Final Chapter! Enjoy folks! That's right it is done! I hope you've enjoyed reading the story to the end =)


One month later.

A gravestone stands in the midst of several others. The name: Haruo Teicho, and by the gravestone stands two figures. Aki and Takao, both now married and Aki still struggling to get over her trauma of her assault. Takao stands by her side to support her as her husband and her love. She still remembers the confession Haruo had made for his feelings towards her. He was in love, and he had stepped on the forbidden land to gain those feelings, a sister who once was in the dark was now in the light of all the events which occurred with Haruo. One day she had gotten an envelope with contents explaining all she needed to know about KIMP, or at least all that someone wanted her to know. That someone stood from afar watching the grave, that someone was Akane.

Dark clouds were beginning to cover the sunny atmosphere which once was over the graveyard. A breeze started as Akane's hair swayed in the wind. Takao noticed that it may rain soon and so he and Aki left the graveyard saying their final goodbye for today. Akane stood still watching the two leave, as they were out of sight, she approached the graveyard. She bent down putting one rose petal on Haruo's grave smiling weakly at it. 'All this because of the choices I've made' thought Akane, gloomy thoughts suiting the perfectly gloomy weather which now took place. Rain starts to pour, Akane's tears mix in with the rain as she remains bent on the ground looking at the grave.

Life is a spiral of pathways; this is something no one can escape. Humans must come into situations where they must make choices; choices they want to make, and the choices they need to make. Those choices lead us onto a path, and those path lead us to an end before going back to make another choice. Some choices can get others around us involved, while some will only affect us. Some choices are the correct ones to make, while some we may think are correct. Some choices lead to a happier ending, while some to simple demise. Life is a spiral of pathways created by those choices. And now Akane sits before Haruo's grave contemplating and regretting her choice. She took a person most precious to Aki, to his own friends and to herself as well. She took the life of the one she loved because she chose to work for KIMP, and KIMP dictated his death and so she obeyed. A once pure organization remains corrupt, no more any revolution; all she can do is lead this meaningless life of greed and corruption. All she can do is find others to carry out the job contracts KIMP offers for killers on the run. All she can do now is trap more killers in marked perish. That is the choice she made, that is the pathway she chose to walk, it's the pathway which affected others around her, most of all; it affected Haruo and Aki. Tears mix with the rain as she kisses Haruo's grave before saying her goodbyes only to come back again next week and do it all again.

Aki walks her own pathway of happiness with Takao; Akane walks her own pathway alone of distress. We cannot escape the pathways life brings about, but we can have the power to choose our own pathways, both the right and the wrong ones. Yet which seem right and wrong to you will lie in your own perception, no one can tell you whether the choice you make is right or wrong. It's only when you walk that path, you will know whether you picked the right one or the wrong pathways of life.

So now that this project is done, I do have another sequel planned. But I'm not going to write it right now as I don't want to rush it with my lack of ideas (like I sort of did with this one). So I'm going to take a bit of a break from writing "Life" stories and perhaps work on a rewrite for the first one (to match it up with the narrative flow the second and third one have). I will also most likely focus my efforts on the "Life oneshots" stories as well as a lot of my time now on YouTube, been ignoring making YouTube vids for quite a while XD. Anyways, the title for my fourth installment already thought of, "Life IV: Bonds of Life" as one can tell, it deals with bonds and will be written off of a personal experience I've once had and be mixed with heavy fictional elements. Plus I want that one to have a spiritual outlook on life like my first one does, I want to get back to the spiritualism sort of feel along with a heavy focus on friendship (almost like the second one but more deep). So I thank you for reading this story and sticking with it to the end, again sorry for the quick end but that's life (lol, life "Life" okay corny joke XD). I'll most likely as mentioned before work on the rewrite along with oneshots, so stay tuned for those =), thank you all again as you readers are what inspire me to write =).