One day, a young girl named Alice sat by the river with her sister. Bored with the day, she looked around anxiously, before seeing a rabbit in a waistcoat.

"(I'm late!)"

"[I'm late, for a] (very important date)" And towards the hedge, he scampered (scampered, BG).

And down the rabbit hole he fell (he fell, BG).

"[The time has come, let us] (follow along!)"


[Through the dark abyss.]


[The hole stretches time.]


[Bookcases float around me.]




{Drum Solo, Techno Bridge Begins}


[Landed hard, right on my ass.]


"[Oh Me, Oh My. I'm Late, I'm Late!]"

Around thr corner, hops does he. And we of course, so stupidly. Follow on his tail. Hallway. So many doors.

"[No Keys!]"

A dead end, shown by another locked door near a table and a curtain. Curtain? Suspicious.


(You're outta luck, the doors to small!)

The table. Yes, the weird three-legged one.

"[Oh Joy, Oh Joy. A bottle we have here. Stange liquid, to the brim. The lable, curiously states,] (Drink Me!)

Master of Stupidity and Gullibility, Drank the Beverage became.

"[Oh Me, Oh My.] [I'm melting, (melting, BG). No, shrinking (shrinking, BG).

Shrunk and all alone, our 'heroine,' a term I use loosely here, spots a cake on the table, quickly eaten with no adverse effects. Remembering the small door, this becomes the next stop into the world of Wonderland.

[Growl] {Effect/Musical} (Scream)