Empty Days

Empty days when you're not here,

Are awful days I dread and fear.

The empty seat next to mine,

My heart and clock ticking in time,

The empty feeling in the room,

As cold and hard as a tomb.

You know, you're the only thing,

That truly keeps my life going.

Everything else fades away,

As I try to survive the day.

Empty Days when you are gone,

The whole school feel wrong, wrong, WRONG.

I just can't brush their words away,

Their sneers and laughs just seem to stay.

When you're not here to balance the good,

The world is not as it should.

Without you all I can feel is sad,

The good's not here to counteract the bad.

I wait and wait, and try not to cry.

Until that time when I say goodbye,

And go to sleep, to begin anew.

With hope, a day I can share with you.