Chapter 1

It was an odd night, usually a howl would signal the moon rising for its midnight rein and fog would roll down the hills, glistening the grass to pristine silver. Tonight there was no howl the fog didn't cascade down the hills it was a very sad night. The golden shade of the moon had gradually reddened through the year, tonight would be a blood moon my night mare. I'm one of a kind a true individual, as my dad says and of course I am being a half blood and all.

I was beginning to get hungry and as the full moon rose it was normal for both of my kinds. I slipped out of my bed; the cold marble floor gripped my feet as I strode across the room to my door and opened it to the hallway. The mansion creaked around me. I stepped out walking toward the kitchen room where my breakfast would await me. I could smell it from here steak rare of course and a nice warm glass of life juice. I ran in and took my seat at the table my eyes glistening at the sight of food. My dad sat across the table from me watching me intently with his arms crossed.

I took a bite casually while looking in another direction but his eyes didn't falter.

"Celeste, we have to talk." He said eventually.

I chewed my bite intently letting it roll to the back of my mouth and swallowed it, "Ok, about what?" I asked taking a sip of my juice.

"I know you've been talking about school, and I've been asking around but it looks like you can't go to school."

I jumped out of my chair snarling, "But why, I've never been to school don't they know I need to learn I'm just a kid!"

Dad drew his hand over his brown hair sighing, "No Celeste, your not just a regular kid the wolves don't trust you and the vampires won't accept you there is no school that would let you in, but there is an alternative."

I sat back down and flattened my hair I grabbed my juice and sipped it some more," Go on," I breathed.

"Well, if you remember a few years back I told you how your mother and I bought a small mansion in Vancouver, I checked it out and there is a great school there."

I jumped out of my seat again leaping and cheering.

"But, it's a human school."

I immediately sat down my happiness drained I shoveled more meat into to my mouth, "A human school, why on earth would a human school let me in, I'm not Human!" I howled.

"Yes," he said putting his feet up on the table, "But they don't know that"

"You mean we have to hide, like rats how, are we going to eat I mean here getting food is easy but will we have to eat the humans if there is no substitute. Won't the humans realize that we are buying large quantities of meat?"

"I have it all planned out you go to Genevieve High school, you moved in to 1568 Maple wood street a week ago, your 15, and your dad works at Modern Engineering as a contractor and, we leave at noon tomorrow."

"Are you serious, you planned all of that out in a few days?"

"Yes, if you want to go, you can't let anyone know the humans are a violent race and would hate you, but if they don't know you would be one of them."

"Your sure this is the only way for me?" I asked defeated.

"Yup, I'm going to the dungeon for a nap, don't go outside tonight it won't be safe, go get packed we leave at 9:00." After that he grabbed a fresh bottle of juice from the counter and went out of the kitchen.

I was both flooded with joy and fear. What would human school like, would they figure out what I was? I decided to finish breakfast upstairs in the loft where the moon could be seen clearly. I howled in vain hoping my mother would howl back knowing she would never howl again. I'm not normal under any pretence my dads a vampire, a really wealthy one at that and my mom was a famous wolf for her unbelievable beauty only compared to the moon itself.

A 16 years ago on his very day as a fact a war raged between vampires and wolves that would nearly destroy both kinds. That's when my mom and dad met they didn't understand the hatred between the two kinds, wolves didn't trust vampires and vampires thought they were better than wolves. They swore to stop this war if it killed them even, it nearly did, but they stopped the war even though they could never stop the prejudices. A year later they got married and had me the first ever half blood child. But when I was 7 she got very sick and an assassin took advantage of that and ended her life.

I sunk my teeth into the last bit of steak which wasn't as satisfying as when it was warm and juicy, and headed down stairs to start packing.

Chapter 2

8:00 is early for me I mean really early considering I don't even wake up until 7:00 at night. From what I hear average human children wake up two hours earlier than this, my opinion is they're all crazy. No matter how rich we are dad won't get us a car, in Canada he will have to but in Luna isles (where we live) there is no need to hide what we are except for me neither of my kinds like me. Any where we need to go we run something both of our kinds love to do.

We set out at 8:30 aiming for the only airport in the isles running at top speed we would be there in 10 minutes with ease. I stopped briefly and stared back at our mansion towering over the town people's homes on its hill. I knew I would miss it, I never had left the town before but I knew more than anything I wanted to be normal if even in the human world. I stood there for a second saying goodbye to my old life when my dad came up behind me.

"We're not leaving forever you know, we will come back, whenever you like but for now its time for you to live the life you wanted." He said putting his hand on my shoulder, "Come on we'll miss our flight." With that he turned back and took off with me in tow.

We arrived at the airport 8:50 which was late for our flight but we didn't miss it. We boarded the jet black plane at 8:56 taking our seats in the first class area on the leather recliners. This plane was long and sleek it had ten doors on either side for first class passengers Dad said before we got on the plane that he doesn't enjoy flying much he thinks it makes him sick, but as you would imagine it would take quite a bit of effort to make a vampire sick. I rolled my eyes climbed the ladder leading to our door. When we were seated I quickly ordered some juice and reached for the head phones on the side of my chair relaxing with a soda in hand as we taxied off to the runway.

This would be my first time on a plane and I was a bit anxious, I was beginning to believe why my dad might be right. The plane centered on the runway and charged to take off, the pilot came on and uttered a few odd phrases that I couldn't understand, and the attendants handed out emergency pamphlets that added to my unease. The plane started up, slow at first and then it speedup faster and faster until the front wheel lifted off the ground and the wings launched us into the air.

My heart leapt at the excitement I couldn't believe something so big could go so fast I held on to my seat trying to look as calm as possible but, I have to admit I was terrified. Then the plane seamed to slow down although I'm fairly certain it kept going that fast.

"Did you feel that," Dad asked, "Its stability, this plane is faster than any plane the humans make to avoid detection and we can't even feel it after take off."

"Yea, I noticed that," I said exhausted grabbing a pillow from overhead I slept soundly until arrival.

I awoke in the descending plane over midday Vancouver, the sun shinned over the city spectacularly illuminating everything in sight with brilliance. I sat up and removed my headphones. The plane steered to a single runway in a seemingly deserted place that's end led into an old warehouse. The feeling of unease crept into me again and my stomach heaved backwards. The plane slowed down and touched the ground below us skidding to a halt right inside the warehouse releasing my stomach from its grasp leaving me panting for air.

"Were here," Dad breathed looking down, "You can let go of my arm now."

I looked down to see me clutching his arm with my claws dug in, I drew back my hand quickly watching the five bloody marks on his arm fold over and heal.

"Sorry," I said getting up to check the over head compartment.

"Its ok I can remember my first flight, wasn't very fun for me either but its necessary," He stood up and scooted out the isle, "Now remember, to retract your claws, fangs, and ears when we get to the city or humans will think you're strange," He grabbed down our bags as I tucked in my fangs, retracted my claws, and molded my ears back.

He opened the door stepping down the stairs lightly and setting our bags down, Bellhop," He called as a man with a green Mohawk stepped out of the shadows wearing a black suit and bow tie.

The man grabbed our bags and led us to a light gold minivan. He opened the back of the van and placed our bags gently in the trunk turning back to hand dad the keys.

"Will that be all Mr. Clyde?" asked the man.

"Yes," He replied.

"Enjoy your stay." He breathed bowing and backing up to the plane.

I walked to the other side of the van opening the door and sliding in the passenger seat. My dad opened the door and slid in his seat.

Store that was over run by a strange odor of food I've never seen before, but over powering all this was the smell of familiar blood and raw meat. I followed my dad to the meat counter and behind a small desk.

"Ladies First," he said pushing me into a wall.

I went strait trough it and into a cold room with an array of animals being hung from hooks. My dad followed shortly after looking down at the immense pools of blood flowing toward a collector plate in the middle. My fangs slid out at the sight and dads eyes turned from dark brown bright red. I grabbed his hand and looked up not knowing what to do. His eyes snapped back to brown and he led us back to a counter behind the animals.

He rang a silver bell placed in the middle of the counter. A tall Indian woman stood wearing a beautiful pink and red beaded dress. She saw my dad and smiled.

"Ah Charles its good to see you again," she said coming out from behind the counter and hugging him, "What brings you to Canada?"

"School, I believe you've heard of my daughter." He said motioning toward me.

She looked over to me smiling, "Yes of course you must be Celeste, you know I fought by your mother and fathers side in the war."

She didn't look like a vampire or a wolf but she did look like a Cat, "Are you a Tiger?" I asked.

"Yes I am, you're very observant for your age." She turned back to dad, "Now what can I help you get?"

"Well we need life juice and any kind of meat."

"We don't sell life juice in Canada its to hard to get all we sell is blood, that goes against your conscious does it not? Yes well in that case I do have some in the back, the supply won't last long but that's all I can do."

"We appreciate this Sandra," He reached into his brown kakis and pulled out a leather bound wallet and pulled out two crisp 50 dollar bills, "I believe this will be enough,"

She nodded and took the bills disappearing into the back room for a minute. When she returned she had 7 small boxes, she handed them to my dad, kissed him on the cheek and returned to the back without saying a word. Dad turned his head and walked to a door on the side of the counter. He opened the door and sunlight flooded in illuminating the carcasses and pools of blood underneath. He rolled his eyes at the sun.

"Good god, how do humans deal with that annoying orange thing in the sky, it'll burn my eyes out!" He shouted covering his eyes.

I reached into my bag and pulled out a pair of sunglasses placing them on his hand, "Suck it up, we got things to do. Come on," I said pulling him to the car.

Driving through the town was interesting; the humans were buying, selling, talking, and acting the same as any monster as they call us. They didn't seem particularly interested in one thing or the other paying little to no attention to any other human. Dad drove slow down the streets as if taking his time, I sat in the seat clenching my teeth in nervousness.

"Relax, we're almost there." Dad said: it scared me even more.

It seamed the longer we drove the bigger the city got bigger and bigger buildings rose until it suddenly dropped off in suburbia. Before I knew it we were surrounded by hundreds of houses. Like in the city the further we drove the bigger the houses and the fewer the number. Dad took a left at a tall hill and stopped at the sight of a very large building.

"That is Guinevere High; you'll be attending here tomorrow." He said casually to the school he started up the car again and turned right.

The sent of the sea strong in our noses and the glare of the setting sun illuminating the hills. We came to a small mansion guarded by a huge black fence with multicolored stone masons. The yard was a beautiful green pine garden sided with a curved cobble driveway; the mansion stretched 3 stories high and spanned the whole yard length. It was not as big as our mansion at home but was bigger than most of the houses we had driven by to get here.

Dad pressed a button on the dash board and the gates opened up and we rolled up the driveway, "I present to you our new home," he said waiving his hand and stepping out of the car.

I opened my door placing my sneaker carefully on the cobblestone gazing up at this marvelous house, "I've got to say this doesn't fit the quota small dad." I said.

"Well you didn't think we'd be living in suburbia did you?" Immediately a man in a red hat ran out and opened the trunk grabbing our bags in a hurry, dad turned to the running man and shouted, "Pier when you come back could you go park the car?"

"Yes, Mr. Clyde," he said muffled.

Dad waived me over as he walked to the house, "Come on then,"

I ran behind him excitedly smiling. We walked into the house and onto a white marble floor sprinkled with small black marble tiles. A hallway stretched to a large glass door the back of the house, on the sides were two large grand stair cases curving up toward the second floor and another set snaking up the walls to yet another floor. Eight people stood on the stairs four on each side staring down at us with smiles.

I turned and looked at him, "Why in the world would you hire servants, we don't need people butting into our business, we are on thin ice as it is!" I whispered with intensity.

"Calm yourself I've got it covered, they are not to come knocking on any of the higher floors after 5:00, and no access to the kitchen, we will do our business in peace with out disturbance."

I rolled my eyes and smiled at the servants, "Hello, I'm Celeste, would one of you please show me to my room please?" I asked gently.

A small young woman on the left staircase smiled and jumped up and down at my request, "Oh I will, I will, oh please let me," she said bouncing down the steps with a huge grin, she grabbed my hand and led me back up the left staircase, "Right this way, I'm Mindy Shearwater."

She led me to the back of the house behind the first staircases to a large oval window, she pointed outside, "That's your pool it goes to 8ft, but I've never been in it," She pulled me back to the staircase leading me up the second one and to the front wall, "Here is the most beautiful view ever," She said running to a small fogged up window, I followed leaning into wipe off the fog.

Outside the window hills rolled into the very ocean the setting sun cast a golden glow over them sweeping shadows over the shallow valleys.

I looked back at her, "It is," I nodded.

"Great well your room is this way," She said regretfully tearing herself away from the window, she turned away and started down a dark hallway.

The atmosphere changed from cheery human to dark and mysterious vampire decor in a heart beat. Black velvet curtains lined the windows and burgundy paint covered the walls. She opened a door in the middle of the hallway to a white marble room with a plush lavender colored bed, white glass tables lined the walls with porcelain vases casing tiger lilies on top.

"This is your room Miss Celeste; you'll find that your closet has a fine arrangement of clothes your books and school supplies will be down in the lobby tomorrow ready for you. Your television comes out of the wall when you push the red button on your night stand and goes back with the green from there you can change the channel and the volume, you can also call an attendant but keep in mind we are ordered not to come after 5:00." A bell rang through out the house loud and clear she turned back to me in a hurry," oh I must be going have a good night sleep Miss Celeste," With that she left the room quickly running down the hall.

I sighed and walked over to the closet curious to what lay in side. I opened up the door and stared in wonderment at the huge supply of clothes lining the walls of this huge closet. My jaws dropped I even think I drooled a little it was a beautiful sight, I closed the door and jumped up onto my bed and just stared. Dad walked in a little confused trying to see what I was looking at.

"So…many…clothes!" I said astounded.

He rolled his eyes, "Come to the second floor I've made dinner."

I got out of bed and walked to my door still staring at the closet in the wall; as soon as I was out of the room I instantly smelled the lovely odor of steak, radiating from the kitchen. I was intoxicated by the floating smell and followed dad down the hallway. I smirked at the dark atmosphere the lace curtains cast like a shadow on us.

"Kind of cliché don't you think, looks just like that faker Dracula's castle, classic fake vampire getup." I chuckled.

Dad grunted and growled in annoyance, "Don't let the servants hear that talk they'll think we are crazy!"

He started down the grand stair case stepping out on the second floor and making a left. I followed sliding down the banister smiling a wicked smile. Landing and looking carefully around for any servants I slid out my fangs and ran into the kitchen the smell even stronger now. I gazed across the room seeing all sorts of paintings on the wall from flowers to tigers, a white marble floor snaked from beneath my feet leading up to a large black marble table in the center of the room. As dad slipped behind a wooden curtain into the kitchen I heard a small noise behind me I retracted my fangs and went looking for the source. Behind a tall potted fern crouched Mindy starring with starry eyes into the kitchen.

I crouched down next to her whispering into her ear, "Mindy! What are you doing here?"

She jumped up and looked down at me babbling some excuse I pulled her back down behind the plant and pressed my finger to my lips, she began "I'm sorry Miss Celeste its just I smelled something amazing up here and I had to come see what it was."

I raised an eyebrow, "Was it the steak? Wait … you risked your job for a smell, you could get fired."

"It's not the steak as much as what's in those little red bottles, but the steak is to die for!" She whispered loudly.

"Would you like me to bring you any leftovers," I said trying to hurry up the conversation.

"Oh would you, you could just put it, in the fridge and give it to me later oh please, oh and one of those red bottles." She pleaded.

"Fine I'll bring you some steak, but not the bottles we need those." I said peeking out from behind the plant, "Now get out of here before you get fired or worse." I stood up pushing her toward the stairs ignoring her thankful whispers.

"Wow you are really strong, I won't forget this, I mean really do you work out."

I shook my head walking to the table and sat in a chair at the end. My dad walked out with two plates tossing them on the table and taking his seat on the other end.

"So are you excited?" He asked grabbing his red bottle from the middle of the table.

"Yes, but nervous also." I said letting my fangs out again.

"It is to be expected on your first day, but I think you'll come to like it here its quiet, and wide open so when you need to go for a run or whatever you like you can."

I nodded and finished my steak within a few bites I was unusually hungry scanning the table for scraps but I remembered I needed to save a steak for Mindy, I stared the piles of red bottles spread across the table they looked unappetizing to me. I wrinkled my nose, grabbed the bottle and looked at dad.

"May I be excused?" I asked.

He nodded and stretched, "Human sleep what a waste of a beautiful night." He walked bottle in hand back to the wooden curtain and smiled, "Well good night."

I smiled and grabbed an extra steak from the table walking to a small mini fridge and placed it in there. I turned and ran up the stairs to shower and sleep.

Chapter 3

I woke up to the most unnerving buzzing sound I ever heard screeching in my ear. I rolled over growling and looked for the source of the noise. Across the room a small gray box looking thing with numbers on it sat on a glass table vibrating from the sound. I grabbed my hair back and climbed out of the bed holding the sound box and hurled it to the wall watching it shatter and thud on the ground. I went out of the room stumbling to the restroom and looking at myself in the mirror my fur was matted and my hair was whipped up into a mess, I sighed and let my fur ears tail and teeth sink back into me.

I whipped out my brush and got to work on taming my hair laying it down with each stroke. I looked in the mirror wetting my hands and splashing water on my face, I brushed back my brown hair to see a single white streak on the side of my face. I examined this oddity my violet eyes searching every peace of it. I shook my head and continued getting ready. I walked back into my closet and chose a black mini dress with black studded leggings and a short black studded jacket. I selected a thick red hair band for color, I placed it on my head letting my bangs hang out from it and pinned back the unsightly white streak under my hair.

I looked around for some shoes but I only found a pair of blue bunny slippers. I tilted my head a little bit staring at them with suspicion; I slipped them on any way and ran to the second floor. I looked to the bottom of the stairs to see Mindy waiting nervously in the lobby. Rolling my eyes I strode to the fridge and grabbed out the steak wrapped it in foil and placed it in a plastic bag. I rode the banister down the stair case and handed Mindy the bag.

"Thank you," she smiled shaking the bag in excitement.

"Yah, sure could you show me were the shoes are I'm not wearing bunny slippers to school." I said crossing my arms

"Right this way," she said leading me to the back of the house and to the left, where a window revealed a closet full of shoes.

I opened the door and looked around Mindy's eyes seamed to glaze over at the sight I grabbed a pair of ankle-high stilettos and walked out dragging Mindy with me.

"Once again I state you're really strong, what do you bench 450 ibs?" she asked once she stopped drooling.

I giggled at this human knowing she didn't know how right she was, "You wouldn't happen to know what time it is and what time I need to leave would you?"

She lifted up her arm and gazed at her watch, "Its 6:28 and the school starts in, oh my gosh it starts in 15 minutes you'll never make it in time, I'm so fired!" she shouted covering her face.

I thought for a minute realizing she didn't know how fast I was, "Oh don't worry I'm very fast I can make it there with minutes to spare no problem." I said grabbing a pair of gym shoes off the floor, "but I have to leave now bye Mindy, try not to get fired while I'm at school," I said with laughter.

I slipped on the shoes grabbing my back pack up off the lobby floor loading in it the stilettos and running out the door. I lost the house behind me in a few seconds being careful of other students running late for school. I arrived at the building just as the first bell rang starting up the stairs and through the main doors. Reaching into my bag I pulled out my schedule and read the black and white paper.

Class schedule: Celeste L. Clyde grade 10, Locker: 732: combo: 22-1-27

Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Quarter 4

Mr. Robinson

Gym Rm.187

Mr. Robinson

Gym Rm.187

Mr. Robinson

Gym Rm.187

Mr. Robinson

Gym Rm.187

Ms. Malaga

English Rm. 157

Ms. Malaga

English Rm. 157

Ms. Malaga

English Rm. 157

Ms. Malaga

English Rm. 157

Mrs. Thompson

Math Rm. 80

Mrs. Thompson

Math Rm. 80

Mrs. Thompson

Math Rm. 80

Mrs. Thompson

Math Rm. 80





Ms. Lang

Science Rm. 128

Ms. Lang

Science Rm. 128

Ms. Lang

Science Rm. 128

Ms. Lang

Science Rm. 128

Ms. Tally

Social Studies Rm.155

Ms. Tally

Social Studies Rm.155

Ms. Tally

Social Studies Rm.155

Ms. Tally

Social Studies Rm.155

Mr. Fringe

Paranormal studies Rm. 113

Mr. Fringe

Paranormal studies Rm. 113

Mr. Fringe

Paranormal studies Rm. 113

Mr. Fringe

Paranormal studies Rm. 113

The second I looked down at my schedule I ran into a human boy and flew up in the air whipping around and landing in a crouch behind him silently. He turned around and looked at me in a confused manner.

"Nice landing," he said picking his books up from the floor.

I panicked realizing what I had just done, "Umm, Umm thank you I used to be in gymnastics," I said quickly.

"Oh that's nice," he said smiling, "Your new here aren't you?"

"Yes, and I'm running late too, can you tell me where the gym is?"

"Yea, I'm heading there now I can show you."

"Oh really thanks,"

"What's your name, mines Tom."

"I'm Celeste," I said shaking his hand.

"Well it's this way, come on." He said leading me down the hall.

The second bell rang and Tom started sprinting down the hall at full speed. I rolled my eyes at how slow he was and easily caught up with him jogging along to the gym. We came to a large hallway with wooden waxed floors at least 28 students were lined against the wall with a huge brown haired man standing across from them. We snuck in next to the other students and stood at attention. He inspected the class carefully and screamed out 1 name after the other.

"Abrie, Agitha, Ben, Bartholomew, Cassie," They all raised their hands and replied here!

"Celeste!" He called out as I raised my hand and said here, she turned to me, "You are new aren't you?" she asked nodding to me.

"Yes, I just moved here a week ago."

"Well, welcome to Genevieve high, I'm Mr. Robinson, and I'm sure you'll like it here." He turned back to the class and continued instructing, "Today we will begin our track and field unit, we will start with your Pre-test running a mile, then push-ups, sit-ups, and anything else we need."

Tom and the class groaned and sulked single filed behind Mr. Robinson I chimed in with the masses adding in my grunts of disgust and slouching, "This is the worst class to have if your not athletic and a normal person." Whispered Tom.