*Warning* if you haven't read Eyes into the Universe: Vision of Life... you will be very confused! So read that before you read this one...this is book 2! Okay, never wrote a Prolouge before, so i hope you enjoy this new book!


Jasmine did not feel like going home, her mom probably was not home anyway… so she decided to go for a walk.

It was a peaceful day, a cool Autumn's afternoon, no distractions, no worries, just the nice warm sunshine.

"Hey Jassy?" Jasmine hears a voice say from behind her.

She stops and turns around, "Who are you calling Jassy?"

A kid walks in the shadows, "I'm calling you that- that is your name."

Jasmine frowns, "No- my name is Jasmine!"

There's a glint of red from the shadows, "Not now-"

A weird feeling spreads through her mind, almost like a blanket covering her thoughts. The kid gets closer; the red shine is a complete flow of light now.

She lashes out and her finger rips the glow from the kids grip, "Uh-uh- no you don't."

The kid picks up the broken object and hold it up in the light, "I now command you to follow my every will."

Jasmine's mind swirls- then stops suddenly and she looks right at the kid, "Okay-" her voice is cold and hollow.

The kid laughs, "I command you to kill Faith Parks…"

"How should I kill her?"

The kid shrugs, "I don't know- surprise me, as long as she's dead."

She nods and then vanishes; the kid laughs and tosses the broken bits into his pocket. Creating a little pouch to hold them in, "Now- the other two…"