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I went to the biggest tree in the forest and jumped from branch to branch. Until I got to the highest branch. I found this tree when we were flying. It overlooked the whole forest and it seemed like you can touch the sky. Soon enough I fell into a deep sleep.

(End of Flashback)

Anastatia's P.O.V

As soon as Star said Angel was missing I was consumed in darkness. I woke up to worried blue eyes staring into mine. "Alex" I whispered

"I'm right here ,can you stand" he questioned.

I nodded and slowly began to rise to my feet. Suddenly a pain shot through my head, Alex caught me in time before I can hit the ground. Star looked at us with confusion all over her face. "Umm Angel's missing and were in the forest so if you guys are done can we start looking" said Star.

Me and Alex nodded we split up and searched around. Hopefully we would find Angel unharmed and fast.

Angel's P.O.V

I felt heat from the sun on my skin. "Where am I?" Memories of what happened came flooding back to me. I felt tears stinging my eyes threatening to spill so I let them spill. I jumped from the tree landing in a crouch on the ground I always questioned on how I can jump so high without getting hurt. I shrugged and went back to camp. Everyone was gone probably hunting for food. So I went to a hot springs I spotted from the tree 5 minutes from camp and it was secluded. So I sat in it with a thin white dress.

Alex's P.O.V

Everyone met back at camp by dark with no Angel. Anastasia was crying silently in my arms. "We'll find her don't worry we just have to hope she's okay" I said after kissing her forehead.

Star looked at us and walked towards the dragon stroking its head that's when she broke down. The dragon cuddled up to her and covered her with its wing. I walked Ana to her tent and kissed her good night. "I'm ganna go for a swim ill come back I promise" I whispered into her ear

Ana nodded and dozed off to sleep. I walked towards the waterfall where I and Ana met; she calls it the Moon pool. I was only in some swimming shorts. I was about to dip in the water when I heard someone singling a lovely but lonely tune. I walked towards the singing and the closer I walked the louder it got. (A/M: I recommend playing Thousand Years by Christina Perri)

I pushed away a branch and found a hot springs. And in the hot springs was Angel. I could only stare in Awe. "Angel" I said with hope

She stopped singing and stared at me. I slowly made my way to her she realized this and started backing away. "I won't hurt you" I said truthfully

Angel's P.O.V

He was being truthful but he doesn't know the pain he caused my heart. "Go away I'm busy" I said sounding meaner than I meant to be.

"Everyone's been worrying about you and all you can say is leave me alone I'm busy" Said Alex with a hurt expression.

I turned around so that all he could see was my hair down my back and flowing freely in the water." Do you think your mother and father want you to be like this Star sure wouldn't either and especially Ana" Yelled Alex then I cut him off

Like what Alex and don't speak about my mother and father like you know them when you don't even know me" I yelled back

Alex stared at me with Rage" This is exactly what I mean your acting like a selfish little girl, I am your superior whether you like it or not soon to be your king and if I have to act like one I order you to" He didn't get to finish his sentence.

I Exploded and lost control of my emotions. I tackled Alex to the ground and kissed him.

Alex's P.O.V

I fell to the ground with Angel on top of me I also felt something warm and soft on my lips I then realized she was kissing me. I kissed her back. Then I remembered that I had feelings for Anna not Angel. I pushed Angel off of me

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