied enthusiastically.

"Freaking maniac," muttered Mikey.

"What was that?" asked Hope.

"Nothing at all!" said Mikey.

"Good," her grin suddenly turned evil, "Skate the rail."

"O-okay!" he skated up and this time did FS Board Slide. He checked his board again, and no damage. But MAN were his feet getting warm.

They continued doing this, Mikey getting more and more hesitant.

"Okay, that's enough," Hope eventually said, letting Mikey take a sigh relief, "It's getting late, and my dad goes berserk if I'm late. Later!" Hope walked away. Mikey walked home and sighed.

"She's a lunatic, plain and simple," he walked home, trying to shake off the trauma of today.


Mikey's mom kicked him out early again.

"God, I hate mornings," Mikey muttered to himself, yawning. He walked down the street to Eatin' Pavement, yawning continuously. When he walked in, he saw Hope in a heated conversation with Ted.

"…And that's why Birdhouse is the best boards you can buy," said Ted confidently.

"I have disagree with you on this," said Hope, shaking a scolding finger at Ted, "I'm afraid Girl is the best ones. They are the most successful." She pulled at a flow chart on her phone.

"Yeah, because idiots who don't know Jack-Diddly crap about skating buy them. Let's bring a third party into this, Mikey?"

"Uhh, I don't even know what we're talking about," confessed Mikey.

Hope gave a giggle, "Ted's trying to figure out what boards to buy for the shop. We go into a disagreement, and here we are. Got any idea's?"

"I have to disagree with both of you," Mikey answered, shaking his head and pulling up his board, "You really need to restock on Zero boards."

"You guy's got learn skating isn't all about Blood and Skulls!" she said, "There is more to it than that!"

The three continued to argue for about ten minutes.

"Okay, okay, okay," said Mikey, "We're not getting anywhere arguing!"

"Your right," Ted admitted, "I'll stock up on all of the above."

"Yay!" said Hope as Ted walked into the back room to make the order.

"So, what do we do?" asked Mikey.

"I guess work on the video," answered Hope, "The only thing is I'm fresh out of ideas…"

"We'll think on the way," said Mikey. Hope and him walked out the front door, discussing what they should do for the video.


"How about that ledge by the school?" suggested Hope.

"No," answer Mikey, "The teachers put grinder blockers on it a week ago. Probably tired of chasing kids away from there."

"Then I'm out of ideas," said Hope. That was actually her 10th idea, but Mikey found a fatal flaw in every single one. The duo stood outside of Eatin' Pavement, pondering what to do.

"OMG! Is that who I think it is?" a female voice said. A girl about 15 ran up to Mikey. She was relatively short for her age, only being 4'9". She had chestnut brown hair that was tied into two long pigtails. Her eyes were coal black, which glimmered in the summer sun. She was very tan, maybe because she had too much summer fun. Her smile could melt anyone's heart, well, maybe except Adrian's. On her teeth were a set of very shiny braces, almost stainless. She wore a yellow tank top with a white cardigan, light blue shorts, and white sandals. Around her wrists were a bunch of red rubber bands, varying in size and tone.

"Ohmygod! It is you! I saw you in the skate competition the other day and you were amazing!"

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that. I still haven't used the 100 bucks," said Mikey.

"Can you sign an autograph?" asked the girl.

"Sure, why not? Always nice to meet a fan," said Mikey, grinning over to Hope, who rolled her eyes playfully. The girl squealed with delight and pulled out a pen and a note pad out of her back pocket.

"Who should I make it out to?" asked Mikey, clicking the pen.

"Daynie. Daynie Maylo," said the girl.

"Alright," Mikey said, writing the signature. When he was done, Daynie looked at it and almost fainted. She then hugged the note pad.

"Thank you soooooo much!" she hugged Mikey, who just stood there, not knowing what to do. She had an iron hard grip, so he couldn't get out of it. Mikey smiled to Hope like he had everything under control, which he didn't. Daynie was cutting off Mikey's air supply. He felt dizzy. He was about to pass out when he heard his savior:

"Daynie! That's where you went!" said another female voice. Daynie let go of Mikey and ran over towards the voice. The girl who yelled Daynie's name was a taller than he, but not by much. She was 5'3". She was about 19, so she WAS short for her age. Her hair was long and brown, and had red highlights in it. Her eyes were blue like a trove of sapphires. She wore a red tank top with the design of a star that looked like it was spray painted on. She wore a pair of black shorts that reached her knees. She carried a backpack with her, why is an unknown fact.

"Hey Christina! I got an autograph from that Mikey guy!"

"Oh, it's you," said the girl named Christina, "Nice job the other day."

"It was fun," replied Mikey, "I believe skating should come from the heart and the soul, not the mind."

"Spoken like a poet," said Hope, "Well, if you'll excuse me and Mikey, we have to go try and find some good skate spots."

"You need some good skate spots?" asked Daynie, "I know where some are in the park!"

"Really? Thanks Daynie!" said Mikey.

"I'd go if I could, but I got to go to work. They make me start early," said Christina, disappointed. She then ran off to her job.

"So what are we waiting for?" asked Hope, "Let's go!"


Daynie had brought Hope and Mikey to Fernwood park, where's she instructed them to place two picnic tables next to each other, leaving a small gap in between. She also told them to grab a third table and a garbage can. Daynie kicked the garbage can over and told Mikey to lift the third table on top of the garbage can. What they had on their hands was a SICK manual line.

Daynie looked over to Hope and said, "You're good at flatland, right?"

"Of course!" said Hope, giving a peace sign and a grin.

"Good. Here's what you're doing. Get on the table that's propped up on the garbage can, manual down it onto the next table. When you get to the gap, Ollie up and do any trick you want to do. Finally, when you land on the final table, go into a nose manual."

"Wow, that seems like a lot," said Mikey, scratching his head.

"Not really," said Hope, "I can do it easily." With that, Hope climbed to the top of the structure and got ready. Daynie then gave the okay ok go signal, and Hope took off. She started off in a regular manual. But the way she did was a bit unorthodox. Instead of putting the pressure on her back leg to keep it balanced, she used her front leg to go under the board in the front and kept it leveraged with that leg. It was the first time Mikey had seen anything like it.

When Hope got to the gap, she ollied and did a 180 finger flip, but the way she did was also bizarre. While in the air, she quickly switched up her stance, so instead of skating regular, she was now skating goofy style. When she landed, she did the same thing as with the manual, except it was reversed. Her left foot was used to prop up the board and her right was used to keep the board steady.

After Hope was finished, Daynie cut off the footage. As Daynie was checking the footage to see if it was okay, Mikey walked over to Hope. She was sitting on one of the Picnic tables, drinking a can of lemonade she had gotten from a vending machine.

"Uh, I have a question," he said.

"Shoot," she replied back.

"Why were you manualing like that? I have never seen anyone do that, not even Rodney Mullen."

"You mean like this?" Hope placed the can of lemonade down and picked up her board. She walked onto it and manualed. She did the exact thing she had done earlier, placing her left foot under the board to keep the tip up, while the other foot was keeping the board steady.

"Yeah, that," said Mikey as Hope got off the board.

She sighed, "When I was about ten, I was obsessed with riding my bike everywhere I went. One summer afternoon, I was riding my bike across the street and I didn't look for cars. Then bam. I truck came barreling down the street and hit me. All I can remember was being suddenly on the street, my left leg in pain, and the driver of the truck continually asking if I was okay. I was literally left speechless. The ride to the hospital was a blur, the only thing I could really remember was the excruciating pain coming from my leg. They weren't exactly able to fix my leg all the way up."

She rolled down her left sock to reveal the damage. Mikey literally almost lost his lunch. The leg itself wasn't damaged or anything, but a lot of the flesh was scarred or torn.

"Oooooooooh," was all Mikey could say at the wound.

"You can say that again," replied Hope, rolling back up her sock, "It got so infected that I'm lucky it didn't get amputated. To this day, I still get pains whenever I put too much weight on it."

"That's why you put it under the board. I thought it was to keep it stable."

"That's an added bonus," admitted Hope, "But it's mainly to stop me from forgetting not to put my foot on the board."

"That's…Ingenious," said commented Mikey.

Hope was about to thank Mikey, but Daynie then chimed in.

"Alright! Let's go to the next place!" Daynie started skipping towards the next destination.

Mikey was about to follow when he checked his watch. 3:30. He had to go.

"Sorry, Daynie," said Mikey, "I have to go."

"Oh, ok," replied Daynie, sadly.

"See you tomorrow!" said Hope, before Mikey ran off.


When Mikey got home, he immediately ran into his room. When he got into his room, he tossed his board to the side and got onto his computer. He logged into Skype with the name Zephyr. When he got into a chat room, there was only one person there. He turned on the web cam and came face to face with a man that looked like Mikey, but older.

"Hey, Kane," greeted Mikey.

"How's it going Mikey?" asked the man named Kane.

"It's going really good. I got accepted into a skate team and I won a skate comp."

"Really! Congrats, man."

"How are things going in Iraq?"

"Things could be better," said Kane, "Whatever you do Mikey, don't go to war."

"I know, you keep saying that every week!"

"I'm sorry; I just can't stress that enough."

"It's alright, I understand." Mikey and Kane chatted for about an hour before a trumpet could be heard from Kane's side of the world.

"That's all the time I have Mikey. See you in a week."

"See you later, bro... Be safe, will ya?"

"I should say the same to you. Skateboarding can be dangerous. Good luck, man. I hope you make it big." With that, Kane left the chat room.

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