Alright, so new series I'm starting called 'Ramblings of an Insane Mind'. It's a collection of random and crazy essays about whatever the hell I want.

Not all of these are Google-related.

Most searched 'Is A-C' on Google on the 10th of February, 5:00-ish PM.

Is Australia?
Yes. Yes, we are. (Really, can you be more vague?)

Is anybody up?
Yup. Unless the whole world's population suddenly conked out.
… Oh, is it about a dude who makes money by publishing news pictures?
… Well then.

Is anyone up on Wiki?
Alright, it's a pornographic site where people submit porno pictures.
I'm not delving in anymore.

Is Australia Day a public holiday?
Yup. On the 26th of January, we celebrate the day the First Fleet popped in and took over the land.
It is a day Australians like to get drunk and party like crazy.

Is bronchitis contagious WebMD?
First, don't trust WebMD. It told me I have breast cancer, which I evidently do not.
Second, yes, both types. The disease can transfer when a bronchitis-ian sneezes or coughs.
(I did a bit of research on it, and it sounds scary.)
Really, swelling in your windpipe which then spreads to your lungs, followed by a build up of pus causing breathing problems is terrifying.

Is Bloody Mary real?
Well, you'll have to see for yourself!
No? Then take this simple questionnaire:
Do you believe in ghosts? If your answer was yes, read on.
Do you believe in a dimension on the other side of the mirror? If your answer was yes, read on.
Do you believe in innocent, murdered girl-ghosts seeking revenge? If you answered yes, read on.
Yes, Bloody Mary does exist.
(No, she doesn't. Unless we were all lied to when it comes to how to summon her.)

Is banana a herb?
They are not trees and fruits, but perennial herbs.

Is Blake Lively pregnant?
First, I must make a confession: I do not know who this Blake Lively woman is. Second, probably. You can never tell with these strange gossip sites.

Is croup contagious?
Apparently so. When the germs are sneezed or coughed out, THEY WILL RAVAGE YOUR BODIES AND— Yes, it's contagious.

Is coffee bad for you?
Like all good and wonderful things, a moderate amount is wonderful, but too much will do you harm.
That being said, it apparently (according to the internet) reduces your risk of having certain diseases, but too much wouldn't be wonderful for your health.

Is Charlie leaving Home and Away?
Despite the fact that I am a fairly proud Australian, I have never watched Home and Away or Neighbours. (Yeah, you can shoot me or whatever.)
Anyway, according to the (un)reliable source that is the internet, from skimming, he isn't leaving anytime soon. Rest your souls, folks.

Is Coke Zero bad for you?
Ironically enough, after a quick scan, I have discovered that:
-It has more sugar than the ordinary coke.
-It's not that bad.
-It can destroy your liver and kidneys.
-it's wonderful to drink while taking a smoke.

I hope you enjoyed it and HOLY FUZZ BANANA'S A HERB HEHEHEHEH.


(Yes, any new readers. Get used to much higher levels of crazy.)