How did Michael Clarke Duncan die?

(Who?) A myocardial infarction. He never fully recovered.

How did Bruce Lee die?

Cerebral edema.

How did Zyzz die?

What's with all these death questions?
Myocardial infarction.
Which I think is the dying of tissues surrounding the heart.

Wait, that's the same one as Michael Clarke Duncan!

How do you know?

I googled it.

How effective is the pill?

It's very effective. In fact, its rate of effectiveness is around 99.8%, which is pretty damn high (but not as high as abstinence).

I heard, however, that if you take the pill in the future you're more likely to have multiple babies.

How earthquakes happen?

Basically, instabilities in the Earth's crust.

How earthquakes occur?

See above.

How electricity works?

Please look it up yourself? I dunno, I just…
BLAAARGH. *Turns into zombie*

How far?

Very far.

How fast is my internet?

I don't know! It's your internet!

How far along am I?

I kind of don't care.
On another note, I watched The Hunger Games today, and should really reply to my PMs. I hope you enjoyed that little aspect of my life. Also, school starts again in two days.

How far did I run?

Just divide the amount of calories you lost by your weight.
I realise this is kind of useless.

… Short answers are short.