The fire burned creating a think blanket of smoke. "Perfect," a voice sounded from the smoke, "now I can roast these peaunuts illegally without getting caught."
For many years there had been a law that you were unable to roast peanuts. When the world heard about this, some people rebelled and formed an elite squad of peaunut roasters. They would roast peanuts and then bring them to the townspeople. The peanut roasters were considered good guys by many of the people, but to the nut police they were bad. The nut police were the people who had prohibitted roasting peanuts. Some say it was because they had an alergy to peanuts; others say it was out of pure hatred of the nut. _
Valley came into the room only to find it filled with smoke and covered in peanut shells; she assumed that her father was roasting again. "Dad, did you roast more peanuts?" There was no response, Valley became nervous. She ran through the house searching for her dad. Valley checked the kitchen, the bedrooms, the living room, the sun room, and finally she checked the bathroom. There was her dad sitting on the toilet. There are some things you can never unsee and engraved into Valley's mind was the image of her father on the toilet. Valley screamed and started to light things on fire with the flamethower that her grandmother had given her for Christmas. Soon enough the whole house was on fire. After only a few minutes, the nut police showed up. The brought with them the fire crew and an ambulance. The sheriff walked in the burning house and said in a calm - almost sleepy tone, "It appears we have a fire." Valley walked out into the scorched living room to go see who all was there. The nut policeman came over and asked her a few questions such as, "How did the house catch on fire? Was it a nut related accident? When was the last time you ate peanuts? What smells like crap? That is when Valley realized that her father was still in the bathroom. Thinking that the nut policeman would leave, Valley told him that everything would be fine. Instead of leaving, the nut policeman walked into the bathroom in which Valley's father was still using. "Oh, you might want to leave. I have extreme constipation and it's getting really stinky up in here." The look on the policeman's face was priceless; so priceless that Valley took a picture and posted it on Facebook. After that incident, the policeman ran out the door taking the others with him and leaving the smelly, scorched house behind.