Chapter 2

AN: Yeah I wrote this like two months ago and just found it again. Idk It's pretty horrible, but for some unknown reason I have decided to publish it. Crazy I know.
No hate, I know it's bad.
And short.
And boring.

The pilot signaled when it was time to descend, and the plane began to lower. They flew down through the yellow stained clouds with a small jolt. The plane bounced as it hit the tarmac, waking several animals which Adrian suspected had just fallen asleep, and they all started screeching out their respective noises in a unison that sounded like a loud roar.
The plane slowed to a halt at the end of the short runway, and Adrian unclipped his seatbelt with one hand and opened the door with the other. The pilots jumped out after him and they landed with a soft thud when they touched the ground. Already Adrian could see the team of scientists in their stereotypical lab coats heading over to greet them. He heard the sounds of the carrier door sliding open, and the collapsible trolleys being unfolded for the larger cages.

"Dr Adrian?" One of the men in the coats asked, holding out his hand. He had sandy coloured hair that reached his shoulders, and strange eyes that were neither blue nor green, but somewhere between. "That's me", said Adrian returning the hand shake. "Mike." He said, introducing himself. "With me is Holly, James, Laurel, John and Annaleisse." Each of the group raised their hand as their name was called. "I heard you have a lion?" Annaleisse asked eagerly. "They're a bit of a hobby of mine." She explained. "Sure, the animals are all right this way" said Adrian and he gestured towards the carrier of the plane. The group eagerly crowded around the open door and helped take all the animals out. In all, stacked on the trolleys were the two axolotls, Milo the lion, the 3 parrots, 2 bluebirds, 2 monkeys, a few snakes and lizards, and a cat.
"A nice variety. How did you get the lion? Very rare. All of them are of course, but the lion certainly…the axolotls, the freak of nature hey? Yes, quite a variety. Primates, amphibians, reptiles, birds… I salute you." James said, half talking to himself. Adrian got the impression that James was very intelligent, but a bit of an introvert.

"Would you like to come back to the lab with us? We can take some of the smaller carriers but the lion and the tank will have to be delivered later." Laurel suggested. She was very confident, and in charge. She had blonde/brown hair pulled into a short ponytail at the top, back of her head, making her appear taller than she already looked. She had a slightly unusual accent which meant her vowels were clipped. Annaleisse smiled, her white teeth standing out brightly against her dark skin. "Well let's go!" And she lifted up the parrots cage to her face height and tapped the bars as the birds bobbed their heads and screeched. The rest of the group each grabbed a cage, leaving Milo and the axolotls to be wheeled into the airport, a job which was taken up by the pilots who were heading inside anyway.

They lugged the cages towards the van, and loaded them in. Four people squashed into the back seats, three in the front, and they took off towards the International Research Facility.
They arrived quickly and started the unpacking immediately. Adrian took a moment to look around the area, seeing the fountains that generated the electricity and a strange four pronged plug. "What's this?" he asked no-one in particular. "The collector plug. We have multipurpose, for want of a better word- batteries, that can be plugged in. These fountains are all over the place. It's how we get electricity now here, no more power lines. Hydroelectricity is far better for the environment. Water can be found anywhere." Replied Mike over his shoulder. When Adrian thought back to the tangled mess of hundreds of power lines running everywhere back home, so twisted old and brown, he could understand why these fountains were a better option- and the rising water levels sure made a compelling point towards hydroelectricity.
"Isn't it dangerous to have people touching electric plugs so near to the splashes of the water?" Adrian asked, with people getting an electric shock in his mind's eye. "Eh. No accidents yet." Replied John simply. He seemed to be a man of few words.

That evening after everyone had unpacked their gear and set up their rooms, the group met in the hall to wait for the arrival of the last animals. They waited for an hour, left for dinner, came back and waited more, but the delivery never arrived.
"Should we have a look at the GPS tracker?"
"Give it twenty minutes."
Thirty five minutes later, everyone agreed it was probably time to check the GPS tracker. Most of the group decided to just retire to the kitchen, leaving Adrian, Holly and John. They crowded around the tracker which sat and whirred on the table, occasionally letting out a high pitched beep. Suddenly the machine fell silent, the echoes of its last beep fading from the room. "It's done." Said john, as he read the map. "That's weird. This thing must be faulty," He said habitually rubbing his chin.
"I don't think it is. Why, where does it say?"
"Well. It's the St West road repair shop."