Chapter ~ 1

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"Khione!" I heard someone say, it was my friend, Leo. If you're wondering why my name is so weird, blame my mother. I have snow white fur when I transform, and my mom was obsessed with gods and goddesses, so the second she saw my fur she decided my name would be Kihone, the goddess of snow, and a princes. I read a story on her, she wasn't very nice.

"Hey Leo, what's up?" I said to my out of breath friend. I don't get why she runs. Yes, Leo is a she. Only because she has lots of red patches in her fur they named her Leo. She's very small and frail, probably because she is a new pup that was just offered the ability to go off into the world. Or just wonder around the town.

"Why are you out so late? Mommy says that the other pack is planning to ambush us any minute now!" even if she was small and frail, she was smarter than 6 adult wolves combined. She read a lot.

"Yeah, my dad is the head of the pack that's leading into battle; I saw their declaration of war. Who ever wrote it had horrible handwriting." That didn't seem to ease the worry off of Leo's face. "In the letter, they said they were going to meet us on the south side of our town. And I'm pretty sure that this is north, so stop worrying. Plus, we are a town of werewolves, we can handle our selves." With that she started to loosen up.

"Fine, but at least come with me and my mom to our house, she's worried about you, with your mom passing and all" I didn't like when people brought up my mothers death. But I knew sorrow wouldn't bring her back.

"Yeah, but my mom died in battle, she had an honorable death. Sure, I'll come with you and your mom, only because you need a real wolf of the house!" I said proudly. My wolf ears stinging up and my tail swaying. Even if I pose as one, Leo knew better. I was just a pup too, but not for long! Tomorrows my birthday and I'll be a teen and then I can look for a mate! Not to mention my first heat will come up in less than week, I don't know why I'm excited about that part but I just am!

"Yeah right, says the pup that was named after a snow GODDESS." She loved holding that point against me. I growled but still went along. In truth I was scared to. The same pack that was allies with the pack that killed my mother. They're coming here. I pushed that thought away and started talking about my birthday with Leo. She was a very good listener, extremely curious.

"Hello Khione!" said Leos mother as we walked through the door.

"Hello" we both said simultaneously.

"What were you guys talking a bout along the way?" her mother asked curiously.

"Khiones' birthday!" Leo exclaimed cheerfully. Her mothers smile deflated and she ran up to hug me. I don't know why, but she looked so sad.

"I'm sorry your mother can't be here for your birthday." She and my mother were close friends, as far as Leo has told me, her mother thinks as me as the only thing that reminds her of my mom. "And with you being a submissive and all, you'll have no one to talk to," what? "Don't worry my dear; you can talk to me, if anyone knows about birthing it's me." She looked surprised by my face, then it turned sad and tears threatened to fall from her eyes.

"I-I'm a what?" a submissive? But that's when a guy is able to give birth to a pup, I can't be-no one ever told me!

"Oh gods, I thought your father told you, I mean your birthdays tomorrow and-"I'm guessing she thought she shouldn't say any more, and she was right. Leo was more surprised than I was. However, I wasn't only surprised; I was pissed, sad, disappointed EVEY POSSIBLE FEELING! Except love, I loved everyone around me, and yet to think they didn't love me enough to tell me this.

'Khione!" cried Leo as I ran out the door. I can't be a submissive! I can't have pups, I-I'm only a pup my self! And tomorrow is when it's supposed to be official? I was supposed to be the one who mates, not the one who is mated. I ran relying on speed, noticing I wasn't so fast in my human form, I shifted into a wolf, ignoring the twitch in my joints as they shifted. As I told you before, I was snow white, but I was skinnier and smaller than all the wolves in the pack, even Leo was a tad bit taller than me.

Although, I was fast as a bullet, when you see me running you would have thought a ghost reappeared and then disappeared with a blink. I wasn't running away, its not like I was in the woods, but that's where I was heading. Twigs and leaves crushed and crumbled under beneath my paws that barely touched the ground.

I smelt other wolves but that only made me run faster. Why the hell are Leo and her mother chasing me? I could smell them in front of me, wait…in front? *BAM* I ran into a fuzzy wall. The force of the impact was tremendous! I flew back wards and I think I twisted my ankle. I whimper slipped past my lips as I looked up. A HUGE black wolf with, well, there was nothing else, just flawless pitch black, even my fur had flaws but his was just … wow.

Then I noticed a scar on his neck. A little disappointed it's wasn't as flawless as I thought; I didn't notice the sent of the wolf either. Power. I have never smelt this much power in a wolf my entire life. I also didn't notice the huge pack of wolves behind him.

"Alpha, if we stop here, we won't be able to get to the south side and battle in time." One grayish wolf said. Then the rest of the pack started to smell the air, and then started to smirk at each other…creepily. "Yeah, yeah we got it." with that, the gray wolf and the rest of the pack, ran past us to my village. I was so terrified I forgot how to breathe, but when I did, I smelt something that terrified me. Probably the same sent the other pack had picked up on. Arousal.

I may be a pup but I was taught about mating rituals. When the male finds a mate that he feels an unnatural pull to, he gives off the sent of arousal. When I asked what 'arousal' smelled like, the teacher said I would know when the time came. Now I understand why he didn't say, 'you don't have to worry about the sent you're the dominant'. Also, the whole ritual is like a chase. To prove that the dominant wolf is indeed worthy, he hunches his back, and sends a growl that means the rituals going to start, said growl cannot be forced, it comes from pure arousal and longing, to the female it will sound different from normal growls. Once that has past, the female MUST run, to test the dominant

As I was thinking this, I saw the wolf in front of me arch his back, flexing is unnatural muscles, and landed into a pouncing position. At first I thought I was just delusional since I just found out I was a submissive. Then I heard it. A growl, not like any other, there was power, dominance, arousal so many things that it over flowed my mind. 'Said growl cannot be forced, it comes from pure arousal and longing, to the female it will sound different from normal growls.' This is just a coincidence! Its not like he really wants to mate with me-… does he? Our eyes locked for a moment before he spoke.


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