Life III: Pathways of Life by Monty Mason

Hiya! I'm back with another "Life" story and yes this is yet again an in-direct sequel. So if you haven't read the previous ones, don't fear as this one doesn't relate to the previous ones. This is a whole new life of a whole new character. And to be quite honest, I've had a bit of trouble starting out with this one. So if anyone has any suggestions for me or ideas to go on about with this story, I'll greatly appreciate it if you leave it in the review section or PM me =). Also no guarantees of any regular updates (don't have that many chapters prepared yet).

Anyways enjoy!


Life III: Pathways of Life

Sweat dripped down slowly with a mix of tears. A boy sat in a corner crying looking to an open room. The screaming had stopped, the men which had invaded his sister's room were now gone leaving a mess. His sister lay on the bed covered in sweat, naked and violated. His sister lay in her bed lifeless, motionless and simply tried her best to breath.

"Aki nee-san" called out the boy named Haruo.

Haruo started to crawl through the hallway, his limbs shaking of fear. He peered inside staring at his older sister's body; he looked away the instant he saw her naked in shock of what he saw. His sister lay on the bed naked; her room was a mess and she lay there sweaty, panting for air and silent tears fell down her face. She was raped.

Haruo crawled over to his sister's side reaching out to touch his sister's hand when she suddenly twitched screaming sacredly backing away to the other side of the bed. Haruo also backed away fearful of approaching his sister like this; Haruo recalled how their life was better before, 'How did it all become like this?' He pondered.

"Why did it become like this?" he gently spoke looking at his sister who just stared at him with fear covering her body as it shook. Their life was so better until Haruo took one misstep through life.

Five months ago.

Lights shone brightly in a poorly lit night street of Japan. Haruo walked through the streets like a stranger to a new world. It was the night of his eighteenth birthday and his friends proposed a night of drinking until they were dead drunk. How could an eighteen year old teenager refuse? He waited for the moment he would turn eighteen; just so he can take all advantages of the pleasures their world had to offer to them. Love, sex, alcohol and money; Haruo could only imagine these things at his fingertips. He was lead into a club bar as they presented their ID's to the door man; he let them through giving them a greeting.

As he entered he was greeted with; loud music, dancing girls, a disco DJ, a bar and a very busy bartender. Haruo felt as though he had entered a whole new world; a whole new life. Haruo and his group of friends walked over to the bar taking their respective seats as the bartender approached them to ask for their drinks. They ordered, he made them and served them. This was the moment Haruo anticipated the whole day; his first drink to manhood. His friends gave a toast to Haruo as he took a big gulp of his drink; it was bitter yet sweet. It was unbearable yet at the same time he craved for more; it was a feeling of heaven, whiskey. Hours of drinking can easily take its toll on a person as Haruo began to feel the effects of the whiskey setting in deep. He and his friends staggered out the club then walking together a few streets as they parted ways. Haruo walked beside his best friend "Kenta". The two staggered down along the streets talking to one another and trying to hook up with girls; all were failed attempts. So the two after a few tries simply staggered back sadly talking to one another; Haruo felt very light headed and very much so at peace.

Haruo and Kenta soon then parted ways as well leaving Haruo to stagger away to home alone. Home, where his very angry sister would be waiting for him; waiting to give him a piece of her mind. Haruo thought of the life his sister "Aki" and he had been leading up until now. Their parents died when they Haruo was fifteen, his sister at the time was twenty one. They had to adapt to a new life; a life of cold harshness. All he had left was his sister and all she had left was him. They were siblings of strong bonds; his over protecting sister and he himself the daring kid.

Haruo continued his stagger through the seemingly lonely streets as the cold night air entangled itself on his body. Haruo walks through life; wishing for it to never change its current course, but change is always something which can't be prevented no matter what path we take in life. He walked past a few alleyways when suddenly he heard a huge sound roaring through the air, piercing his ears 'Bang!'. Haruo suddenly became aware of his surroundings for a moment as he regained balance on his feet. He ran to hide watching a few people coming out of an alleyway. One of them had something in their hands as Haruo tried to make it out 'What is that? Wait...That's a...Gun!' speculated Haruo. Haruo remained hidden as the group of mysterious people walked away. Haruo's heart sped up as he stared at the walking group; they were out of sight and Haruo slowly breathed in and out trying to calm. He walked out as a cold mist escaped his mouth in trying to breathe out and then breathes in; the cold mist only created more worry as an ominous feeling settled in on Haruo. He slowly walked along the sidewalk crossing the road over to the alleyway the group came out of. Haruo could smell gun powder; then that bang he had heard was a gunshot then. He walked into the alleyway approaching a dumpster; legs stretched out while the body was hidden by the dumpster. Haruo walked on towards the body, it lay cold in its own blood. It was a man; he lay still in his own blood bleeding from the gunshot. A dead body; not the first one Haruo has seen but still a shock. Haruo jumped back at the sight of the gunshot wound; an unwelcomed trip down memory lane played in Haruo's mind. Haruo stood at his spot trembling; his parents, their run and their deaths. Indeed an unwelcomed trip.

Haruo exited the alleyway, hands shaking but mostly recovered from his trembling. He walked, staggered and wished he was again drunk to forget he had seen. He stumbled back and forth as he slowly reached the apartment building of where he lived with his sister. He entered the apartment staggering towards the kitchen only to find a very angry sister sitting on a kitchen chair staring up at Haruo. Haruo slowly stumbled to the chair sitting down with his head down onto his arms resting on the kitchen table.

"Where have you been?" spoke Aki as she picked up on the alcohol stench oozing off of Haruo.

Haruo is quiet.

"You know you stink of alcohol. Want a bath before going to sleep?"

Haruo is quiet.

Aki became worried as a heavy expression took its place on her face. She got up walking over to Haruo sitting down beside him taking a hold of his hand. Ever since the death of their parents she was always the motherly figure to Haruo and was the one to be there to listen to his troubles. She tried at a smile ignoring the stench of the alcohol, "Did something happen Haruo? You know you can always talk to me...I'll be here for you." the warmth his sister provided him only led to newer unnatural feelings. Since the death of their parents she has been the only woman in his life he has cared for; perhaps because Haruo was scared of losing Aki, his only sibling left. But these feelings gave birth to newer feelings; these feelings which could be considered unnatural in this day and age of human society. Haruo started to have feelings of love for his sister; feelings which cross the boundaries of simple sibling love but into something deeper. Everytime he recalled these feelings, he punished himself by calling himself crazy and relinquishing the thought of his love for her sister. Haruo wanted to keep his life as it was; he didn't want to change it, he didn't want to lose anything anymore than he already had. Haruo decided to take a quick shower and turn in for the night.

Morning came about as the alarm rang in Aki's room. She went to Haruo's room expecting a hangover from him. Haruo lay on his bed flustered from all the alcohol; the alcohol had worn off but the dreams which plague him in the night of his sister hadn't. "Haruo?" tried his sister as she shook him. She again called his name shaking him; but no reply. Aki gave up as she walked out of the room and into the bathroom brushing her teeth, removing her attire and getting into the shower. The sound of running water reached Haruo's ears as he opened his eyes slowly complaining and moaning. He got out of bed trying to be steady on his feet. He then walked over to the window opening it; letting the fresh breeze come in and cover his room entirely with its cold. Haruo gently lifted his hand towards his head and spoke, "Ah first hangover...a very bad ride."

The sound of the water stopped as Aki then stepped out of the shower wrapping herself in the towel neatly placed on the towel hanger and took care of her short hair black silk hair as she precisely dried it with a blow drier and gently brushed it. Aki then put on her clothing as she stepped out of the washroom walking into the kitchen where she found a dead beat Haruo sitting in one of the chairs. Aki carefully prepared a cup of coffee for herself measuring the right amount of beans to use putting on the coffee maker machine. She poured herself one while poured another for Haruo placing it in front of him saying, "Here, this should help with the hangover."

Haruo took the cup thanking his sister as they ate breakfast together. Aki then left for work and Haruo was left all alone at home, it was Saturday so he had the day off of university. Aki worked in the police task force as a detective and Haruo studied for a psychology degree. Everytime Haruo would be outside he would be sure to pay close attention to his surroundings; reading the surrounding psychology to come to conclusions of his own. Haruo was always cautions in this manner. Aki noticed this when Haruo was very young and so she suggested he tries his hand at psychology. Haruo was glad to be studying in this field but also at times felt scared. He knew what this knowledge could do to him; it can be used to help others and the law upheld by society or it can destroy him mentally through the burden on his own wrong doings guilt. Being a first rate student was no problem for Haruo; but he was also something more in the shadows. He did things he would never dare tell his sister; a patron of the law and justice. He sometimes shop lifted and other minor crimes. Haruo justified it through not having a choice; his sister being the only one to work had to provide for their living and Haruo's tuition fee. It was mostly covered by scholarships, but some things still had to be paid for. Haruo knew the financial limitations which were upon them along with the stress his sister suffered from all her work and also providing for Haruo. Haruo began to clear out these thoughts from his head as he finished the rest of his coffee and into the shower he went. He went out getting ready to leave meeting with his friends in downtown library for a "study" session, but of course that's all he could tell Aki; there was something else happening.