16. Damage

Everyone that lives.
Walks through life with damage.
But my damage
shouldn't be done by you.

I was supposed to trust you.
I was supposed to love you.
I was supposed to grow up save.
But the danger wasn't outside.
It was within those doors.
Every time a drop more.
Every time a step further.
Pushing me away.
Your stories of a dark past.
Hate on her poisoned lips.
My mind is choking.
Because of my pain.
Because of my resistance.
Of being your blood.
Denying you.
Pushing it away.
Not seeing it, while it's before my eyes.
But you keep coming back.

I want to paint my hearth black.
I want to hate you.
To forget you.
But because I love you.
I can't.
So my hearth suffers.
Trying not to drown in my tears.
Tying not to stop of my own fear.
Trying not to stop yours in my anger.
I want to paint it black.
But I can only keep it beating in resistance.

You say you love me.
After every fight.
You dry my tears.
But I see you never share them.
I know that tears
are the words of the soul.
And if you don't share them.
It could mean you have no soul.
Or that you just don't care about me.
After all.
You don't know my friends name.
You don't know my likes.
To even my dislikes.
You call yourself my father.
But you don't even know your own daughter.
So you don't have the right to call yourself a father.

Yes, everyone that lives.
Walks through live with damage.
But some.
Are damaged in a way that isn't fair.