How are you in French?

I'm pretty bad in French. I have never taken a French class (I do Arabic), so I only know how to say two things, I swear I'm not joking:
-Je suis un chat (I am a cat).
-Je suis un petit chaton (I am a kitten).

As for 'How do you say 'how are you' in French?', a quick Google search tells me it is 'Comment allez-vous', which is pronounced 'kommahng tahlay voo'.


How about orange?

Orange is a pretty freaking fantastic colour. I personally am a fan of neon orange, but to each their own.


Be right back, guys.

Did you guys know that MILK doubles up as GLUE?! You should use either 2% or whole milk. And it (the label) peels and rips like a normal sticker but if you run the bottle under water it just comes off! How amazing is that?!

Yeah, and if you need a stronger glue you use two tablespoons of water, one packet of unflavoured gelatine and three teaspoons of milk.

You can also eat it.

How are you in Italian?

I took absolutely no Italian lessons either, so… nope.

'Come stai?'

Additional note: Right now another most asked question is 'How are you in Spanish?' but I'll just answer it here because come on, have you SEEN the next question?!
¿Cómo estás?

(Not that question; the one under it.)

How are cranberries grown?

I'm now on .

So cranberries, being a unique fruit, are very picky when it comes to growing conditions.

They can only survive with acid peat soil, an adequate freshwater supply, and a growing season that extends from April to November. They grow on low-lying vines in beds layered with sand, peat, gravel and clay.

Have I mentioned how much I love cranberries?

I love cranberries.

How big is an acre?

An acre is 4046.86 meters squared.

How big is the sun?

Pretty goddamn big.

Around 1,400,000 km in diameter.

How big is the universe?


The observable universe, however, is 4.3 x 10(26) km in radius, so you can find out the volume from there.

How bizarre?

Very bizarre.

How clean is your house?

Oh, I think it's average.

It's really a British entertainment/lifestyle program. Maybe like 'Better Homes and Gardens'?

How can she slap?

She extends her arm… and then she slaps.


(It's a catchphrase from an Indian reality TV show or something.)

How can I grow taller?

Gosh, I need this one.

Eight steps.
1) Accept that most of what's happening is from genetics and we have almost no control over the growing stuff.
2) Avoid growth-stunting stuff, like drug and alcohol consumption at a young age, and malnutrition.
3) Sleep a lot. Apparently we teens and preteens need between 8.5 and 11 hours of sleep per night. (Well, damn.)
4) Eat right. Have calcium, protein and vitamin D, and eat regularly.
5) Keep your immune system strong.
6) Practice good posture.
7) Cultivate confidence. (Actually, this turns out to be not a tall-growing strategy, but a 'rock your confidence pants and height won't matter' strategy'. GOSH DARN YOU.)
8) Visit a medical professional.

How can I keep from singing?

You cannot.