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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Angels P.O.V

"WAKE UP YOU FILTHY TRASH" yelled father. I wake up to this everyday from my so called father. Ever since my mother died he would come home drunk and then beat me until he had no more energy. "Yes father" I said quietly. I ran to the bathroom down the hall of our cottage to get ready for the festival. Every year the King William and his wife Cecilia and their son prince Alex come to the village to see how we live and stuff. I look into the mirror and see a sad unloved, heartbroken girl then I began to undress.

I stepped out the bath and wrapped a towel around my small fragile body and dried my hair. I brushed my waist length black hair with white streaks and put it into a high ponytail. Then I went to my room to pick out an outfit for the royals arrival. I picked out a plain white knee-length dress that went off my shoulders and the sleeves went past my thumbs, with black mid-calf boots, and for accessories I picked my mothers black choker necklace with a pure white crescent moon with a moonstone in the middle. "SLAM" I guess my father left for work. After putting on the outfit I went towards my bed and pulled out a little treasure chest I took out the dagger with a rose on the handle and strapped it under my dress on my thigh. I closed the chest and put it back. I grabbed some leftover meat and put it in my satchel. I stared at my reflection in the mirror one more time and stared at my baby blue eyes with swirls of green in them. "Damn you" I muttered to myself


Angel looked up at the sky "I miss you mother" she whispered. And then she ran deep into the forest until she came towards a big tree with a rope hanging from a branch. Angel took the rope and swung towards the other side of a creek(A/N: bridge to terebithia) Angel smirked in satisfaction then she came to a meadow clearing. She started to hum a soft melody that her mother taught her. Then soon a silver wolf with golden brown eyes protruded from the forest and ran towards Angel. "Angel what took you so long" said the wolf. (A/N: they speak telepathy *through their minds*)

"Star you know I had to wait for my father to leave and don't forget the ROYALS are coming to the village for the week "said Angel. "I know that it's just that everyone has been waiting for you even the dragons!" half yelled said Star. "Then what are we waiting for lets go" said Angel excitedly. Angel climbed on Stars back and held on tight. Star ran so fast that everything was practically a blur.

Then they came to a stop to a tree archway. Angel jumped off of Stars back and ran through the archway with her eyes closed like there was no tomorrow. And when she opened her eyes they gleamed with happiness as she saw Dragons, fairies, wolfs, etc anything magic was there with cities and more. Soon Angel was tackled with Hugs from a Woman that looked like a goddess with a long white dress and long waist length blonde hair with a flower crown on her head. "Ummm Ella your crushing me" said Angel. The women that goes by Ella stopped hugging Angel and stared at her apologetically "Sorry I just missed you so much!" screamed Ella. "Jeez sometimes you don't act like a queen at all" muttered Angel.

Queen Ella smiled glad that she knew Angel. "Let's go have a picnic Angel!" screamed Ella happily. Angel only nodded and ran towards the magic castle's garden. When they got there they sat down in the green grass and stared to eat sandwiches. "BOOM!" there was a puff of smoke everywhere. Angel tried to grab for the Queen but felt nothing but she heard screams from above. And there was a great big Black dragon with the darkest of red eyes staring down at her flapping its wings. And there sitting on the dragon was the evilest person ever (make one up until I do) and with him was the Queen Ella struggling. "Watch over the kingdom and save me please" cried Ella. Then the dragon flew away leaving Angel with more sadness in her heart. "you're my best friend" said Angel with tears sliding down her cheeks. "Help me mom Help me" cried Angel silently.

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