In my mind I see colors of bright blue and vivid orange. We clash in harmony, words warring against each other for dominance. I wish you could see the perfectness of our potential. I will wish another day, but not for long.

I see you every morning. I pass you on the stairs. Sometimes we catch each other's eye, but other times, it's easier just to pretend we're not there. I see you pass behind me while I'm at my locker. I try to pretend I don't see you, but I am always aware of you. It's kind of hard not to, as you tower over most. Then there is lunch. I see you in line, and sometimes I stand behind you with a friend, trying to pretend like I don't see you. You sit at a table diagonal to mine, and we both make glances over. Sometimes we catch the other's eye, but look away before it gets awkward. You pass and I look down, or I pass you and you turn to a friend. But the next step is where it all happens. Sometimes it's walking to class. I'll catch you outside the art room, if you've left lunch early, and we'll walk up those stairs early. We'll wait outside the classroom if she's late, you leaning against the wall, me standing before you. Then our seats, so close yet so far away. You'll answer a question, and I'll have an excuse to stare. She calls group work, and to your desk I move. Our knees brush, our feet touch, our papers overlap. You look up at me, and I bite my lip. A joke, a smile, a laugh. Warmth spreads through me. You are perfect, in everything I see. But all I am is mistakes, which I tell you with greed. I want you to know me, and I thirst for knowledge of you. Nothing is more real than the seconds I share with you. Any hint of doubt, any second of worry, is banished with a reply from you. Our texts are plentiful, and I wish they never cease.

But today you walk towards me, instead of moving towards your nearly empty lunch table. You take the seat beside me, and you give me that gorgeous smile. I bite my lip to keep from grinning, and ask you what is up. You say you need to talk to me in private, so I grab my bag, lunch forgotten, and follow you to the doors. We stand in the antechamber, and I lean against the wall. You tell me that you are sorry you have kept me waiting; you knew how impatient I was. You say that you knew all along that you were the one I wanted, the only one I wanted. You say that you had to get over your past love, and now that she had moved on, it was time for you as well. You take my hand in yours, and ask me if I wanted to be yours. My heart skips a beat, and I am jumping for joy on the inside. A smile breaks on my lips, and I give a quick nod, speechless in your presence. You take my other and in yours, and lean in closer. Your lips meet mine in the perfect seal. The kiss is sweet, catching my breath and quickening yours. You lean your forehead against mine, and tell me how long you've been waiting to do this. My smile has grown, and I tell you it's been way too long. Instead of making me wait for another, you lean in again, and our lips are caught between our longing and our regrets.

But Morpheous is wicked, and this reality was just a dream. I am but a plain girl, virgin lips and a breaking heart. You smile at me, but in reality, I am just me, and you are Adonis. I cannot break this perfect dream. But I cannot live this perfect dream, either. You keep me in a loop. Never changing, always dreaming.