Insane, that is what I've been called. But their wrong I'm not an insane I'm enlightened. I see the world for what it is. With all the horrible people that live in it. The people that live their lives not even giving a damn about anyone but themselves! Those are the people I look for. The ones who don't even bother to look twice at a man like me. They think I'm Poor, dirty, and in their eyes stupid. But that is their biggest mistake. They ignore me, making it easy to follow them to their home.

Am I insane because I am trying to make the world a better place? A place where all can live together in peace? No, this make me enlightened. I know that by getting rid of the scum on this earth I'm slowly making this planet a better place to live for all who walk the streets.

Those fools think I'm dangerous to everyone, but their wrong. I am only dangerous to those who ignore the ones who need help. Pass someone who dropped their groceries without helping them, I'll kill you. Walk past someone who asking for help to move a piece of furniture, I'll kill you. Pass someone begging for money and not even bother to leave even a penny, then I'll rip your eyes out and shove them down your throat so you can see me rip you intestines out and strangle you with them. So remember that when you pass someone who is asking for a little help.

You know what I'm willing to do so you will automatically think insanity has taken over my mind but that is wrong. But that is completely incorrect. I'm enlightened in my thinking! Many people are trying to change the world through technology but those are the stupid people of this world. The world will always be the same for as long as the scum of this world is allowed to walk. So I tried to make sure the scum don't walk. Perhaps I will cut their legs off and eat them right in front of him. Have you ever tried human meat? Well it is quite delicious so I wouldn't knock until you try it. Oh wait you're not allowed to try it. You fools are bound by the rules of this country. Well I would recommend ignoring the laws unless you're too stupid to realize that they are put in place just to hold you back in which case please follow them but you might be meeting me real soon. But probably you probably won't be seeing me anytime soon.

For now I'm locked in this room. Some creature came to my house and took me to this cell. I think the creatures were the devil's minions who came to take me away so I can meet him. Some of those creatures said that I was going to die in a couple of days so I guess the devil has taken notice of my work.

Oh, I just can't wait to meet my idol! Someone who punishes the worlds scum! He must want my help! That is why he has taken me to this cell. This is where I will wait to die because obviously the devil can't help me if I'm alive. Do you think he will nice? I bet he is one of the nicest things to ever exist. I can't say people because if the devil was a person then he would probably be scum like most of the other people. So I will say thing because I don't actually know what he is. Maybe I will ask him when I meet him; I just hope that he doesn't think I'm being rude.

Well I will just wait in this little cell. For the first couple days the creatures were stupid enough to put me with other people. Don't they know I like to play alone? Well one of the idiots I was put with decided he was going to try to bully me. Well I made sure to snap his neck when he went to sleep. I would have killed him during the incident if I was no busy have a flash back of my life. I thought back to when my father died leaving my mother and I alone. That asshole just had to go and get himself killed and ruin my mother's life! I had to watch my mother starve to death while everyone just walked on by and ignored us! Those who did talk were to tell me how stupid and ugly I was! Well I showed people like that. I made sure they drowned in their own blood.

So after telling you some of the things I'm sure you idiots only believe to be insane! But you are completely wrong. I'm enlightened and not afraid to show it. Even though I'm trapped in this cell alone I'm sure the scum are dying. I mean surely I am not the only enlightened thinker, am I? Maybe I am, I mean I never taught anyone my way of thinking. Aw, what am I thinking I mean I was never taught and I learned just fine. Sure it took the death of my parents and torture from bullies it only made me stronger. It turned me into and enlightened thinker. I would happily live through the nightmare of my life if I knew that I would have become an enlightened thinker. If I knew how much stronger it would make me.

Even with this strength I wonder what would have happened if I had a normal life. What If my parents didn't die and I lived a normal life? I surely would not be enlightened but would I be happy? Happy, just saying the word sounds strange on my tongue. I've never been truly happy in years only excited from the thrill of killing. But even killing the scum of this earth I still didn't fell happy. Maybe this will change after I die.

Only one day until my death now. I've never been this excited! Are you excited for me? Oh, I just knew you were! I will finally be able to meet the devil in just one day. Only twenty-four hours. Just one-thousand four-hundred and forty minutes. Only eighty-six-thousand four-hundred seconds until I die. Can you tell how excited I am? I am literally jumping with joy. Just thinking about is sending shivers down my spine. I wonder once again what the devil will be like but I will find out in just one day. This will be the slowest moving day I have ever lived. At least when I was out I had some human contact. What pains me right now is that there is scum happily living their lives and I can't take it from them but I will be out of here and back to my ways in no time.

These creatures are starting to annoy me. They keep talking and talking and I can't understand a word they say even though they speak English. But won word I am continually picking up is insane. I guess it is calling me insane. I didn't know creatures could be so stupid! I guess I should try and ignore him but this is getting very annoying.

Now I am officially angry. That damn creature keeps running his mouth and won't shut up! If I could get out I would go over and cut his head off and eat his brains but no, I get to be locked behind these bars. The only thing keeping me going is knowing that I will die in just twenty hours. But that seems further and further away. I just have to stay around a little longer.

Now I am begging with the creature to shut up. It has been going on and on for fourteen hours now and I don't know how much more I can take before I snap. I just want to die and get this over with. I feel like a fool for begging with a creature but I've tried everything. Asking politely, threats, and now begging. I am running out of ideas now.

Now I'm crying. It keeps saying I'm insane but I'm enlightened I know I am. But now I'm getting second thoughts. Maybe I am insane and me telling myself I'm just enlightened is my way of trying to ignore it. I never thought that I would be insane. Maybe you can tell me, do sane people get a thrill from killing. From watching people suffer and knowing that you caused it. No? They don't take joy in that. Then maybe I am insane after all. I always thought I was just enlightened, so that voice is not the devil my head telling me how to meet him.

I'm screaming to get out but it is too late. The creature is taking me to my death now. Leading me to get a damn needle in me and die. But now I'm not excited, now I am scared. For the first time in my life I am scared. I don't want to go to hell. They set me up and strap me to the stand and bring the needle closer. It hits my veins and I feel a little prick then nothing. My vision is going dark and the next thing I know I see nothing. No flames. No devils. No demons. Absolutely nothing.