When you were a child,

You loved many things.

From little cartoon characters,

To jumping off the swings.

Beast Boy, Super robot monkeys.

Just to name a few.

Dragon Ball, How to train your dragon.

And TDI too.

Infatuations so powerful,

But then you just forgot.

Packing up and leaving them,

In an empty lot.

I was your bestest friend,

You told me everyday.

But then Jess, when you left.

You disregarded my dismay.

Tossed me aside just like the others.

Something fun, now gone.

Like poor abandoned Death the Kid.

A disposable little pawn.

How could you do this to me?

You were my only friend.

You said you'd be there for me.

You said until the end.

Did you know your lies

Left me in great pain?

Do you know that now,

They're driving me insane?

How could you just leave me there?

Your little lies killed me.

Left me there, to rot.

Your lies tortured me.

Left me there, forgot.

Gone without a trace.

Replaced by something new.

Jessica, please answer this;

Was I just an infatuation too?