Captured, you struggle under the ropes.

Masked, you see not the madman's face.

Blind, the dark room dampening sensation.

Deaf, rainfall drowns out your screams.

Burn, the ropes tighten.

Crack, a foot to your ribcage to knock your breath out.

Fight, you struggle to inch away.

Laughter, futile are your plans at escape.

Taunt, the face of your killer revealed.

Fear, grinning toothily upon the madman's face.

Glint, a knife drawn from the scabbard.

Pray, your God can't save you now.

Choke, gagged with a dirty cloth.

Flash, as life does before your eyes.

Drowning, the rain drown the sounds of laughter and cries of pain.

Pain, the knife fillets your exposed skin.

Blood, choking as your throat becomes ribbons of flesh.

Desire, in the eyes of the lunatic.

Embrace, death comes over you.

Sleep, eternal death washes over your lifeless face.

Love, your corpse becomes a psycho's fuck toy.