Valley looked at the scorched home; all that remained was Valley, her father, Valley's flamethrower, and ironically - the toilet. The family desperatly needed a place to stay. Valley thought for a moment and that is when she noticed her neighbor, Velvey Winkler.

"Ms. Winkler," Valley rushed over to greet the old woman, "I don't know if you noticed, but our house is kind of burned down."

Ms. Winkler looked up from her flower watering, "Oh dear gracious it does appear that you house caught on fire."

"Now Ms. Winkler," Valley began in a perssausive tone, "I don't mean to intrude, but may I ask of you a favor? I was thinking that maybe me and my father could stay at your house. "

The old woman smiled, "Of course you can, now you two can follow me inside and I'll give you a tour of the room you will be staying in."

Velvet Winkler, Valley, and Valley's father (his name is top secret, so for the time being we shall call him Franklin). On the outside, the house appeared to be the normal old lady house, but on the inside it was a totally tricked out peanut roasting lab. There were at least four fires that you could roast on and there were to many peanuts to count.

In the basement, there were peanut plants flourishing; and cats everywhere. With the insane peanut roasting law in motion, the nut police had passed another super gay law - you were not allowed to keep pets of any sort... except for goats. Goats, the nut police believed would reduce the peanut production by precisely 37 percent.

Illegally, Velvet had kept seventy four cats; one of which was named Goat. When the nut police came to take away the pets from people and put them on the moon, Velvet had been wise and told them that all she had was a Goat. Now as you know, this was not a lie but in fact the truth. Now I suppose in a way it was a lie because she had seventy three other cats, but it was still pretty clever.

The cats came up and rubbed up against Valley's leg. Meanwhile Franklin stayed off to the corner avoiding the cats. Franklin was allergic to Koalas and thought it best that he stay away from cats as well.

The room that Valley would be staying in was decorated with pictures of people roasting peanuts in prehistoric times and the bedding was designed with pictures of cats and made comepletely out of cat hair.

The room that Franklin was staying in was painted hot pink and had pictures of Ms. Winkler riding motorcyles and roasting peanuts with her cats. The room was also filled with hundreds of koalas. Franklin being the smart person that he is went over and decided to pet the koalas. It was a whole bad idea, good idea situation.

Afterwards the three went out to lunch at Pickle my Ham's. The nut police came in and all ordered meatball subs, which made Velvet very angry because she wanted a meatball sub and the nut police had eaten them all. With a sudden rage, Ms. Winkler grabbed her flamethrower that she got from her mother, Wilis and lit everything on fire. They were left in a large fiery mess.